11 Must Have Monsoon Fruits to Boost Immunity of Kids


Jambul, bananas, litchi, guavas, berries, pomegranates, plums, apples, cherries, pears and peaches are some of the monsoon fruits to boost immunity of kids.

As the monsoon season comes during the year, there are certain parents who are concerned with their kids eating healthy foods in order to avoid illnesses. To take advantage of the situation, why not offer them the healthiest fruits which are produced during the monsoon periods and enhance their immune system?

As we want to take advantage of the monsoon periods, the thought at the back of our minds would be fixated on our children catching flu and other infections constantly and grows steadily since we are worried for our kids. The bodies of children develop and continue to enhance the immunity systems therefore prone to catch illnesses during this wet weather. Moreover, the moist weather leads to many infections which have been linked commonly with the monsoon season such as stomach aches, throat infections along with flu and cold.

According to Dr Anju Sood, nutritionist, said that immunity levels decrease as the microorganisms have adequate moisture to expand thus leading people especially kids to be vulnerable to diseases and illnesses. Therefore, children who like to stay and play outdoors are more prone to be infected with diseases and have health issues.

In order to keep kids healthy, you would need really powerful antioxidants which are enriched in Vitamin C (this is essential). It is important to note that hydration is essential at all times, consuming raw leafy vegetables as well as seeds and nuts are some measures which can be taken to prevent such diseases to take place.

A Macrobiotic Nutritionist and Health Practitioner – Shilpa Arora believes in the fact that parents should practice additional care towards their children during this moist season.


Shilpa recommends drinking a dash of turmeric mixed in lukewarm water every morning, especially in the monsoon period in order to build a much powerful immunity. Moreover, parents must ensure their kids to be away from fast food and processed items along with the enemy of all enemies- white sugar. Be away from white sugar as it affects the overall health and immunity levels of your children in levels you can never imagine. Research proves that even including just a single teaspoon of extra virgin coconut oil everyday can even boost your immunity levels.

Therefore, it is best to strengthen and nourish the body especially that of your kids with foods which are immunity boosting and what better suggestion is there other than the healthiest fruits to consume during the monsoon period? Moreover, we present to you the top 11 healthiest fruits of the monsoon season which you can offer to your children’s diets:

11 Healthiest Fruits for Kids During the Monsoon Season

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Jambul or Jamun

Jambul or Jamun are known to be fruits which deliver purple tongues and lips after it’s being eaten. In addition, it is filled with iron, potassium, folate, vitamins and low in calories as well. It is known that children will find a comfortable sign of relief from the cold and cough as they eat this fruit and even from many dental problems. Moreover, the digestive system will also enhance by eating this fruit and develop a strong immune system to withstand diseases.


Being enriched with vitamins and minerals, bananas are great sources of energy where when fed to the children, it aids in their overall bowel movements and digestive processes. But, do keep a check on whether they do not exceed the limit on eating bananas as this could also lead to colds. Furthermore, you can even turn bananas into delicious treats such as banana fritters, banana milkshakes or just offer it as a plain fruit.


Litchi is best eaten during the monsoon periods since the body needs to have stronger immune systems and of course, higher resistance power against illnesses. In addition, this healthy fruit delivers the best out of the best since it is filled with Vitamin C which aids in the overall development immune system. Moreover, it is filled with antioxidants, therefore, aids asthmatic kids to breathe much better. On a general note, children can breathe better thanks to litchi’s nature being antioxidant enriched.



This healthy fruit gives kids strong vision power since they are enriched with very high contents of Vitamin A. Even so, they are also filled with Vitamin C where this prevents children from getting scurvy and even adds to their bodies, a strong resistance against the congestion and colds.

Having said this, guavas are also filled with antioxidants such as Vitamins A, C and E. In addition, the pink variants found in this healthy fruit have lycopene which is a property that is cancer-fighting. What’s more great about guavas is the presence of folate, Vitamins B3, 6 and K, riboflavin, pantothenic acid where it all promotes brain development. Guavas can be consumed as a raw fruit, puree or juice.


Berries are essential in developing the brain function as it reduces any chances of oxidative damage which directly impacts the brain cells and also ensures levels of high memory. Moreover, as kids like to indulge themselves in a lot of physical activities, berries aid in pumping up strong muscles, enhance flexibility levels and decrease muscle damage.

Apart from this, kids also learn how to remember things a lot better and are less pressurized both physically and mentally thus learn to be more intrigued and motivated by life’s everyday challenges. Parents can include this healthy fruit into their kids’ diets in many tasty forms such as pies, muffins or even include them as a side dish with vanilla ice creams.


Pomegranates which are filled with multiple nutrients give incredible immunity strength during the monsoon periods. The antioxidants available inside pomegranates enable children to be free from diseases and illnesses such as heart diseases, high levels of blood pressure and cancer.

Due to its B-vitamin folate content, it supports red blood cells to expand and help in circulating the blood. Therefore, you can offer your kids pomegranate seeds into a bowl of yoghurt or salad or maybe even offer pomegranate juice, whichever works best for you. Or you can even let them consume the fruit in a plain manner.



You can enforce a plum-eating habit to your child since it enhances his/her immunity levels and shields him from chances of getting infections which occurs during the monsoon season.


Apple which is being eaten during the monsoon rains aid kids from being disease-free. Moreover, this fruit is fully enriched with Vitamins A, B1, B2 and C and other minerals such as iodine, phosphorus, iron and calcium which helps in the overall development of a child. Minerals and vitamins help blood, organs, muscles, bones and skin development in children.


Just as plums, cherries help in protecting children from the infections which occur in monsoon periods. The overabundance available in antioxidants helps to relax and soothe the brain as well.


Pears offer dietary aid which kids need the most thus can lead to withstanding and fighting illnesses and infections during the monsoon periods. Pears are delicious and packed with essential nutrients thus increase the levels of immunity.


One of the healthiest fruits to consume in the monsoon periods are peaches. Peaches contain high fibre and are filled with low calories thus help in losing weight. This is an advantage for kids who are obese. Moreover, peaches are filled with Vitamin C which aids in strengthening immunity levels.



Therefore, as you can see, eating such healthy fruits can enable your kids to obtain the right immunity levels along with physical and mental growth development which no other food types can. Always try to make it a point to give your child the habit of eating healthy fruits and eliminate the desires to consume junk food especially during the monsoon periods.

Hope this article was of help for all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!