11 Natural Ways to Manage High Blood Pressure in Teens


Exercising regularly, consuming less alcohol, reducing sodium intake, eliminating caffeine, consuming dark chocolate, eliminating sugar preservatives and refined carbohydrates, eating berries and quitting smoking are the best remdies for high blood pressure in teens.

You might know that high blood pressure is usually a dangerous condition that can further damage your heart and at the same time affects one in three people in the United States and also around 1 billion of people worldwide. It sometimes left uncontrolled and this is because it raises your changes of heart disease and also stroke. Although, there is this good news as there are numerous of things one can do in order to lower down the blood pressure naturally and easily without any kind of medication.

11 Tips Manage High Blood Pressure in Teens

Here are 11 natural ways to manage the high blood pressure;

high blood pressure in teens

Exercise and walk regularly

The first and the foremost step is to exercise and walk on daily basis as it is considered to be one of the best things one can do in order to lower down that high BP. By doing regular exercise your heart becomes stronger and also more effective in order to lower the pressure in your arteries.

You can reduce your sodium intake

As you know in large part of world salt intake is high and this is due to the prepared and processed foods. There are many other public health efforts too which are basically aimed in order to lower down the salt in the food industry. Also, the relationship between the sodium and also high blood pressure is less clear.


Consume less alcohol 

Do you know that drinking alcohol usually raise blood pressure? Also, alcohol is basically linked to around 16% of the high blood pressure that usually cases all around the world.

Intake of more potassium rich food 

Although, potassium is considered to be an important mineral because it helps in order to get rid of the body and further ease the pressure of your blood pressure or vessels. Usually modern diets help in order to have an increased people’s sodium intake in order to further decrease the potassium intake.

Eliminate caffeine 

It is important to avoid more of caffeine and this is because caffeine usually causes an instant boost and due to this it can cause high blood pressure too. So, n order to avoid or prevent high blood pressure, it is important to avoid eliminating caffeine from your daily routine.

You need to learn in order to manage stress 

Stress is considered to be the main driver of the high blood pressure and at times when you’re stressed usually your body is in the constant fight or the flight mode and at this time it eventually means having the faster heart rate that is further constricted all the blood vessels. So, if you experience stress you might eventually be engaged in other different behaviour such as drinking alcohol and also eating unhealthy food at the same time.

Consume dark chocolate or cocoa 

When you eat other chocolates it usually doesn’t help your heart but small amounts of dark chocolate or cocoa powder can help because they’re rich in flavonoids plant and at the same time compound it because it initially causes certain blood vessel to eventually dilate. According to the research cocoa have also improved several different markers of the heart health over short period of time and it lower down your blood pressure too.

Ensure to lose weight

So if you’re obese then losing weight can eventually make a big difference for your heart and health. According to different research studies if you lose around 5% of your body mass then it can efficiently lower down your high blood pressure. If you lose weight it can further help or assist your blood vessels in order to do a better job of expanding and also contracting at the same time and further making it quite easier for the left ventricle to pump the blood.


You need to quit smoking

Apart from other different reasons smoking is considered to be one of the major habits and is also known to be the strong risk factor for any kind of heart diseases. Each and every puff of cigarette causes the slight yet temporary damage in the blood pressure and this is because the chemicals in the tobacco are basically known in order to damage all the blood vessels. Although there is a basic link in between the smoking and also high blood pressure but this happens because the smokers eventually built up the tolerance level over time.

Eliminate added sugar preservatives and refined carbohydrates

According to different research studies there is a strong link in between the added sugar preservatives and also high blood pressure. It is not sugar only that causes the problem but also refined carbohydrates at the same time because it is found in white flour and further convert rapidly to the sugar in your bloodstream and at the same time cause different issues. It has also shown that low carbohydrate diets initially reduce the blood pressure.

Make sure you eat berries

Berries are just wonderful with that juicy flavour and they’re hence packed with the polyphones and are considered to be the natural compounds that are basically good for your heart. There have been improvements in other different makers of the heart health and it involves blood pressure too. Generally people with the high blood pressure inclined towards the polyphone diet and it contains berries and chocolates, vegetables and fruits at the same time.

Therefore, drugs are considered to be one way in order to treat the condition and there are other different numerous techniques or tools that can eventually assist. You need to control your blood pressure through different methods and this might finally help your risk of heart diseases. So, if you’re facing any kind of high blood pressure problems or issues all you can do is try these natural ways in order to get rid of the same and it will further help you to lead a proper and a healthy life that you have always wished for.

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