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51 Timeless Hindu Baby Girl Names That Will Never Go Out of Style!


Because you are the parent of a wonderful baby girl, your life will change and it’s going to be overflowing with enthusiasm and all things pretty and pink. We know you are extremely happy but at the same time worried as you are not sure what to call her. How to start your new chapter with little angel? To save you all the trouble, our team has put together 25 timeless Hindu Baby Girl Names which would never go out of style!

51 Popular Hindu Baby Girl Names

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Prisha means God’s gift; Beloved; Loving

More about Prisha:

  • This name is popular as parents consider their daughter as “god’s gift” or angel in their life.

Aarohi means Ascending; Musical note

More about Aarohi:

  • This name is popular as the parents can’t deny the importance of their girl as smooth music in their life; music is always an inspiration.

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Varnika means Moon; Purity of Gold; Beautifully Colored

More about Varnika:

  • This name is popular as its origin is in Sanskrit; Moon is considered as fertility god; Girls are as cool and beautiful as moon.

Aalia means To Ascend; High; Exalted

More about Aalia:

  • It is a variation of Aliyyah and Aaliyah (Arabaic names), which means noble and is close to God.
  • Aalia Bhatt is a Bollywood Actress

Kyra means Light; Moon; Feminine of Cyrus; Princess

More about Kyra:

  • Kyra is a daughter of Troy Kotsur and Deanne Bray (American actors)
  • Though this name has origin in Greek but this is popular in India too
  • Kyra Sedgwick is an actress (wife of Kevin Bacon)

Aahana means The first rays of Sun; Dawn; Goddess Durga

More about Aahana:

  • This name is famous as it describes the morning glory and in Sanskrit it means powerful like steel;
  • This name is a synonym of Goddess Durga

Kiara means Dusky; Little black haired one

More about Kiara:

  • It’s Irish baby name; it is a name of Saint
  • This name became famous after the release of song “This Time” after playing the duet Kiara.

Aarna means Ocean; Wave; Goddess Laxmi

More about Aarna:

  • This name is famous as parents believe that their daughter will bring beauty, prosperity, fortune and wealth as this symbolizes Goddess Laxmi.

Riya means Graceful; A Singer

More about Riya:

  • Riya Sen is model and actress
  • Riya is a Japanese singer

Shanaya means The First ray of Sun

More about Shanaya:

  • This is quite famous name in TV serials and Bollywood Movies and it is inspired by the glory of sun

Myra means Extraordinary; Admirable

More about Myra:

  • In English meaning of Myra is poetic Invention
  • Myra Wiggins was pictorial photographer and painter

Pari means Angel; Fairy

More about Pari:

  • No wonder every girl is the angel for her parents, so it also popular name not only in India but also in Persia.

Anika means Goddess Durga; Sweet faced; Graceful

More about Anika:

  • Anika is German & British singer
  • Anika Noni Rose is actress and singer
  • Anika Moa is musician
  • Anika Knudsen is model

 Aanya means Bringing goodness; Gracious; God’s answer

More about Aanya:

  • Interestingly it is based on Sanskrit word A-NN which means food.
  • Rudolfo Aanya is American author who writes children’s play and stories.

Saanvi means Goddess Laxmi

More about Saanvi:

  • This name is famous as it is a synonym of Goddess Laxmi and it also symbolizes the wealth, grace, generosity and beauty.

Ishaani means Goddess Parvati

More about Ishaani:

  • It is female partner of name Ishaan. In Sanskrit, it means Ruler, Master or Lord.
  • Ishaani ( Goddess Parvati) is the wife of Lord Shiva

Ananya means Unique; One of a kind

More about Ananya:

  • In Yog, it means undistracted; have no other object; devoted to Lord
  • Ananya Khare is a Bollywood actress

Aaradhya means To be worshipped

More about Aaradhya:

  • Aaradhya is a daughter of Aishwarya Rai Bachan and Abhishek Bachan

Diya means Dazzling Personality; Little lamp

More about Diya:

  • Diya Mirza is famous Bollywood Actress

Aditi means Boundless; Limitless; Freedom; Entire

More about Aditi:

  • Aditi was regarded as the Goddess Earth and Goddess Sky
  • Aditi was addressed in “Rig Veda” as Mighty
  • Aditi Gowitrikar is Model, actress and gynecologist

Ruma means Salty

More about Ruma:

  • Ruma was a wife of Sugreva in Ramayan
  • Ruma is a name of place which was also mentioned in Skand Puran
  • Ruma is also a name of river

Nitha means Art

More about Nitha:

