201 Unique and Beautiful Girl Names Starting with L


If you are expecting a baby girl and are in a search of girl names starting with L, here are 201 unique and beautiful baby girl names starting with L.

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Top 201 Girl Names Starting with L

LannaEnglishPrecious and valued person
LanoreEnglishOne who is bright and light
LarkenEnglishA bird Lark with extravagant singing that is a symbol for Love and Daybreak
LarkspurEnglishA spur shaped blossom flower of blue colour
LaryaEnglishShe who is crowned with Honor and Fame
LassieEnglishA Girl who is small, slender and petite
LateshaEnglishOne who is high spirits, happy and joyous
LaticiaEnglishJoyous, happy Girl
LatishaEnglishPerson filled with joy
LauaEnglishA laurel tree or a bay tree
LaudenEnglishEnglish cognate from the Latin town Laurentis
LaudinaEnglishFrom the Arthurian Legend, character Laudine, the lady of the Fountain
LauracyEnglishOne who lives by the laurel tree
LaurahEnglishLaurel Tree; Sweet Bay Tree Symbolic of Honor and Victory
LauraineEnglishName meaning Laurel tree. Has many variations
LauralEnglishLaural tree, sweet bay tree
LauraleeEnglishLaural tree, sweet bay tree
LauralinEnglishSymbol of honor and victory; Laurel tree
LauralynEnglishSweet bay tree, a symbol of honor
LauralynnEnglishLaurel tree, symbol of honor and victory
LauranaEnglishCrowned with laurels
LaurynnEnglishA laurel tree that is a symbol of glory and fame
LaveEnglishAn individual who has power, authority and control
LavenderEnglishA flower with purple leaves, a Color of the Lavender flower
LaveyEnglishBrought together, Joined, an Union of two people
LavinaEnglishA Woman of ancient Rome
LavondaEnglishVarious pieces of jew trees and shrubs
LavonneEnglishJew trees and shrubs
LawrenEnglishA shoreline indentation, a bay
LaylonEnglishNames Lacey (lace-like) and Dyllon (loyal) put together.
LeaannEnglishBeautiful woman
LeahEnglishA weary, tired person
LealandEnglishFrom the meadowland; Pasture ground.
LeannaEnglishFrom Gaelic name Helen meaning beautiful, light woman
LeanneEnglishCompound of words wood and grace
LeatriceEnglishCombination of Leah and Beatrice
LecelinaEnglishDiminutive of Lece meaning cheerful, joyous
LecieEnglishFrom French nobleman surname Lacey
LedoraEnglishVariation of the name Laurel, laurel tree
LeeanEnglishForm of Irish name Helen meaning beautiful
LeeannEnglishCombination of names Lee and Anne
LeelouEnglishDweller by the wood
LefchildEnglishComposed of the words dear and child
LeffedaEnglishWoman of dear beauty
LeffquenEnglishWoman of beauty and dear personality
LegacyEnglishHeritage, Legacy, What a person leaves behind
LegendEnglishA story of the past that is often fictitious
LegnaEnglishDerived from Angel – a messenger of God
LehannaEnglishCombination of names, means a gracious one who lives by the wood
LeigbEnglishA patch of land that is grassy, a meadow
LeighannEnglishCombinig name, The graceful one who dwells by the woods
LeighannaEnglishA gracious and poetic person
LeighdynEnglishA woman who lives by the field and is graceful
LeightonEnglishHe who came from the town near the meadow
LeisaEnglishA person who has pledged his life to the God
LeiselEnglishPerfection lies within the God
LeislEnglishA person who made an Oath to the God
LenaEnglishA short of Helen, meaning a torch, or Hindu for a Tender and devoted woman
LeninaEnglishLion-like woman
LenlieEnglishA clear lake or the clearing of lake
LenoraEnglishBright shining light
LeobaEnglishThe beloved one
LeoffleadEnglishBeloved one with great beauty
LeofgifeEnglishBeloved gift
