False Positive Pregnancy Test – Cause and How to Avoid it?


If you wish to get pregnant then the craving to take the pregnancy test is considered to be more powerful. Apart from waiting for their period to start there are women who will decide to test as soon as possible. If you test before your periods it will considered being a major cause of what most women call a false positive pregnancy test results. Mainly, the home pregnancy test usually work in order to check for the presence of the human chronic problems in the body also called as pregnancy hormone.

Causes of False Positive Pregnancy Test Results

Here are the following causes of the false positive pregnancy test describe the several situations where the positive test results turn into negative test results:

Chemical Pregnancy

As you know it is considered to have a positive pregnancy test even if you aren’t pregnant and this is generally known as false positive and it is basically caused by chemical pregnancy. However, a chemical pregnancy basically occurs if the fertilized egg that is called embryo is basically unable to implant or even grow and this can only happen due to wide range of reasons. Early pregnancy doesn’t really occur because of anything that any women has done or will be doing. It may be generally result in the issues that are created within the uterus such as scar tissues or fibroids. Chemical pregnancies are very common but some of the causes of chemical pregnancies are however unknown.

Positive Pregnancy Test

Ectopic pregnancy

There are times when a fertilized egg can initially implant itself outside of the main cavity of uterus and this is the main reason why an ectopic pregnancy is caused. It usually happens only if the fertilized egg gets stuck in the fallopian tube during the journey to the uterus and it generally happens when the tube has a scar tissue or if there is any kind of past urine infections. Therefore, Ectopic pregnancy is also called tubal pregnancy. It duly occurs in the abdominal cavity or in the ovary and cannot be continued to become a normal pregnancy then. If the proper treatment is not done then it can cause damage to the women and this cause extreme loss of the reproductive organs. So, if you come across this kind of pregnancy you should immediately consult a doctor.

Miscarriage or abortion

You can initially continue to test positive for pregnancy if you go through the miscarriage or abortion and this happens because during pregnancy the HCG levels rise as the placenta grow and gets double after every few days or around 10weeks. So, when the pregnancy ends then the HCG levels begin to reduce but slowly. Till the process is over the hormone is remained in your urine and the blood for up to 6 weeks and it causes loss of your pregnancy.


Evaporation Lines

At times evaporation line can be mistaken for a positive pregnancy test because some test shows two lines only when the HCG level is detected and one line when the HCG level is not detected. These lines are usually in bright colours such as red, pink or blue. When the faint coloured second line appears this represents an early pregnancy and is also considered to be an evaporation line if the line is colourless. Once your urine is evaporated completely these evaporation lines might show up as it is caused by the hormonal levels that initially doesn’t represents pregnancy. One of the best ways in order to avoid being confused by an evaporation line is that you should follow the test timing and the direction accordingly.


if you wish to get pregnant under a doctor’s care then you may start taking fertility medications. You can make use of HCG shots as these helps in follicles release for the mature eggs. It might initially cause a false positive reading while doing the pregnancy test and it can be possible only when the test is taken too early. There are other medications as well that can initially cause false positive pregnancy test.

How one can avoid a false positive pregnancy test?

If you really wish to avoid the false pregnancy test than you need to at least wait for a week after your period is missed in order to take the pregnancy test this is because the HCG hormone levels will be higher this time and it will be easier to detect. However, detecting a chemical pregnancy can lead to miscarriages as well. There are two kinds of test that many of the pregnancy tests involve. If by change the result is positive you can at least wait for couple of days and then use the second test. After the test is done you can initially consult a doctor for the blood test and get the confirmation about the same. As you’ve initially seen plenty of reasons for the occurrence of the false positive pregnancy test result it is basically due to the defective test that is taken place and is actually very rare because there are initially numerous factors from the HCG fertility shots caused because of the improper testing timing and schedule and it eventually affects the results of the test.

 However, there is no proper remedy in order to avoid a false positive test results other than just waiting for the two weeks according to the rule in order to test according to the instructions. Though there are majority of the experts and professionals that duly recommend in order taking second pregnancy test as that of the preliminary confirmation for the positive result at the same time. You need to consult a doctor immediately if the second test turns out to be positive as well.

Rather than blaming the quality of the pregnancy test in order to give the wrong result that says false positive test result you can initially find some other better options because this is duly caused to a faulty home pregnancy test and it is also considered to be very rare at the same time. There are indeed many causes of the false positive test results that is initially connected to the early pregnancy loss and not reading or using the same pregnancy test correctly can also cause fake results.

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