7 Amazing Ways To Predict Your Child’s Gender


Chinese gender prediction tool, the wedding ring test, morning sickness, baking soda gender test, food aversions and cravings, physical appearance, observing the belly are some of the ways to predict your child’s gender.

Getting a positive report of pregnancy stirs a myriad of emotions within the couple awaiting a little bundle of joy. Their minds are flooded with numerous questions, topmost of them being the baby would be a boy or a girl. The parents-to-be are always curious to know the gender of their unborn baby. Practically, the only perfect way of knowing the gender is to wait until birth of the child. Before that, the ultrasound scans can also give pretty accurate predictions of the baby’s gender. It is always fun playing around and guessing it using the ancient tips and tricks. Different cultures and different people around the world have developed methods to determine the sex of a child before birth. Here is a compilation of seven best ancient methods to predict a child’s gender during pregnancy.

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7 Awesome and Fun Ways to Predict Your Child’s Gender

Predict Your Child’s Gender

Chinese Gender Prediction Tool

The Chinese gender predictor software is easy to use and has an accuracy of about 90% in predicting the child’s gender. This tool is based on two factors: the mother’s date of birth and the approximate date of contraception of the baby. It makes the necessary calculations and displays the result as a boy or a girl. Though there is no scientific explanation for the results but this 700 year old method works wonders for many expectant couples.

The Wedding Ring Test

This grandma’s method to determine the gender of the baby uses the wedding ring of the expectant mother attached with a string. The ring is held dangling onto the pregnant belly of the mom-to-be and its motion is observed. If the ring swings back and forth like a pendulum, it could be a baby boy and if it moves in a strong circular motion, then it is a girl.


Morning Sickness

Monitoring the morning sickness can help in predicting the gender of the little one. If the mother is extremely ill during the initial phase of pregnancy then it is more likely for her to be carrying a baby girl. Apparently, morning sickness is meant to be worse while expecting a girl because of the extra girl hormones to which the body of the expectant mother tends to adjust.

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Baking Soda Gender Test

This gender prediction test is just as easy as creating vinegar-baking soda volcano. This test requires the mixture of two or three tablespoons of baking soda and urine of the pregnant woman. If the mixture fizzes up, then it is a boy and if it doesn’t show any reaction then it is a girl. The science behind the test is if a mom carries a boy, her urine is more alkaline and if she has a girl the urine is more acidic. However sometimes certain food supplements in the diet can alter the pH of the body, which explains why some women get correct results while others don’t.

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Food aversions and cravings

Some women crave for a particular food during pregnancy whereas others develop a strong dislike towards it. According to a Polish study, the women who developed food aversions or felt nauseated after meals were more likely to deliver baby boys. This is because the mother’s body protects the growing male embryo which is more vulnerable than a female one. The old wives tale also suggests that a pregnant lady who craves for sweet and sugary stuffs is more likely to deliver a little princess and snacking on spicy and salty foods indicate a baby boy is on the way.

Physical Appearance

The ancient wisdom says a baby girl growing in the womb takes some share of her mother’s beauty, thus the to-be-mother carrying a girl appears dull and pale with a lot of acne and her hair looks lifeless. The scientific reason for this could be the extra hormones of carrying a girl resulting in acne and skin breakouts. On the other hand, if the skin of the pregnant lady appears stunning with healthy nails and hair, then it is probably the sign of having a baby boy. Not only the face but also breasts can determine the gender of an upcoming baby. It might sound bizarre but during pregnancy if the breasts of the mother appear firmer and bigger than their normal size, it is believed to be a girl on the cards and if the breasts do not undergo any striking changes then it indicates a boy.


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Observing the belly

According to an old saying, the shape and size of the belly can provide a hint about the gender of the baby. A pregnant belly protruding out and looking slightly elongated rather than round suggests the arrival of a baby boy whereas a huge, round and firm belly that remains horizontal to the feet implies a baby girl. There is a belief associated with the fetal kicks as well.  It is believed if the baby kicks higher up in the ribs then it is a girl while kicks felt on the lower abdomen indicate that it’s a boy.

While none of these gender prediction tests are foolproof, it is definitely a good way to keep the burning curiosity alive regarding the accuracy of these tests until the final result! Moreover, a baby is a blessing regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl. No matter what the gender, the baby should be fit and healthy and that is what every expectant couple should wish for.

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