15 Children Medicines You Should Always Have at Home


Childhood is full of adventures, learning’s and lots of fun. New experiences are a part of this exciting journey and along with the zeal of new discoveries bring with it the threat of minor injuries. Parents are always attentive towards children and regular check-ups are always advisable yet at times some minor bruising and scrapes can be treated at home to either provide the necessary first aid or to prevent further infection. Few medicines and a structured first aid kit is always advisable to be kept handy. One must note that not all commonly suggested medicines can be given to all kids; the risk of any kind of allergic reaction looms high on the horizon while administering new medicine to children. Prior consultation is a necessary prevention method to avoid any harm to the children. Some medicines that you should keep at home are;

Children Medicines: 15 Medicines to Keep at Home

Must have childrens medicines at home

Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is an essential steriliser important to keep at home. It is used to clean thermometers or applied on the infected area prior the application of any cream. It not only kills germs but also removes any dirt particles that may have entered the wound.

Antibacterial ointment

Anti-bacterial ointments like betadine and soframycin are a must have for every household. Both these ointments have near to none allergic reactions and are effective healing agents. They are applied on minor cuts to stop bleeding and trigger the healing process.

Saline drops

An adult’s body can easily withstand the rapidly changing weather conditions but for a child with a budding immunity system it becomes a challenge to safeguard itself from infection and fever. The result of which comes in the form of stuffy nose and common cold. To loosen the hold of mucus saline drops are of good assistance and helps the child breathe properly.

Electrolyte solution

Vomiting or too much exposure to the sun may lead to dehydration in the body. The bet cure to it is an electrolyte solution. It is a direct source of glucose to the body. The most commonly available is dioralyte natural electrolyte sachets available in a pack of six. It can also be taken after an intense workout or playing session by the kids to rejuvenate the body.


Paracetamol infant suspension

For common cold and fever specially made infant or children paracetamol should be given to children on a full stomach. This medicine is chemically mild in nature keeping in mind the body mass and growing structure of the kids.


Ibuprofen is administered to young kids when they suffer from body pain. It can be due to a fall while playing, an increase in physical exercise or mild fever. It is a safe remedy to cure aches especially muscular pain. The normal dosage prescribed for adults is way higher to what can be given to children therefore before the first administration; parents must visit a doctor and keep records of the dosage he prescribes.


Alka-seltzer is relieving medicine given to children suffering from upset stomach or diarrhoea. Such an experience is often uncomfortable for kids. Diarrhoea is often followed by severe vomiting, stomach cramps, and acidity. It not only subdues the child’s hunger but also dehydrates the body making the child feel weak and irritant. Upset stomach may happen due to infected food consumption or due to an unhygienic lifestyle. Therefore it becomes essential for parents to keep a dose of alka-seltzer handy at home.

Topical calamine lotion

Topical calamine lotion is a cream applied in case of insect or mosquito bites. Insect bites often leave behind them a sharp stinging sensation that causes itching and leads to painful sensation for the kids. Insect bites can be easily treated at home but an essential step for the treatment of any bit is the compulsory removal of the sting. Sting of left unchecked in the body may lead to pus and further infections.

Benadryl – children

Benadryl children, an oral anti allergic solution that provides relief from the allergic symptoms may be caused due to dust, smoke or pollen. Common allergy symptoms are incessant coughing, red and teary eyes along with runny nose. This solution provides respite from uncomfortable symptoms for a day. It does have a strong sleep inducing nature rather it is designed keeping in mind the lively nature of kids.

Vitamin b complex

Vitamin b complex is a must have for all parents and first aid kits. These tablets can be taken alternatively by children. They not only provide the kids the necessary vitamin supplements but also prevent mouth sores and constipation. Becosoule and nutrolin b are good sources of vitamin b with minimal side effects.


Benyline r cough relief

Benyline cough syrup is a good option among the wide range of selection for kids. Cough syrups not only provide temporary respite from the throat rattling cough, but also cure the cause of such throat infection from the very root. Cough syrups at times cause drowsiness in kids.

White tape- swabs-dettol

These are some of the most common essentials of any household. A first aid kit that lacks even one of the following items is incomplete. Doctors often suggest against the use of cotton due to its sticky nature therefore swabs with dettol is the best cleansing agent for any wound.


Bimuno is a medicine generally prescribed for a constipated stomach. Constipation is a tricky problem for all age groups. For a healthy digestive system bimuno is prescribed by doctors. Constipation leads to stomach cramps and severe aches in the body.

Eye drops

While playing at times foreign particles enter the eyes that cause itching and tears. Tears natural and systane are common lubricants for the eyes that not only remove the objects but also prevent the problem of dryness in the eyes.

Lancane – anti rash

An anti-diaper rash powder is a must for all kids. Wet diapers or lack of aeration may lead to rashes and irritation in children. It leads to a fussy and wailing baby. Not only diaper rash but allergic rash is also a common ailment for young children.

Thus we see the important medicines that are a must have for all parents.

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