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25 Popular Christian Baby Girl Names


After the long wait that was nothing less than a roller coaster, it is now that time for you to find your lil’ princess a name that she will be known by. You will have every single person right from your own mother to her neighbors suggesting a dozen baby girl names. This can make the whole exercise all the more confusing!

christian-baby-girl-namesDo not get carried away with the need to please others. Instead, take your time to tabulate the many suggestions you have received for choosing baby girl names. Once you have all the names in a repository, go one step further and find out what it means, and if at all the names you like have a meaning that you can relate with your daughter’s aura. With some patience, you will be able to zero in to name that not just sounds lovely but also has a divine meaning!

25 Timeless Christian Baby Girl Names 

  1. Adah means An Assembly; Adornment
  • This is the name of the wives of both Esau and Lamech in the “Old Testament”
  • Bible: See Genesis 4:19
  1. Edna means Delight or Pleasure
  • In “Old Testament” Apocrypha in the Tobit book
  • Bible: See Genesis 2:8
  1. Tabitha means Gazelle
  • In the “New Testaments”, Tabitha is a woman whose life was restored by Saint Peter
  • Bible: See Acts 9:36
  1. Paula means Little; Small
  • It’s a feminine form of “Paul”, name of Roman Saint (4th century) accompanying person of Saint Jerome
  • Bible: See Acts 13:9
  1. Diana means Perfect; Luminous; Divine
  • She is a Goddess of the childbirth, forests, hunting and moon
  • Diana Vernon is a famous character of novel Rob Roy by Walter Scott
  • Diana Spencer is a Princess of Whales
  • Diana Hayden is an Indian Actress
  • Bible: See Acts 19:27
  1. Atarah means Crown
  • Atarah is a character in “Old Testament”, Jerahmeel’s wife.
  • Bible: 1 Chron. 2:26
  1. Jael means One who ascends; Mountain Goat; Ibex
  • Jael is a woman in “Old Testament” who killed the head of Canaanite military and gave the conquest to Israel
  • Bible: Judges 4:17
  1. Olive means Dignity; Beauty
  • It is a kind of tree
  • Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher chose this name for their daughter
  • Bible: Gen. 8:11
  1. Bernice means who brings success
  • In “New Testaments” Bernice is a sister of “King Herod Agrippa II”
  • Bible: Acts 25:13
  1. Esther means Star
  • Queen Esther is mentioned in “Old Testament” wife of Persia King who saved the “Jews of the kingdom from extinction”.
  • Esther Cleveland was the daughter of Grover Cleveland (President)
  • Bible: Esther 2:7
  1. Adriel means Flock of God; My help is God
  • This name belongs to son-in-law of Saul in “Old Testament”
  • Bible: 1 Sam. 18:19
  1. Julia means Tender and Soft Hair
  • This name is used in “The Two Gentlemen of Verona” comedy novel of Shakespeare
  • Julia Roberts is an American Actress
  • Bible: Romans 16:15
  1. Joanna means Gift or grace of Lord
  • In Luke 8:3, Joanna is a wife of Chuza
  • Joanna Southcott was English prophetess
  • Joanna was 12th-century nun
  • Bible: Luke 8:3
  1. Mercy means Reward; Compassion
  • Mercy James is a younger daughter of Madonna
  • Bible: Gen. 43:14
  1. Zemira means Palm; Vine; Song
  • Benjamin’s grandson is named as Zemira
  • Bible: 1 Chron. 7:8
  1. Victoria means Victory
  • Queen Victoria ruled Britain
  • Many cities of Canada and Australia named as Victoria
  • Bible: Deut. 20:4
  1. Rachel means Ewe; Sheep
  • Rachel is the name of Jacob’s wife in “Old Testament” and she is the mother of Benjamin and Joseph
  • Bible: Gen. 29:6
  1. Sapphira means That tells or relates
  • She is a character in the “New Testament”
  • Bible: Acts 5:1
  1. Hope means Expectations
  • Hope Anderson is American Beauty Queen
  • Hope Davis is American Actress
  • Hope Solo is a member of women’s national soccer team (U.S.)
  • Bible: Psalm 25:21
  1. Dinah means Judgment
  • In the “Old Testament”, Dinah is the daughter of Leah and Jacob
  • Bible: Gen. 30:21
  1. Elisha means The Salvation of God
  • Elisha is a prophet in “Old Testament” who is the descendant of Elijah
  • Bible: Luke 1:5
  1. Hannah means Grace; Favor
  • In the “Old Testament”, Hannah is the mother of the spiritualist Samuel
  • Bible: 1 Sam. 1:2
  1. Leah means Ruler; Mistress
  • In “Old Testament”, Leah is the 1st wife of Jacob
  • Bible: Gen. 29:16
  1. Miriam means Rebellion; Strong waters
  • In the “old Testament”, Miriam is elder sister of Aaron and Moses
  • Bible: Exodus 15:20
  1. Tirzah means Pleasing; Benevolent
  • In the “Old Testament”, Tirzah is the name of Zelophehad’s daughter
  • Bible: Num. 26:33

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