Tips to Increase Breast Size After Breastfeeding Naturally


After breastfeeding, a woman’s breast size can undergo various changes. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, breasts typically enlarge due to hormonal changes and increased blood flow to the area. After weaning, the breasts may gradually decrease in size, returning closer to their pre-pregnancy state, but this process varies greatly from woman to woman. Factors like genetics, age, duration of breastfeeding, and overall health can influence how much the breasts shrink after weaning. Some women may experience a significant reduction in size, while others may notice minimal changes.

how to increase breast size after breastfeeding

Additionally, the elasticity of the skin and the amount of breast tissue can also affect the post-breastfeeding breast size. It’s essential for women to understand that these changes are normal and part of the body’s natural processes. If there are concerns about breast size or shape after breastfeeding, consulting with a healthcare provider or a specialist can provide reassurance and guidance.

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Why Do Your Breasts Sag After Breastfeeding?

After pregnancy and breastfeeding, the breasts tend to deflate, sag, become droopy and completely lose their prior shape. During pregnancy, your breasts will increase in size. And while breastfeeding, they tend to droop and get saggy.


New mothers often associate saggy breasts with breastfeeding, however, that is not completely true. It is the end of pregnancy which causes the breasts to start sagging. The additional weight that new mothers put on during pregnancy for the enlarged milk ducts have no reason to be there anymore once they start shrinking. Combined with a reduction in your own weight, this leaves the breasts with a deflated shape.

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Easy Ways to Increase the Size of Breasts After Breastfeeding

There are several things you can do to help improve the shape of your breasts post-pregnancy, such as:

Taking Care of Your Posture

Most women tend to lean over the baby while nursing. More often than not, mothers do this unknowingly. Breastfeeding while leaning makes breasts put pressure on muscles and ruin them. It is advisable to breastfeed while sitting straight or get breastfeeding pillows. You may have to replace your old bras with newer ones or even opt for sports bras to get better support and shape.

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Shower Alternatively

The important part is to change the temperature of the water when you shower. This is a proven and simple technique to gradually improve the strength and tone of the breasts and infuse them with life. Since most women feel their breasts have given up altogether, using this technique of alternating hot and cold water continuously during your showers, can stimulate blood circulation all around, and especially in your breasts. Massaging your breasts with hot then cold water helps make your muscles flexible as this promotes blood circulation.  Alternate between sprinkling cold and hot water on your breasts.

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Exercise a Lot

It is essential as it improves muscle tone while breastfeeding. Start with simple exercises such as jogging, swimming and walking. Exercise helps you even shed the excess weight gained during pregnancy.

Wean your Baby Gradually

While many mothers feel like this technique is simply delaying the inevitable, the truth is far from that. Your breasts have gotten used to being sucked upon constantly through the day for many months now. Weaning the baby all of a sudden is not just weird for the child, but for the breasts as well. This sudden removal of stimulation causes them to shrink rapidly, leading to the tissue losing its strength. Consequently, you must wean your baby gradually so that your breasts can reduce in a proper manner and still retain their shape with a substantial size.

Massage Yourself Daily

Breastfeeding provides a lot of stimulation to your breasts, but weaning leaves them with barely any stimulation at all. Massaging your breasts can help your breasts counter that in a better way. The various techniques ensure that your breasts receive stimulation from all directions, causing the blood circulation to revitalize itself and support the breast tissue in their repair and regrowth activities. Using olive oil or almond oil can cut down the sagging effect and the massages can infuse strength in the muscles, helping them hold themselves together.


What are the Long-Term Benefits of these Breast Reshaping Methods?

The Natural techniques stated above can start showing their effect over a period of a few months and will take their time to reach their peak. The choice of going ahead with a particular method to make your breasts firm and in a proper shape depends on your willpower and the amount of time and money you are willing to invest in it all.

Exercises, massages and dietary changes help in giving your breasts a proper shape. Your breasts may not return to the shape that you had prior to pregnancy, but they definitely would be better than the saggy and stretched shape altogether. However, if you are particular about your body image and are willing to go the extra mile, then opting for a surgical enhancement might be your only way.

Thinking about surgical enhancements should ideally be a last resort and should be chosen only if you are extremely serious about getting your breasts back in shape. Even so, it is highly recommended to use every other natural method mentioned above for a considerable period of time and then consider opting for surgical enhancement if you feel your results are not up to the mark.