11 Health Benefits of Lima Beans for Kids


Lima beans belong to the unique class of herbs which is grown round the year. There are termed as annual crops and are available in two main varieties. It is based on the type of growth and it can be classified as bushy or the vine variety. The latter yields less seeds and are termed as baby Lima. It is also known by the name of butter beans. The larger ones are around 4 centimetres in height, while the smaller ones measure 4 centimetres.

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Health Benefits of Lima Beans for Kids

The common aspect in both the seeds is that they have a buttery taste along with a sweetish flavour. The larger ones take a long time to grow and mature in comparison to their smaller counterparts. Let us now analyse the benefits of lima bean seeds for kids.

1} Rich source of fiber

For dietary needs of humans, fibers are a vital component. They aid in the process of digestion and removal of unwanted food materials from our body. Not only it is a good source of fibers, but it relates to lowering down cholesterol levels. It is also beneficial in maintenance of blood sugar levels.

2} Important source of energy

Not only it goes on to balance the blood sugar levels of your body, lima beans are a steady source of energy. It is recommended for people who are suffering from diabetes.

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3} Iron content is replenished

Lima seeds are a rich source of carbohydrates or energy, it steadies the supply of iron in your body. If you consume a quarter cup of lima beans a day, it is enough to satisfy the iron needs of your body for the whole day. It works wonders for women who are in their menstrual cycle as iron deficiencies are common. This is because of lower haemoglobin levels and constant loss of blood.

lima beans

4} Rich in manganese content

Lima bean is a vital source of liquid manganese. The body tends to require it as it speeds up the process of antioxidant production in the body. The free radicals that are produced is disbanded, which is not beneficial for the body. In hindsight it paves way for more energy production in our body.

5} Important source of protein

If you are a veggie, then the chances are high that you might be suffering from protein deficiency. The only way is to opt for external supplementation. When you combine it with whole foods it works out to an important source of protein.  Around 15 grams of protein are present in a single cup of Lima seeds. The added advantage of consuming fat is not there in the process as well.

6} Rich in carbohydrates content

The body requires a decent amount of carbohydrates. They are considered to be bio chemicals and it works out to be an important manner whereby the body is supplied with nutrition along with energy. The carbohydrate content is rich in foods with sugar, but with it you put on excess weight. Lima bean is an important source of carbohydrate, but eradicates the negative effect associated with sugar.

7} Sodium content is low

If there is a high content of sodium in your diet, it can lead to potential side effects. High blood pressure along with swelling of the body is common. The superior properties of Lima seed ensure that it contains less amount of sodium. One can consume a lot of Lima seeds without consumption of too much salt


8} Potassium content is high

Potassium enhances your digestive capacity and assures a healthy heart. It is referred to as a combining agent as it works with other minerals in our body to aid the process. Since it is an electrolyte it paves way for creation of new cells in our body.

9} Copper is provided to the body

The metal copper is found in various proportions in our body. In fact it is mostly stored in the liver. It works its magic as an antioxidant and prevents any form of illness to the body with other health related issues.

10} Vital storehouse of vitamins

Lima beans are embedded with Thiamine, Niacin along with Vitamin B6. All of them are important for the body because they are co enzymes for the metabolism of fats, proteins or carbohydrates.

11} High in foliate content

Lima beans are considered to a vital source of folate. If you consume 100 grams of Lima seeds, nearly 995 times your folate content is achieved. It is required by the body for cell division and a proper amount is required during pregnancy, lactation and conception. If their content is high, the chances of babies have neural defects is a bare minimum.

The preparation associated with Lima seeds?

Before consuming Lima seeds in any form, it is suggested that you wash the dirt obtained from the environment. Before that you spread them over a surface to find out any stones or impurities. Then the beans should be put on a large container and allow running water to run over it for a couple of minutes. Once done rinse it well to remove any form of impurities.

In cooking environment, Lima seeds need to be boiled. Boiling works out to be quick process, if you soak it overnight in water for a period of 8 hours. Once it is done, cook it in a pressure cooker or pan it with sufficient amount of water so that the seeds submerge.


After this you can consume it in any form – soups, appetizers that may seem healthy to you.

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Storage along with selection of Lima seeds

Since lime seeds are mostly available in their dried version, you can buy them in bulk and store them for a long period of time. Before purchase of it the cans needs to be sealed so that an element of freshness is being retained. No form of damage or moisture needs to enter the cans.

When you are choosing lima beans, opt for ones that are dark, shiny and green. They should be available in a shelled form as well.