10 Best Kids Movies That Have A Life Message


Movies create magic around us. They transport us to a world that is different and full of wonder. However, as a parent, you do want to choose the best movies for your child so that he or she gets an important life message out of it. You can use this checklist of key factors when choosing a good movie for your child to watch are –

  • Does the movie have an important life message?
  • Does the movie have an easy to understand story and visuals?
  • Is the movie free from abusive language and adult content?
  • Is the movie fun and entertaining to retain your child’s interest?

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10 best movies with a life message for kids

1. Frozen

Disney’s Frozen is a fantastic watch for kids. It is the story of 2 sisters separated due to lack of communication. It showcases the love between two sisters, Elsa and Anna. Their sibling bond helps them to overcome all obstacles and eventually, protect one another from harm. It is an incredibly moving story. It has great music too, which all children love. ‘Let it go’ is a very popular song from this movie which has a life message hidden in it too – to be you, no matter what. The movie has awesome visuals and a strong storyline.

Top life messages – sibling love and being true to oneself


2. Finding Nemo

Nemo is a little clown fish who wants independence. He resents his overprotective father and in trying to defy him, is lost to deep sea. His father struggles to find him and during his search, learns a few lessons himself. Nemo realizes that he should have listened to his father and his father understands that he should have given his son more room to grow. The entire movie is fun filled, with a lot of humor and emotion, making it a must watch for kids.


Top life messages – Courage in the face of problems and listening to parents

Finding Nemo

3. Brave

Brave is about a free spirited princess called Merida, who wishes to be free and wild. However, her family wants her to get married to maintain peace between clans. A freak accident turns her mother into a bear due to Merida’s fault. In the process of turning her mom back into the queen, a bond develops between Merida and her mother. Merida and her mom learn to see the best in each other, in a moving tale of mother- daughter relationships. The movie has a strong female character that learns to love her mother despite their differences in opinion.

Top life message – Loving despite differences of opinion


4. The Lion King

The lion king tells the touching story of a lion cub, Simba, who is separated from his family early in life. He finds friends in Pumbaa the warthog and Timon the meerkat. The song “hakuna matata’ is sure to resonate with your child for a long time. Simba tries to win back his lost kingdom with the help of his childhood friend, Nala. It is a story of love between friends and having the courage to fight for what is yours by right. Simba is adorable and his noble values will inspire your kid for a long time.


Top life message – fighting for your rights and friendship

the lion king

5. Shrek

The main characters of this movie are Shrek, a big green unattractive ogre and the beautiful princess Fiona. Shrek sets out to rescue princess Fiona, but Fiona has a secret that nobody knows. She is cursed to turn into an ogre every night and only true love can break that spell. However, even after the curse is broken, Fiona remains an ogre – which is her true self. Shrek embraces Fiona’s true self and tells her he loves her as she is. She is beautiful, just as she is!

Top life message – What’s in your heart matters more than appearances.


6. Sound of music

This evergreen film is the story of the von Trapp family. Maria Rainer, a young girl, enters the family as a governess for the children. Maria transforms the stern environment of the family into one filled with music and love for the children as well as their father. The movie has some very famous and endearing songs such as “Do-re-mi’, ‘Sixteen going on seventeen’ and ‘My favorite things’. The story is very endearing and sweet and is sure to charm your little ones.


Top life message – Family love with a touch of fun and music.

Sound of music

7. Beauty and the beast

Belle is a charming young girl who is sent to a castle to find her father, who has gone missing. A fearful beast inhabits the castle and holds belle as a prisoner there. Despite his terrifying appearance, Beauty learns to love him for his kindness and good nature. It is a love story that looks beyond superficial outward appearances. The lovely ballroom dance to the song ‘beauty and the beast’ will surely touch your heart.

Top life message – A beautiful heart is means more than beautiful looks.

8. Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins is based on a book series of the same name. Mary Poppins is the delightful nanny of two children – Jane and Michael. She infuses love and humor into their lives with her secret magic powers. The movie has lovely music such as the unforgettable ‘spoonful of sugar’ and uses funny phrases such as ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’. It will make your kids laugh and fill them with the warm, fuzzy feeling of love.


Top life message – Bonding as a family

Mary Poppins

9. Up

An old man and a young boy form an unlikely friendship in this story. Carl Fredricksen, an old man, loses his wife, Ellie and decides to pursue their childhood dream of visiting Paradise falls. It is a tale of new beginnings as Carl develops a bond with a child named Russell. It is a story of letting go and welcoming change and love into one’s life.

Top life message – Following one’s dreams and learning to love life again after tragedy.


10. Wonder

Wonder tells the story of a family with a differently-abled child, who has a facial deformity. He joins a new school and has to face many challenges that ordinary or healthy kids do not face. It is a heartwarming movie with a strong life message of accepting differences in others. You can use this wonderful tale of acceptance as a life lesson to teach your child about how every child is not the same.


Top life message – Embracing differences


These wonderful movies are sure to keep your child engaged. Today’s children learn a lot through visual media like movies and the internet. These movies are a great way to direct your child towards cinema that has meaning with dollops of fun and enjoyment.

Happy watching!