My Baby Cries All the Time: Could He or She Have Colic?


Women go through a lot of change in their whole lifespan. And one of the most vital change is being a mother. It’s totally a new and different set of life or we may say a new life and that too welcoming a new generation itself. So, it’s totally a new life with a new set of mind. In this period many women go through a lot of complications, mood swings and different physical appearance. The first time everything is full of curiosity, tension, happiness, worry and so on. Some are very good and soft in handling this type of situation whereas some take a lot of stress while going through this phase. Women should cherish every moment of being pregnant it’s an emotion itself. The whole lifestyle feels to change and that too in the very first time it brings pleasure and joy to one’s life and family.

See, every baby cries and if a baby doesn’t cry that can be a thing to worry about. The only means they have to communicate is crying but the most challenging part is making him or her stop crying which sometimes irritates and frustrates parents. Children are the blessing from God and one can never give one’s child thinking of all these small circumstances. Parents have a single concept or understanding that a baby cries either when he is hungry or is wet. But there can be other reasons too which we will come to know.

Colic in Babies: Symptoms and Causes

Colic in Babies: Symptoms and Causes

What is colic?

Colic refers to uncontrollable crying in a healthy baby. Now the most surprising part in here is that it doesn’t get along with a reason the baby starts crying suddenly and has no apparent cure. Colic is not at all a disease or something which could be diagnosed; it’s a certain behavior which is sometimes out of control. Maximum of the people take this thing really very superstitiously and they prefer this that as a baby is crying that must be because of some paranormal thing going around. Nothing like this it’s a part of a baby’s behavior and this will be okay with time. Just one has to have the patience to deal with this and giving the baby space and time. It’s tough to calm a colicky baby which will raise the level of frustration, worry and exhaustion in you. If it goes more than what you are thinking it can be than its better to consult your doctor regarding this.

What are the symptoms?

Now guessing something like colic without even knowing is making fool out of oneself. So let’s get to know the symptoms and signs of colic in a baby.

  • When crying occurs at the very same time every day. Whether it is morning, afternoon or night.
  • Mostly baby cries for a reason when they are either hungry or they have a wet diaper. A colic baby cry for no reason.
  • Baby may behave little roughly that is moving his leg and arms a lot.
  • He or she may cry in a continuous and monotonous way without a break.

Difference between ordinary crying and colic

Colic doesn’t include a proper definition but it is definitely different from that of an ordinary crying. Doctors came up with the fact that normal crying and colic is totally different from one another as in colic the baby not only cries in a monotonous way but also do screams a lot and they are too loud and unstoppable.


The baby having colic cries for around 3 hours in a row. It happens in a daily basis whereas a baby who doesn’t have a colic cries for a reason. Either when they are hungry or thirsty or they have left a dirty diaper.

Causes of colic

Well, the real cause of colic is still unknown and there are people who believe that this happens because of some superstitious thing and they make this look like a paranormal activity. But actually isn’t a reason, this is common maybe it’s little annoying at times but cures by time.

The common causes which can occur are as follows:

Immature digestive system

This cause often is a major cause for a baby having colic. Because immature digestive systems take a lot of time to help a baby break down his food and this leads to a gastric problem in a baby which leads to a lot of pain.

Infant acid reflux

It has been found that infant GERD which is gastroesophageal reflux disease can be a colic trigger. And this brings a lot of pain to a child’s internal which is unbearable.


Some kids can be allergic to certain food and diet which the mother takes and feed their baby through breastmilk. Colic can happen because of that too.


Having Tobacco

There are women who have an addiction to smoking so those who smoke during pregnancy or after pregnancy their kids may have this colic problem.

Parents who have babies which this colic issue must stay calm because this is the only option they have for themselves. Just have patience because this will generally cure after 5th month. The baby will be used to the environment and once he or she is used to it everything will be normal again.

Hope this article was of help to all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!