21 Christmas movies on Netflix

on November 14, 2017

With Christmas around the corner, it is time to cuddle up with family and kids to watch movies, share meals and have fun. Today we have listed 21 Xmas themed movies, you will simply love. Read on for the list and watch it on Netflix.

With Christmas looming on the horizon, it’s just the season to watch holiday movies, and where best to catch them but Netflix. With many movies ready on the streaming service, and that includes holiday classics, plus new stuff that you haven’t yet seen, we’ve put together 21 of Netflix’s best movies to make your holidays unforgettable. Everything that centers around Christmas–whether animation, nostalgia, or some eerie stuff, here it is all for you from Netflix.

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21 Christmas Movies You Can See on Netflix

1. 12 Dates of Christmas

Amy Smart finds that she’s reliving a bad first date on Christmas Eve 12 consecutive times. Co-star Mark-Paul Gosselaar makes her experience nightmarish.

12 Dates of Christmas

2. Gremlins

Here’s a Christmas special that’s a blend of entertainment specifically for kids and high-tech violence. Zach Galligann receives a Christmas gift of a mogwai pet but is advised not to wet it. However, it does happen and in response, Gizmo the Adorable Furry Gremlin sends out five Mischievous Razor-Toothed Gremlins who threaten to tear and destroy the prettiest festival of the year.


3. A Christmas Kiss

This romance is written by Joany Kane and tells the story of an interior designer in the making who happens to meet a handsome man who kisses her in an elevator on a romantic impulse. Sometime later, she gets to know that he is the wealthy boyfriend of her horribly domineering lady employer. She is given the task of decorating his home and getting it ready for a holiday charity fundraiser. During this time, they come closer and it is time for him to decide between the two women in his life.

Christmas Kiss

4. Get Santa

A film immensely watchable by adults and kids alike, Get Santais the story of an estranged dad and son who try to bond as they attempt to debunk the myths around Santa Claus, his reindeer and how they fly. A great movie for the whole family and for the Christmas season.

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Get Santa

5. A Very Murray Christmas

Bill Murray wakes up on the morning of his holiday special only to find a storm has snowed in many of his guests. So, what do you think happens–chaos? Oh no, there’s song, dance and special appearances by several actors to make this film a very enjoyable one.

A Very Murray Christmas

6. A Christmas Star

A realtor threatens a charming small village. In response, young Noelle who was born under the Christmas star, steps in to save the village and create a miracle. Here’s Pierce Brosnan in a guest appearance.

A Christmas Star

7. Scrooged

Yet another Bill Murray movie which is simply a must-watch one. Titled Scrooged, it’s a dark comedy based somewhat on Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol. Watch Murray in the role of a TV executive who despises holidays. And also check out some sfx of the 1980s and Murray’s signature humor.


8. The Muppet Christmas Carol

Michael Caine treats this carol with great humaneness. With Dicken’s story as the base source, this puppet rendition is one of the funniest ever, with Caine acting as the irritable Ebeneezer and the muppets relate their version of the classic story of an old crotchety miser who seeks forgiveness on Christmas Eve.

The Muppet Christmas Carol

9. The Legend of Frosty the Snowman

This one’s absolutely the best if you’re watching family films around Christmas time. Your kids are going to enjoy this one thoroughly. It’s an adaptation of the original that was as popular as this one is with its many songs and Christmas fervour that inspired so many kids to love the magical snowman, Frosty.

The Legend of Frosty the Snowman

10.A Christmas Horror Story

Here’s an anthology horror film which comprises four horror stories witnessed by Dangerous Dan (William Shatner), a radio DJ. While he goes through a long shift at the radio station during Christmas, he’s sucked into these four horrific stories. If you love horror stories, this one’s for you.

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A Christmas Horror Story

11. Love Actually

A film with an English backdrop, Love Actuallyis a comedy that showcases 10 love stories that run through the movie and end up on Christmas Eve. If you’re game for rom coms, you’re going to love this one. If nothing, at least you’ll fall in love with the British landscape.

