11 Health Benefits of Colostrum for your Newborn


Enough emphasis cannot be laid on a mother nursing her new born. Colostrum the first milk produced by a mother is packed with nutrients which is highly beneficial for the growth and development of the new born baby. Read on to know the many benefits of colostrum.

Colostrum is your baby’s very first food. This special breast milk is by all means superior to any super-food found in stores and online markets. It is also referred as “liquid gold” or even Golden Milk. During pregnancy, not only the baby is forming inside the body but something else is being formed as well – the milk, essential nourishing fluid, required for the baby is being formed as well. The Colostrum is inside the mother’s body and is available to the baby after a normal delivery.

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What is Colostrum?

Many of you might not have heard about the word Colostrum or might not be quite sure about what it is? Well, Colostrum doesn’t get the same attention as breast milk. However, it’s high time to pay equal attention to Colostrum as is given to breast milk. This precursor to breast milk is stored in and expelled through the breast.

It is light yellow, gold, or sometimes clear in color. Colostrum is a thick, creamy liquid. It is the first milk produced by the breast during pregnancy. Most moms-to-be don’t even realize it’s occurrence unless they leak a little during pregnancy.

Health Benefits of Colostrum for your Newborn

Moreover, it contains amazing properties that help to protect and nourish the baby during his initial stages of life. Here is a list of 11 benefits that Colostrum provides for your newborn.


1. Easy to Digest

According to experts in the medical fraternity, the colostrum produced soon after childbirth is custom-made to suit the needs of your special baby. It is said that the colostrum produced for a baby girl is different from that produced for a boy. It is really easy to digest for the sensitive digestive system of your baby. For this reason, it is considered as the best food for your baby. It also contains all the nutrients that your baby needs and deserves.

2. Boosts the Immunity of the Child

Colostrum contains numerous nutrients as well as minerals along with white blood cells. All this helps to protect the baby from contracting bacterial and viral infections. Besides, it contains special antibodies that protect your newborn from infections like bronchitis, pneumonia, jaundice, and ear infections.

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3. Promotes Healthy Growth and Development

Colostrum is packed with antioxidants and cholesterol, which is highly beneficial for the growth of the baby’s nervous system. It is rich in nutrients and also supports overall growth and development of the baby.

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4. Facilitates First Bowel Movement

Usually, the first stool of the baby is very hard and dark in color – me-conium. Colostrum helps to facilitate the bowel movement easily, thus making the baby’s stool push out the bilirubin.


colostrum benefits

5. Promotes Sound, Sleep

With the high content of protein, Colostrum makes the baby feel fuller thus providing a sound sleep. It contains a laxative effect that induces sleep.

6. Prevents Stomach Infections

Colostrum creates a tough coating on the baby’s stomach, thus preventing the germs from causing illness. It helps inhibit the attachment of harmful bacteria to the body’s epithelial tissues and wards away bacteria and virus and improves the baby’s immunity by several manifolds.

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7. Complete Nutrition

Colostrum is a super food that contains high levels of vitamins, protein, and fat to provide complete nutrition for your newborn baby.

8. Bonding with the Baby

Your baby has been inside you for 40 weeks. Assisting the baby to help them live outside the mother’s body is possible through breast milk. There can be nothing as nutritious as the first milk (Colostrum) of your breast to feed your baby.


9. Natural Vaccine

Colostrum is the first immunization provided by nature for the newborn. It has a different color than mature breast milk. It prepares your newborn for life outside the womb. However, make sure that your baby receives it through nursing, hand expression, or pumping. Your body itself provides the natural immunization for the baby it has formed.  

10. Effective source of Energy

Energy is important for proper growth of the baby’s body. Colostrum and breast milk serve the purpose aptly. Colostrum is natural, human growth hormone for newborns. Lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates in the first breast milk of the mother, altogether provide the required energy to the newborn while providing proper assistance with metabolism. Adding further, nursing also facilitates the mom time to recover and regain her energy after childbirth.

11. Effective Brain Growth

It has been proved through research studies that premature babies experience more brain development and growth after being fed with Colostrum. It is available or produced by the mother’s body within the first few days after childbirth. The proteins present in Colostrum help in proper growth of baby’s eyes and brain. Every drop of Colostrum is precious and considered liquid gold nutrition for the newborn baby.

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The health benefits of colostrum for a newborn simply cannot be overlooked. If you are in good health post childbirth, be sure to nurse your child, so he or she can get a kick start to a healthy and happy life.