21 Foods That Induce Labour


Some women pass their due date and it is perfectly normal, it is known to be as overdue pregnancy. If the pregnancy is delayed even by 5-10 days, it is not really dangerous for the mother or the child. But in case, the postpartum is extended for more than about 2 weeks, then it is something to be taken care of. However, there are certain foods and even home remedies that you can rely on, in order to keep things going faster. Given below are some of the foods that can help induce labor. Read below to find more:

21 Ways to Naturally Induce Labor

induce labour

Balsamic Vinegar

Although, it is not yet clear as why Balsamic vinegar can induce labour but a lot of pregnant women give it a try. A true balsamic vinegar is a thick, dark syrup so you should be sure to get that.

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Pineapple is a cervical ripening agent that stimulates prostaglandins. Though, it is not a labour inducer but you should get a fresh bowl of it.


Labor inducing cookies

These cookies are made of yummy spices and chili pepper. A lot of women rely on these delicious cookies for the same purpose.


Dates can help to make your labour move faster. As per a study in 2011, women who regularly ate dates for four weeks before their due dates were more likely to go into spontaneous labour as compared to women who did not eat dates.

Magical salad

There is a restaurant in Los Angeles which has got this magical salad on their menu from last 30 years. This is specially designed for the moms-to-be. Even if you don’t live in LA, there is nothing to worry about. The restaurant also takes phone orders and can also mail a signature secret dressing to you.

Raspberry leaf tea

This tea is beneficial in ways that it can help to strengthen your uterus and also help the uterine muscles to contract. Apart from this, you can also have it postpartum when your uterus has to be contracted back to its pre-baby size.


The chemical, glycyrrhien and the sweet compound found in Licorice can help to stimulate the production of prostaglandins. Eating a lot of licorice can also stimulate uterine contractions and result in mild diarrhoea.


A bakery in Charlottesville, Virginia was the first to present the recipe of lemon drop cupcakes that can induce labor. However, the bakery has been closed long back now but the recipe is still known.


Eggplant parmesan

Herbs such as Basil and Oregano have the potential ability to start labour. A lot of moms-to-be also drink it in the form of tea in order to induce labour.

Spicy food

Anything that is spicy can help a pregnant woman who wants to get things going. This is because hot peppers can stimulate contractions.

Castor oil

The oil is extracted from the beans of the castor plant. Though it is not a food but it appears to be pretty safe. This can also make you feel a bit nauseous and can also give you diarrhoea and vomiting.


Garlic is well known to trigger your bowels and can also help to stimulate contractions. The baby can move down in your body in case of empty bowel. Moreover, an empty bowel can also begin the labor process after the baby is fully developed.

Cumin tea

Cumin not only helps to induce labor but also act as a great remedy for intestinal problems. You can brew a cup of tea using these cumin seeds. Though it tastes bitter but you can also add honey or sugar in this case.

Plenty of fiber

Foods that are rich in fiber can help you get rid of constipation. Because, in case you are constipated, you will have a loaded bowel and thus lesser space, whereas, an empty bowel will help the baby to slide down lower.


Evening primrose oil

This oil is made from the evening primrose plant which contains prostaglandins. You can have this orally and this will help get your uterus and vagina ready for birth.

Blue cohosh

Blue cohosh can have a similar effect as oxytocin and can help to stimulate uterine activity depending upon the dosage. However, this is not recommended during pregnancy because of the way it can act to induce labor.

Black cohosh

This is taken in small doses in the third trimester and the doses are then increased post term to induce labor. Some of the midwives also use it in combination with blue cohosh.


It has often been claimed by pregnant moms that pizza is a magic dish that can help to induce labor. Although there is no hard evidence to support this fact but a lot of women have had this experience.


Bananas are a rich source of potassium and can thus result in muscle contraction and stimulate labor. But make sure you do not overeat bananas.


It has been believed that wine can enhance the probability of getting early labor contractions. Even though, a lot of doctors do not recommend its intake at the time of pregnancy.


Thyme tea

This is a herbal medicine that is popularly used among pregnant women. Take some fresh thyme leaves and boil these in water to prepare tea.

Although all of the above remedies have been researched properly and with adequate care but it is highly recommended that before taking any of these, you consult you doctor and be sure.

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