LeofrunEnglishBeloved runes
LeomiEnglishCourageous woman
LesliEnglishA garden where the holly tree grows
LessieEnglishA sacred and spiritual garden
LeteEnglishA petite but strong and cheerful woman
LetselinaEnglishOne who brings out the happiness in people
LeuareEnglishFrom the name Lory, means the bay
LeuedEnglishFrom a Bohemian surname, means like a lion
LeuedaeiEnglishA day of reconciliation
LeuedaiEnglishA day when people will reconcile
LeueiuaEnglishA reconciliation day
LeuerunaEnglishRestoring harmony and piece
LeuiuaEnglishBritish name meaning beloved gift
LeuronaEnglishVariant of the name Leofrun meaning Beloved secret rune
LeurunEnglishBritish name meaning the loved rune
LeurunaEnglishLove for the secret rune
LevevaEnglishWoman loved for her beauty
LevynaEnglishthe meaning is Issh
LewenaEnglishBritish name meaning the friend we love
LexannEnglishEnglish version of name Alexandra, meaning the one who defends mankind
LexiEnglishShort version of Alexandra, nickname
LexieEnglishShort version of the name Alexandra which means defender of men
LexingtonEnglishTown of the new law
LexusEnglishShort from Alexus, the one who protects men
LeyannaEnglishCombination of names Ley and Anne
LeydiEnglishOne who has the abilities of a leader
LezahEnglishFrom the name of the Hazelnut tree
LianeEnglishA binding relationship between two people
LianneEnglishA bond of youth and beauty
LianourEnglishOne who brings light to the world
LiddellEnglishA place name from a region in England and is also a river name
LiddyEnglishA promise that a person has made to the God
LienEnglishOne who possesses the beauty and pureness of a Lotus flower
LienaEnglishA woman as beautiful as a Lotus flower
LiennaEnglishA beauty and grace of a Lotus flower
LigardaEnglishA conservative, creative and idealistic individual
LightningEnglishA bolt, a lighting in the sky
LightonEnglishA place name from a Yorkshire in North England, mostly used as a surname
LijuEnglishBeautiful and idealistic person
LilEnglishShort form of the name Lily, meaning purity and beauty
LilacEnglishName of a flowering pale-purple shrub
LileEnglishPerson from the island
LiliaEnglishVariation of the name Lily, flower name symbolizing purity
LiliannaEnglishCombination of names Lily and Anna
LilibetEnglishAlternate from Elizabeth, meaning God is my oath
LavedaLatinA wise and purified person
LavelleLatinA person of cleansed and purified soul
LaveniaLatinA Roman Woman, name that was popular in Ancient Rome
LaveraLatinA truthful individual
LavergneLatinA name that is given to those born in the spring
LavetaLatinCleansed and Clean woman
LavinaLatinA Woman of ancient Rome
LavinahLatinA Woman who lived in the city Rome
LaviniaLatinPlace name of the ancient City of Lavinium
LawrenLatinA shoreline indentation, a bay
LawrenciaLatinShe who is crowned with laurel
LeaundraLatinLion-like woman
LeceLatinCheerful person
LeciaLatinJoyful person
LefledaLatinA beautiful individual who is loved by others
LefquenLatinCherished and beloved person
LefquenaLatinBeautiful, powerful and beloved individual
LefqueneLatinDarling and beautiful person
LefquennLatinPleasing and dear woman
LefqwenLatinA woman of beauty, power and loved by all
LenetLatinMild, weak person
LenitaLatinDelicate, mellow, mild person
LennisLatinA mild or a silky girl
LeonaLatinBrave Lioness
LeoniaLatinLatin name for lioness
LeonineLatinA woman that is Lion-like, also a Shakespearean name
LeontinaLatinA woman who is brave and strong as a Lioness
LeontineLatinOne who is as strong as a Lioness
LeontiosLatinA fearless, powerful individual who is like a Lion
