11 Baby Games to Make Your Child Laugh


Babies start laughing at about three to four months and it is often initiated by ordinary everyday stimuli like the face of a loved one, a toy or unusual sounds. 11 baby games that will make your child laugh are Peek-a-boo, Choo-choo train, Pat-a-cake, Little Piggy, Tickle Monster, Blowing Raspberries, Mimicry, Airplane Flight, Steal your Nose , Horse Riding and Chasing.

11 Best Games to Make Your Baby Laugh

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Children love games with an element of surprise and suspense. Peek-a-boo will be greatly loved by your child because you can choose different hiding spots each time, you can hide behind curtains or a desk or even use a bright blanket to cover your face. Each time you return from your hiding place will a loud ‘peek-a-boo!’, your child’s enthusiasm will be heightened. In fact, it will also increase your baby’s familiarity with your face and will create a stronger bond between you two. It also serves to tickle the child’s funny bone. Your baby will definitely love spotting you, breaking into peals of laughter as you go “peek-a-boo”!!

Choo-choo Train

This game can be played with any bright or shiny objects. Take a shiny ball, or jingling toys and slowly vibrate them in front of the child while making the sound of train whistles. Announce “Here comes the Choo-choo train” or add nonsensical words that signify the increased proximity of the object in front of the baby. When the object comes into their field of vision, your baby will burst out laughing.


While singing the rhyme pat-a-cake, enthusiastically pat your thighs and clap your hands. Your baby will try to mimic your actions and might start to clap along. At this point try patting the baby’s feet and arms, putting stress into the line ‘And there will be plenty for baby and me’. This will strengthen the connection between you two while also making for a very fun time. The rhythmic patting and singing will surely make your baby laugh.

Little Piggy

Touch your child’s toes starting with the big toe, while reciting fun lines about the ‘little piggies’. Keep touching the next toes in succession while uttering the next lines of the poem. End the game while touching the little toe and loudly add ‘ The little toe says, hee hee hee!’ This will greatly amuse your child and make the baby laugh out loud.


Tickle Monster

Tickle your child’s armpits, feet and stomach lightly while theatrically singing ‘Here comes the tickle monster’. This game is great to physically cause your child to laugh. You can add a funny little gruff voice while talking for the Tickle monster to add to the effect and make hand gestures while tickling them. You can even add a sock puppet to this combination to add to your baby’s visual experience. This has been a tried and tested formula for amusing little babies and soon your child will laugh and want more.

Blowing Raspberries

Gently blow on your baby’s skin and make a pop-like sound while moving on your child’s feet and stomach. This encourages the child to blow back spit bubbles and this actually helps them learn various important skills. And coming to the part where it tickles the little angel’s funny-bone, the noise will instantly trigger the baby’s laughter. A game of blowing raspberries should cause your child great delight.


Noises are a key constituent that initiates your child’s laughter. So a very delightful routine can easily transform their mood and make them laugh. Try mimicking animal noises or even exciting sounds while acting out the parts. Any sort of mimicry game greatly grasps the attention of your child.This assortment of sounds and actions will soon cause your baby’s interest to spike and laugh.

Airplane Flight

This game requires you to lie down on the bed and balance your baby on your palms and feet in a way that the child is facing you from a distance of about a feet or two. Now very gently sway your child as if to pretend the baby is on an airplane. The swaying movement will greatly delight the child and cause him/her to laugh. To add to the effect, you can also make a ‘weeh’ noise as the baby goes up or comes down.

Steal your Nose

A game of ‘ Steal your nose’ can also greatly amuse your child as babies usually like games that are repetitive. All you have to do is get hold of your child’s nose and with gentle pressure drag you fingers back away from him, curled in a manner to suggest you are hiding something. Then simply add in a sing-song voice ‘I have stolen your nose’, and even if the baby does not understand what your actions mean, the simple action repeated over and over again will make your child laugh.

Horse Riding

This is another game to help the child interact physically with the environment around him and also make them laugh in the process. Sit on a comfortable chair or on the bed and balance your child on your lap. Now start rocking your legs at a comfortable pace, speeding up or down within safe limits in a manner that is suggestive of horseback riding.  This game will soon become a favorite of your child and will help him enjoy a fun adventure all in the comfort and warmth of a familiar environment. In the energetic sequence of movements, your child will also start laughing while playing this game.



Of course children love a game of chase and it is also one of the easiest games to play to make them laugh. But ensure they are playing a game of chase in a safe and secure environment with no danger of injury. They can also play with siblings or other children or adults.

These are 11 baby games that can make your child laugh. Now, wait around to hear your rooms come alive with their delighted chuckles!