Childhood Obesity: Symptoms, Causes, Natural Treatment


Obese children are growing at an alarming rate not just in the United States, but in all parts of the world. Overweight and obese kids are at greater risk of contracting health conditions like asthma, diabetes and heart disease. The behavior of obese children is severely influenced by their condition. They are teased and often tormented by their peers and set aside from sports and other activities, resulting in a low self-esteem and negative body image, among other things. However, with the right encouragement, help and advice, parents can help their obese children eat a healthy diet and be physically active so that they can reduce their weight naturally.

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Symptoms of Obesity in Kids

There are several causes of childhood obesity, such as:

1. Sleep apnea, a disorder which is identified by irregular breathing which stops periodically while one sleeps

2. Coronary artery (heart) disease

3. High blood pressure and cholesterol, stroke, depressionand diabetes


4. Difficulty in coping with sudden physical activity

5. Joint problems such as pain or arthritis

6. Gallbladder or liver disease

Other symptoms are:

1. Extreme physical exhaustion

2. Low self-esteem and under-confidence


3. Shying away from social events, particularly sports activities

4. Over eating or eating in hiding

5. Early puberty


Childhood obesity and its influence impacts an obese child’s life in different ways, such as:

Medical conditions

Prader-Willi and similar genetic syndromes, and hypothyroidism and similar hormonal conditions are some medical conditions that lead to obesity.

Behavioral factors

When children eat larger portions, calorie-rich food, junk food and are couch potatoes for long periods, with little or no time for sports and physical activities.


Environmental factors

Few opportunities for sports and physical activities, no parks or playgrounds in residential areas and easily accessible high-calorie junk food outlets.

Genetic factors

A child’s risk for obesity increases when one of his parents is obese. However,, it doesn’t presuppose that a child will definitely be overweight. A child can take steps to lower his risk.


Anti-depressants, steroids and other medications

Natural Treatments

The most effective way for treating yourself is to control on your diet, exercise routines and stress management techniques are the most important factor which can be beneficial to get rid from obesity. Here are some leading ways of treating obesity naturally:

1. Yoga

Yoga can help obese kids treat not just the mind but the body too with its gentle postures, meditation techniques and breathing exercises. All together, they can treat obesity and without any side-effects!! Children doing yoga also have a very positive frame of mind.

treat childhood obesity


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2. Add honey to your child’s diet

Consuming a glass of warm water and honey every day helps to burn fat and reduce calories.

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3. Give your child liquids to keep hydrated

By drinking a variety of liquids like water, coconut water, buttermilk and fresh fruit juices can cut down your child’s appetite, particularly for junk food, and cause weight loss faster. Do not keep aerated drinks and artificially sweetened drinks so that your child drinks only healthy drinks.

4. Keep your child engaged in activity rather than exercise

Keep your child engaged in vigorous activity for at least 40-60 minutes a day. You needn’t get your child into a structured exercise regimen as this will bore him very soon. Games that he’ll love to play with his friends are great ideas to burn calories and be fit.

5. Give your child healthy snacks

Seeds are very dense nutritionally, rather than most foods. So, give your child a mix of pistachios, macadamia and pine nuts and almonds. Not only do they break down slowly, helping your kid not to reach out for food for some time, but they also surround their cells with healthy fat.


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6. Fruits and vegetables

A child can easily consume seven fruits or veggies a day by having it in the form of a smoothie. Healthy smoothies are a great way of consuming veggies and fruits, some of which your child may not like.

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7. Avoid processed foods

Don’t allow your child to reach out for processed foods like cookies, crackers and ready to eat foods. Instead, let him snack on veggies, sprouts, fruits and raw foods.

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Though childhood obesity is now becoming an epidemic worldwide, yet alarming as it is, parents need to take steps to fight this problem and bring their children’s weight down. By giving them nutritious food, good portion sizes, more physical activity and leading a stress-free life, children can shake off their obesity and lead a fit life.

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