101 Baby Names Inspired from Greek Mythology


While narrating heroic stories, what is better than Greek mythological stories? Greek mythology is a body of stories concerning Gods, heroes and the rituals of the ancient Greeks. It forms a part of the religion in ancient Greece. Also, the names of the Greek mythological characters not only sound great but also has a great meaning to them. If you are so much inspired by the Greek mythology and want to name your baby with the best name that suits your baby, here are 101 best baby names inspired from Greek mythology.



Top 101 Baby Boy Names Inspired from Greek Mythology

ApolloGod of music, arts and knowledge
AjaxA Greek hero with an important role in Homer’s Iliad
AresGreek god of war
CastorThe twin brother of Pollux who was transformed into the constellation
DamonSymbol of trust and loyalty in friendship
DionysiousGod of wine, festivals s=and party
HectorGreatest fighter for Troy
HermesGod of trade and travel
JasonGreek hero famous for hi role as the leader of the Argonauts
ParisThe boy who married Helen of Troy
PerseusA demi-god who rescued Andromeda
zeusGod of thunder and the sky
TheseusTo set
ThanatosGreek god of death
PoseidonUnruly god of the sea and earthquakes
ProteusProphetic god of the sea
AdrastosNot inclined to run away
AeolusGreek god of the wind
AesonJason’s father
AgamemnonVery steadfast
AtlasThe titan who was punished by Zeus
AristaeusGod of agriculture and cattle
BacchusGreek god of Dionysus
BrontesThe name of one of the three cyclopes
CepheusHusband of Cassiopeia
CerberusName of the three-headed dog that guarded the entrance to Hades
CharonFierce brightness
DaedalusAthenian inventor who was banished to Crete by Zeus
DamoclesThe people
EvanderGood man
GlaucusBluish gray
IacchusTo shout
KoiosThe titan God of intelligence
KreiosRam or male sheep
LeanderLion of a man
LycusLegendary ruler of Thebes
MealnthiosBlack and Anthos, which means flower
NeoptolemusNew war
OkeanosA body of water
PerseusTo destroy
LokiGod of mischief in Norse mythology
NereusFather of the sea mymphs

Baby Girl Names Inspired from Greek Mythology

PhoebeShining and brilliant
RheaMother of Zeus
SeleneGreek goddess of the moon
PenelopeFaithful wife of Odysseus
IrisGoddess of the sea and sky
HelenDaughter of Leda and Zeus
HereQueen of heaven and the goddess of marriage
GaiaGoddess of Earth and the primordial dieties
DaphneThe daughter of Greek river god
ClioThe daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne
AstraeaGoddess of justice
AthenaGoddess of courage, law, wisdom and justice
CalliopeGreek muse of epic poetry
CassandraThe daughter of the King and Queen of Troy
AcanthaThorn, prickle
AdrasteiaAnother name of the Greek Goddess nemesis
AphroditeGoddess of love
AtlantaFast-footed maiden who refused to marry men who lost to her in the race
BriseisThe daughter of Briseus
Danaethe princess of Argos
EuphrosyneMirth and merriment
EuropaA Phoenician princess who was abducted and taken to Crete by Zeus
EvadneThe wife of Capaneus
HebeThe goddess of youth
HecateFar off
HestiaThe goddess of the hearth and domestic activity
HippolytaThe daughter of Ares
IantheViolet flower
AndromedaAdvising like a man
JocastaThe mother and wife of Oedipus
KallistoThe nymph whom Zeus loved
LachesisOne of the three Fates
LarisaThe daughter of Pelasgus
MelaenaOne of the nymph
MeletePractice, exercise
NyxThe goddess of the night
CassandraShining upon a man
PistisTrust and faith
ThaliaThe muse of comedy and pastoral poetry
TethysThe name of Titan of the sea
TerpsichoreThe goddess of dance and dramatics
SemeleOne of the many lovers of Zeus