Creative Birthday Celebration Ideas During Lockdown for Kids


Coronavirus has created a pandemic situation worldwide and thus the only solution found till now is a lockdown. Staying at home and avoiding gatherings in a public place is considered safe against this deadliest virus. All the planned birthday parties or other events are being canceled. Kids being more excited about their birthdays are no more excited now. But they don’t need to worry, we have got some amazing birthday celebration ideas during the lockdown.

Amazing Birthday Celebration Ideas During Lockdown for Kids

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  • A Family Bake-Off

All it requires is family members with a recipe for delicious cakes and the ingredients.

The cake is very important and the best part of a birthday so it is a good idea to spend the day with loved ones while baking something or the other thing delicious to eat. If the kid doesn’t want to be next star baker, let them be in charge of judging and dishing out the famous Paul Hollywood handshakes. By this everyone would turn productive as well as it will add friendly competition behavior to the celebration day. For some inspiration look for videos on step by step baking recipes or fairy cake decorating ideas.

  • Youtube Karaoke

All it needs is a laptop with a speaker being optional.

It can be considered as the best birthday idea for any upcoming popstar. Find out the karaoke version of your favorite songs on youtube and arrange them in a playlist. Let the sing-off begin Connecting a Bluetooth speaker makes it even more exciting as it helps in turning the tunes right up. It would be even more joyful if everyone dresses as their best superstar outfit and use the hairbrush as a microphone.

  • Picnic Party

It requires a blanket, your favorite picnic foods and some good sunny day

If the sun is shining well on your kid’s birthday then make most of this good weather and go for a sunny lunch. If one has an outdoor space, it is perfect for this kind of celebration. Set up a picnic party in the garden. Pick up some of your favorite picnic food on the trip to the grocery shop, food like sausages along with birthday cake and lemonade will be pretty good enough. Lay a blanket down in the outdoor space, blow up some balloons for the party, and be ready for the family feast. Out in the sun will lift the spirit too.

  • Setting Up a Photobooth

Things required for such a celebration are a camera, a plain backdrop, and some props. There are many printable online boxes out available as a photobooth.

Being silly in a birthday photo booth is fun and can easily be created at home. Setting up the box out photo booth in front of a plain solid colored wall, with crazy props and then clicking the snaps. The use of a tripod or self-timer or turns to be a photographer can also be done. Party music along with it will add more fun to the party. Later, those photos can be printed and used as a memory of the day or can be sent to other friends and family living away to show your lockdown special celebration.

  • Gaming

Things required: Best board games and a healthy competitive spirit.

Many of you would have played the board games during the lockdown already but this time, its time show off your practiced skills and have the ultimate gaming day. It can be considered as the easiest as well as effective birthday plans. Let the birthday celebrity choose his or her favorite board game and maintain a leaderboard to see which family member would top in the game. Having snacks during the game is appreciated so keep a good stock of snacks. If one doesn’t have any board games there are other challenges also in option. Games like a card game, charades can even be great for the celebrations

  • A Black Tie Dinner

In a lockdown, you can’t go out to dine in any restaurant but can make the birthday a little fancy at home itself. Organizing a special evening where everyone comes to the theme-based party such as a black-tie dinner party to celebrate the kid’s birthday. Such dress code parties are fun. Cooking the best three-course meal with the birthday cake is the best way to celebrate the birthday. Also facetime the other family relatives and friends to celebrate it along with you. Everyone dressing up makes the day feel like an occasion.

  • Treasure Hunt

The kids will love it for sure. Hiding clues around the house and making them find is the best way to pass the time during the lockdown. One can be creative and use rhymes or facts to make things exciting. Finding these clues turns out to be a treasure hunt.

  • Customized Cards

Bring out all the creativeness inside you, its not just a party idea but also a way to make the kid feel special. Keep it classy by using the craft supplies with good cutting skills along with sticking skills. Writing the core heart feeling will be overwhelming for the kid and remind them how special they are for you. Adding photos to these cards will act as cherry to the cake.



Such fun party ideas help in celebrating the kid’s birthday in the lockdown. We hope it is special and awesome!