15 Most Embarrassing Pregnancy Symptoms


Pregnancy will definitely change your life. There will many unexpected bumps. Some will be painful. Some will be memorable. Today, we are here to provide you a list of embarrassing symptoms that you can face, during pregnancy.

Starting from feeling a bit gassy to peeing in your pants, everything can happen whilst you are pregnant. You can have unnatural craving for food and then there will be phases when you won’t be hungry at all. You can have tremendous mood swings out of nowhere. You can also feel bloated and fat all of a sudden. Unnatural exhaustion can also hinder your activities. Over and above you will behave quite unpredictably during your pregnancy and for quite some time after that also.

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Top 15 Embarrassing Pregnancy Symptoms


You are ought to feel gassy when you are pregnant. It might be quite embarrassing whilst you are out there in the public. Your digestion will be slow. Your intestine will relax at all the wrong moments. That might create additional pressure. The iron supplements you will take, will definitely add to the misery.

Gas and Burping

Constipation will lead to many acute problems for you. Feeling gassy is definitely one of them. There are plenty of places where the gas might get trapped. And it might leak out at a wrong time.

Similarly you will also feel like burping more. This will be awkward considering your normal social behavior. There is nothing to be embarrassed of. It is very common and it will eventually get cured. Try and not forcefully restrict the tendency.


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Excessive Sweating

The hormonal change in your body will trigger more flow of blood through your veins. This will lead to excessive sweating. This can be quite embarrassing especially when you are in a public place. More sweat will also necessarily mean that you will have body odor. That stinks, doesn’t it? Well, so in that case you need to keep quick baths and keep yourself dry as much as possible.

Increase in Vaginal Discharge

All the hormonal flow and the blood pressure rise there will a lot of pressure on your uterus. The entire abdominal area will be severely challenged. In such cases increase in vaginal discharge is very common. This can be very embarrassing as you might have to change your inners more often than you actually want to.

Mood Swings

Hormonal changes will make way for sudden mood swings. You might get all of a sudden, without any prior indication. All the gush of blood and hormones lead to such situation. Your temper will be out of your control. Your partner can face the wrath of it sometimes. But you are ought to feel sorry and ashamed, later on. Worry not; as this will also get normalized once you give birth to your child.Pregnancy Symptoms

Sudden Cravings

You might wake up in the middle of the night and suddenly feel like having a slice of cheese sandwich. Your baby will get hungry any time he/she feels like. Sudden cravings for food can happen during daytime also. You might feel like wolfing down an entire steak, during your office lunch break. It is quite embarrassing to expose your desire to munch in front of your co-workers. That is the reason why it is always safe to carry some foods wherever you go. Keep some food handy by your bedside, whilst you hit the sack at night.

Strange Dreams

You might have lusty dreams or scary nightmares while you are pregnant. This all happens due to the increased blood flow and the secretion of the hormone called estrogen. That will make you have all these weird dreams. Sometimes when you are taking a daytime nap, then also these dreams might creep up and wake you up.


Leaky Nipples

Perhaps one of the most embarrassing symptoms is having leaky nipples. Before even you have given birth to your baby your nipples stay prepared. That is why, often they start leaking out making it embarrassing for you, in public. The soaking pads, placed on your nipples, will help you in such situations. If you are leaking heavily, do take care to change the pads regularly. There is nothing to worry about leaky breasts, during pregnancy.

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Feeling Bloated

With lots of fluid and gas always inside you, you are ought to feel bloated all the time. This might restrict your movement and make you uncomfortable. It will take time for you to get used to this bloated feeling. For that reason the adjustment period is quite embarrassing. You will feel heavy and fat and you need to accept it for a while.

Popped-Up belly Button

As your belly gets larger your belly button also pops up. It will show from outside and can cause certain bit of embarrassment. However, you can hide it of course by wearing loosely fit dresses. This will help you to feel comfortable and also to hide your popped up belly button.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are very common amongst women who are pregnant. The undesirable silvery lines will appear as the skin of your belly gets stretched by an enormous extent. Stretch marks have always been old enemies to pregnant women. However, there are cures which can be taken in order to avoid such circumstances.

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The rush of hormones will certainly take you back to your teens. But not in a good way! The acnes will reappear and hence you are not used to it, now, it can prove to be quite embarrassing for sure.

Itchy Nipples

Due to the extreme pressure on your veins your nipples are tend to get itchy and sore, during your pregnancy. It is very difficult to control the temptation at the public places. So, it is something indeed very embarrassing. However, with the birth of your child, this itchiness fades away.

Leaky Bladder

The habit of bed wetting might become your worst nightmare during pregnancy. Many women face the double wrath of nightmares and waking up in a wet bed. A combination of lusty dream and bed wet is nothing better. Being unable to take the pressure of the fluid inside your body, your bladder fails to hold onto your urine like before.

Darkening Stripe between belly button and pelvis

These stripes are also known as Linea Nigra which is Latin for black lines this symptom is also common for pregnant ladies. The stripes appear due to the change in the pigmentation of the skin.  The stripes can disappear with the help of proper moisturizing. When exposed, it can be quite embarrassing.

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Apart from the above mentioned ones there are also some other symptoms like hemorrhoids and unusual hair growth which might leave you embarrassed during your pregnant months. But do remember, that you are enduring all the pains and shame in order to bring someone beautiful in this world. So, you should not feel depressed about all these.