Love Actually

12. Bad Santa

This one shows Santa in a bad light.Billy Bob Thornton as Bad Santa acts in a denigrating manner, most unlike the saint of the season. Still, it’s a hit with adult watchers, despite Santa picking up groupies and sponging off innocent kids.

Bad Santa

13. Ernest Saves Christmas

Jim Varney plays the title role of Ernest, an out-of-work cabbie who tries to find Santa’s predecessor in the wackiest way possible. This is a highly enjoyable movie, perhaps not in the traditional Christmas spirit, but it’s certainly a family entertainer.

Ernest Saves Christmas

14. Christmas With The Kranks

With this film, you get to see the cinematic prowess of the legal thriller writer, John Grisham. Based on his book Saving Christmas, this film comes to you as a crazy comedy centered around Christmas. The film is written by the director of Home Alone, Chris Columbus. With Dan Aykroyd comic capers, this film promises to entertain you and your family.

Christmas With The Kranks

15. Santa’s Apprentice

Here’s a unique French cartoon film in which Santa looks for a boy to replace him. However, Santa has a few conditions: the boy must be called Nicholas; he must have a clean heart and must be an orphan. Lovely for a family entertainer.

Santa's Apprentice

16. Just Friends

This one is an American rom-com directed by Roger Kumble. The lead character is Ryan Reynolds, who used to be obese in school and nerdy too. He tries to set himself free from his friends’ circle once he reconnects with his crush of yore and best friend on a visit to his hometown over Christmas. This film is a funny observation of what’s known as platonic relationships where the two partners are “just friends”.

Just Friends

17. Mickey’s Magical Christmas: Snowed In At The House Of Mouse

While there’s a fair amount of subpar direct-to-video Disney films out there, Mickey’s Magical Christmas actually makes some good out of its format. A repackaging of both House of Mouse segments and Mickey’s Christmas Carol, the collective effort is still charming and works for both kids and adults. Also, where else are you going to get The Nutcracker with music by The Brian Setzer Orchestra and narration from John Cleese?

Mickey's Magical Christmas

18. Miracle On 34th St.

If there was one reason we’d recommend the just as heartwarming remake of Miracle on 34th St. for your holiday viewing purposes, it’s the late Sir Richard Attenborough. His version of Santa is perfection, especially for us kids who grew up loving his performance in Jurassic Park, which technically could be codified as “billionaire Santa with dinosaurs.” So when you put it like that, this Santa not only has the ability to speak in sign language, he probably has Velociraptors that pull his sleigh.

Miracle On 34th St

19. White Christmas

How do you have a Christmas without White Christmas? The charming demeanor of Bing Crosby, the beauty and poise of both Vera Ellen and Rosemary Clooney, and the irrepressible antics of Danny Kaye are what the holiday could always use a little more of, and they’re all here in great supply. With La La Land kicking up a storm in the world of musicals, perhaps it’s time to try and create the next White Christmas for the modern film set.

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White Christmas

20. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Visually, the most splendid movie ever made, this one tells the story of Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween town. He is obsessed with Christmas and is all set to ruin the holiday. The film is set in an amazingly beautiful design and you’ll love the monster cast, however, its narrative and lyrics are a far cry from Disney’s animated musicals. Still, it’s highly enjoyable for the way it is.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

21. Saving Santa

This one’s an animated story of the elf, Bernard, and his huge task of saving Santa from the enemy, Neville Baddington. Audiences go through a wonderful round of holiday fun and Christmas spirit before this can happen. Kids will love the animation while adults will enjoy the jokes. So, watch it with the family.

Saving Santa


Which movies are you going to be watching at Christmas time? If you’re still undecided or have a list that doesn’t match ours, you might like to include some or all of ours into your list. You never know, you could have more fun at Christmas than you ever thought possible. After all, these are great movies, some classics, some nostalgic, some animated, but nevertheless all enjoyable.

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12 Christmas Movies on Netflix You Should Watch Right Now

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