LeontyneLatinWoman who resembles a Lioness
LeorisLatinWoman whose bravery matches a Lion’s
LerushaLatinA wealthy, strong vigorous individual
LeticeLatinA joyous, happy and merry person
LetitiaLatinAn upbeat and joyous persona
LetizLatinFrom the name Letizia, means a happiness and joy
LetiziaLatinOne who brings happiness and joy to others
LettaLatinA feeling of great happiness and satisfaction
LetteLatinA feeling of great pleasure and joy
LettiLatinA cheerful, charming and delightful Girl
LetticeLatinA wonderful, delightful and joyful persona
LettieLatinA person full of joy and delight
LettyLatinOne who is glee and blissful
LeuildLatinA lily, symbol of innocence and purity
LeuildaLatinOne who is like lily, pure or innocent
LevanaLatinTo raise up; Roman mythological goddess
LevaneLatinTo rise
LevetaLatinThe one who is clean and cleansed
LianaLatinTo be bound by vines; A lady that glows; My God has answered
LiberaLatinTo live life in liberty and freedom
LiberataLatinA liberated, free-spirited person
LibertaLatinA felling of freedom and independence
LibertadLatinA Spanish word meaning Liberty
LibertyLatinFreedom, independence, liberation
LibraLatinA sign of zodiac, represents equality
LiciaLatinDelightfull person with a happy personality
LictinaLatinCobination of names, means Delightful and a Christian
LiiliLatinLiili means lily flower.
LilliaLatinLillia is Estonian form of Lily and means lily flower.
LiisLatinLiis is the short form of Elisabet and means my God is an oath.
LiisuLatinEstonian diminutive of Elisabet. It means my God is an oath.
LilaLatinShe who belongs to the people
LilainaLatinVariation of the name Lily, name of the flower
LilianLatinThe pure one, flower lily
LilianaLatinName of the flower lily, pure and innocent person
LilianneLatinFrom the name of the flower lily, pure and beautiful
LilienneLatinForm of the name Lily, a symbol of purity
LilikaLatinLatin name for flower lily
LilionLatinLatin name after the flower lily, meaning pure
LiliumLatinLatin word meaning lily
LilliLatinShort for Lilith, the meaning of the night
LilliaLatinFrom the name Lillian, meaning lily flower
LillianLatinFrom the name of the flower lily, a symbol for pure beauty
LillianaLatinVariation of the name Lily, name of the flower that symbolizes purity
LillianeLatinImmaculate, pure
LilliannLatinFrom the name of the flower lily, a symbol for beauty and purity
LilliasLatinAfter the flower lily; pure
LillyLatinLilly as a Lily flower, pure and beautiful one
LillyanaLatinLong version of the flower name lily
LilyLatinFlower lily
LilyanLatinFrom the name of the flower lily, a symbol of purity
LilyanaLatinVariation of the name Lily, the flower symbolizing beauty and purity
LilyannaLatinAn alternate form of Liliane, after flower lily
LilyanneLatinCombination of the names Lily and Anne
LilybellLatinBlend of names Lily and Elizabeth, meaning purity, innocence and God is bountiful
LilybelleLatinFrench form of names Lily and Elizabeth, meaning God of plenty and innocence
LimaLatinName of the Goddess of threshold
LionellaLatinLioness; Little lioness
LioneseLatinLittle young lioness
LirielLatinPerfect, perfection of a woman
LisabethLatinAbbreviation of Elizabeth, devoted to God
LisettaLatinA person who is Devoted to God
LissLatinOne who is of good luck
LitaLatinJoyful Girl
LivianLatinOne who is a symbol of peace. Name of a Shakespearean character
LivieLatinColor Blue
LivienneLatinA woman of envious personality
LivierLatinA jealous and envious woman
LolliaLatinDerived from latin Laurus, laurel tree

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