  • This name was referred in Hindu mythology.
  • In Rig Veda, Nitha means stratagem, art, trick or method
  • In Sir Monier Williams dictionary, Nitha is addressed as hymn, song, musical mode
  • In literature Nitha is referred as water

Akshitha means Goddess of Earth; Unbroken

More about Akshitha:

  • Akshitha Kapoor is TV actress

Chavi means Image

More about Chavi:

  • In Sanskrit Chavi was addressed in Epics where it has different meaning. Chavi was used a ray of light in Halayudh and Amar Singh’s writing
  • Chavi Rajawat was honored as Young Indian Leader

Anaya means Leader; God’s answer

More about Anaya:

  • This name is popular as parents want their girl to be like a leader who leads
  • Girls are precious and are god’s answer; so it’s a modern name

Aniketa means Homeless

  • More about Aniketa: someone to whom the entire world is home; a Yaksa who became king of the Anga dynasty (A Purana).

Anuradha means someone who bestows happiness and welfare

  • More about Anuradha: born under the Anuradha asterism

Arka means rays, flash of the lightning, the sun, fire

  • More about Arka: another name for Indra; the red sandalwood tree

Asma means hard as stone

  • More about Asma: the firmament; strong yet subtle

Asvarya means marvellous

  • More about not ordinary; surprising, prodigal, extraordinary

Bharavi means protected by God

  • More about the shining sun; the author of Kiratarjuniya.

Eti means arrival and approach

  • More about Eti: the name is mentioned in Rig Veda and means new arrival.

Ishani means lord, master, ruler

  • More about Ishani: Name of Goddess Durga in Hindu mythology

Mahi means the union of heaven and earth

  • More about found in Rig Veda that represents ground, land, soil, heaven, earth, streams or a divine being.

Nimi means twinkling

  • More about Nimi: In Vedas, the name means an erect object that is used to fix something or to raise someone.

Pradha means extremely distinguished

  • More about Pradha: In Mahabharata, Pradha is the daughter of Daksh and mother of Apsaras and Gandhavas.

Pushti means completeness, prosperity

  • More about Pushti: In the Rig Veda, the name means growth, wealth, comfort.

Rukma means rising sun

  • More about Rukma: the name is found in Rig Veda, Bhagvat Puran, Brahman and Vasjaneyiya Sanhita

Shubha means welfare, auspiciousness

  • More about Shubha: In Mahabharata, Shubha was the mother of Brhatkriti.

Sudiksha means Good Initiation

  • More about Sudiksha: Another avatar of the goddess of fortune – Lakshmi.

Uditi means the rising sun

  • More about Uditi: Mentioned in Rig Veda and Arthav Veda, where it means rising of the sun.

Vibha means beauty, glory, ray of light

  • More about Vibha: In Rig Veda, Vibha means shine, come to light, appear.

Varenye means most excellent

  • More about Varenya: name of a son of Brugu in Mahabharata.

Tushti means Satisfaction

  • More about Tushti: found in a number of Hindu mythologies. Considered as the 71st name of Goddess Lakshmi.

Supreet means very dear, cherished.

  • More about Supreet: mentioned in Rig Veda and Pancharatra. Well pleased; very delighted.

Shambhavi means kind and helpful.

  • More about Shambhavi: Wife of Lord Shiva. Another name of Goddess Durga.

Preet means joyous.

  • More about Preet: In Rig Veda, it means Someone pleased from their circumstances and the people around.

Pradnya means wisdom, prudent, clever.

  • More about pradanya: Another name of Goddess Sarasvati. In Rig Veda, the name means to discuss, understand, know about.

Nirja means born out of water

  • More about Nirja: a Sanskrit origin name derived from ‘niraj’. Another name of Goddess Lakshmi.

Nitha means art or way of life

  • More about Nitha: In Rig Veda, the name means way, trick, art.

Naima means blessing

  • More about Naima: Belongs to Vruschika rashi and Anuradha nakshatra.


More Hindu baby girl names with meanings:

Name Meaning


Aaloka Lustrous
Aamani spring
Asshritha One who has taken refuge in the Lord
Adhya First power
Anusha Beautiful morning star
Avani Earth
Anjali Offering with both the hands
Adah Ornament
Dharini Earth
Dhristhi Vision or sight
Hyma Goddess Parvathi
Ishana Desire
Kavya Poem
Latika Small creeper
Mahi The world
Navya Young or new
Priya Beloved
Pooja Worship
Tanvi Goddess Durga
Veda Scriptures of Hindus
Vanya Gracious gift of God
Vaidehi Sita
Yashashvi Fame




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