Health Benefits of Nutmeg in my Baby’s Diet


Starting from boosting digestion to soothing the nerves of your child, nutmeg offers many health benefits. Nutmegs can act as good sedatives. It can help your child get relief from chronic pains. Also Nutmeg is known for its detoxifying qualities. It helps keep your child’s liver and kidney detoxified. The spice nutmeg is also good for your child’s skin. It can help your child maintain a smoother and healthier skin texture. Also if your child is having problem with his/her sleep, adding nutmeg in the diet might solve the problem. It relaxes the nervous system and helps your child have a better night.

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Giving Nutmeg to your Child

Nutmeg can be added to your child’s diet in a number of ways. You can steam an entire nutmeg and steam it with the rice your child will have. This will help the rice to gain the flavor of the spice. Giving raw nutmeg, to your child is not advisable. Usually you can add the spice to your baby’s diet when he/she is 6 months old or when he/she is introduced to solids-whichever is earlier. You can also add some grinded nutmeg powder in your baby’s milk. A glass of milk with nutmeg can help him/her sleep better. Apart from that nutmeg powder can be added to any non-vegetarian dishes like chicken or roasted meat in order to enhance the flavor. However, it is advisable not to give raw nutmeg to your baby or toddler. Wash it first. Then dry and steam it. If you are adding it as a powder, make sure that the food (along with the milk) absorbs the powder completely. Otherwise, some dry bits and pieces can choke your baby.

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Health Benefits of Nutmegs

Nutmegs offer plenty of health benefits for your baby. If fed on a regular basis then your baby can benefit from nutmegs in a number of ways.


Improves Intestinal Health

Nutmeg improves your child’s intestinal health. If your child is suffering from abdominal pain and bloating, then nutmeg can come to real use. The overall functioning of your child’s intestines is improved by nutmeg.

It makes sure that the intestine of your child is in proper health and shape to digest the solids. It calms down the digestive process and sooths the intestine. If your baby is regularly suffering from colic pain then nutmeg can come to use. Adding nutmeg in the diet will enable your child’s intestine to release all the excess gas.

Boosts Digestion

In the first six months of your baby’s life his/her digestive systems are not properly developed. That gives rise to many problems. It is hard for them to digest solids, initially. Also some children find it difficult to digest their own mother’s breast milk. Nutmeg improves the overall digestive health of your child.

It relieves your child from stomach aches and regular cramps. It helps the baby to get rid of the excess gas from the stomach. Many children have problem with burping. They tend to throw up food as they cannot burp successfully. Nutmeg aids in the overall digestive process and enables children to burp without problem. The entire cycle of digestion is improved by the consumption of nutmeg.

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Pain Relief

Nutmeg helps in relieving any kind of pain for your child. It is a natural sedative. It enables your child to cope with the stress of any injury or any kind of internal pain. Apart from the abdominal pain, nutmeg also cures the pain of external cuts and injuries.

Nutmeg also has anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in the cure of many bacterial infections. Your child will be less prone to fall sick or ill if he/she is having nutmeg on a regular basis. Common cold and flu can be easily fought by the consumption of nutmeg.

Detoxifies Liver & Kidney

Nutmeg is a fantastic detoxifier. If your child is addicted to fast food or junk food it might hamper his/her liver or kidney. Nutmeg has the natural tendency of curing liver and kidney related problems.

Nutmeg acts a tonic to clean your child’s liver and kidney. It washes out all the toxic elements from two of the most vital organs of your child. If your child has previous medical history of liver disease, then also nutmeg is beneficial. It can also tend to treat liver and kidney stones. In this day and age it is important that your child’s liver and kidney are detoxified properly.

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Improves Skin Health

Consuming nutmeg will make sure that the tenderness of your baby’s skin remains intact. It has the natural property of oxidizing the skin and hair tissues. This promotes growth of hair too.

The skin gets much nourishment from nutmeg. It often helps your child cope with the harmful effects of the pollutants. Exposure to different forms of pollutants often robs the tenderness and smoothness from your baby’s skin. However, in such cases, consumption of nutmeg can come handy.

Also at the same time a scrub made from nutmeg powder and orange lentil powder can also help your baby’s skin glow. You can apply the scrub on your child’s skin, once a week to remove all the hidden dirt. Invisible dirt often stays hidden in the skin of your child. They block the pores of the skin and create problems like sores and boils. If you are regularly clean your child’s skin with nutmeg powder, it can help to avoid these problems.

Aids in Sleeping

Nutmeg helps your baby have a better sleep at night in a number of ways. Firstly, nutmeg is a very good sedative. So, if you mix nutmeg powder into milk and feed him/her at night, it helps him/her to sleep well.

Secondly nutmeg also helps in digestion and relieves your child from stomach problems and colic pains. In that way nutmeg also ensures that your child has a sound sleep, throughout the night.

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There are no known allergic reactions to nutmeg. However, there are certain precautions you must consider before feeding your child with the spice. Nutmeg is known to increase body temperature by a bit, momentarily. So, if your child cannot withstand that increase of temperature then it is better not to give him/her with nutmeg. Also at the same time, if you are directly mixing nutmeg in a diet, then make sure it is washed and grinded properly so that your baby does not choke in any bits and pieces.

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