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101 Unique French Baby Girl Names


Looking for most popular and best French baby girl names? If so, you are in the right place. Here are 101 beautiful French baby girl names for you.

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101 Beautiful French Baby Girl Names

french baby girl names

Names Meaning
Abella Breath
Aceline Noble
Adalicia Noble
Adaliz Noble
Afrodille Daffodil
Aiglentina Sweetbrier rose
Aiglentine Sweetbrier rose
Aimee Dearly loved
Alair Cheerful
Albertina Noble
Alexandrine Defender of mankind
Alisanne Truthful
Allaire Cheerful
Alleffra Cheerful
Allete Winged
Alsatia From Alsace
Amarante Flower that never fades
Ambra Amber
Ambre Amber
Amelie Hard working
Ami Dearly loved
Amia Beloved
Amie Beloved
Ancelin Handmaiden
Ancelina Handmaiden
Ange Angel
Angeletta Little angel
Angelette Little angel
Angelique Messenger of God
Angilia Angel
Annette Gracious
Antoinette Beyond praise
Arcene Silvery
Ariane Holy
Arjean Silvery
Auberta Bright or noble
Aubina Blond
Aubine Blond
Aubree Blond ruler
Aubrey Blond ruler
Aubriana Blond ruler
Aubrianne Blond ruler
Aubrie Blond ruler
Aubry Blond ruler
Auda Old or wealthy
Aude Old or wealthy
Avelaine Hazelnut
Aveline Hazelnut
Babette Stranger
Bel Beautiful
Belda Beautiful
Belle Beautiful
Berangaria Name of a princess
Bernadette Brave as a bear
Bernyce One who brings victory
Bette God is my oath
Bettine God is my oath
Blanch White
Blanche White
Blanchefleur White flower
Blondell Fair haired or blonde
Blondelle Fair haired or blonde
Blondene Fair haired or blonde
Brigitte Strong
Brucie Brushwood or thicket
Brunella Brown or dark haired
Camile Young ceremonial attendant
Camillei Young attendant
Cammi Young attendant
Candide Bright or glowing white
Geneve Juniper
Genevie White wave
Genevieve White wave
Genevre Juniper
Genivee White wave
Georgette Farmer
Georgine Farmer
Georgitte Farmer
Germain From Germany
Germaine From Germany
Germana From Germany
Gisella Pledge
Giselle Pledge
Celestine Heavenly
Celie Blind
Celine Blind
Cerise Cherry or cherry red
Chanelle Chanel
Gabrielle God is my strength
Gaetana From Gaete
Gaetane From Gaete
Gala Enjoyment
Galatee White
Galla Singer
Gallia Singer
Garland Crowned with flowers
Garnet Pomegranate seed
Gay Light hearted
Gemma Precious stone
Geneva Juniper

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