Can You Get Pregnant From Pre-cum?


So, are you wondering if you can get pregnant from pre-cum? This is a question many women ponder upon. Read on for more details on this subject, so that you can protect yourself from having an unplanned pregnancy.

Can You Get Pregnant From Pre-cum?

Well, you might have thought that precum does not have the power to get a woman pregnant. As long as the ejaculation does not take place, the chances of pregnancy are zero. However, you can consider as a myth. Precum has the potential to get a person pregnant, but only under certain circumstances. Therefore, it is advisable to get the protection during intercourse. Even if a man does not fully ejaculate inside the woman, it can cause her to get pregnant. Pulling out may diminish the chances of getting pregnant. However, the woman is always at the risk of getting pregnant from precum. Therefore, if you are interested in knowing if the woman can get pregnant from precum, the answer is ‘yes’.

What is precum?

Precum is the fluid that comes out before the orgasm is fully aroused. This is also known as pre-ejaculate. It can be defined as a bodily fluid, that seeps out during intercourse from the penis. It is not as dense as normal sperm and not that potent too. However, it can cause a woman to get pregnant. Most of the time, people do not even notice it coming out. However, it is a natural bodily function.

Most importantly, people do not have control over precum most of the time. Earlier, it was considered that precum was a part of sperm, which was later proven wrong. Further, medical investigation revealed that this fluid had no sperm or dead sperm in them. However, it is possible for limited amounts of sperm to come out of the reproductive system and blend with the precum fluid. In case this gets into the body of the woman, it can get her pregnant.



In most of the cases, the sperm does not travel by itself and mix with the precum. The opening for both the fluids is the same. Therefore, a man can have leftover sperm in the channel, which gets picked up by precum. Therefore, it is necessary to get it cleaned whenever ejaculation takes place. However, if the sperm resides deep inside the channel, it will get picked up by the precum fluid.


Why is precum released, after all?

Two explanations are generally put forward while assessing the reasons for precum. Firstly, researchers have revealed that it reduces the friction in the vagina during intercourse. Others state that it reduces the level of acidity inside the vagina. The sperms get killed when they come in contact with this acid. As a result, the longevity of the sperm is increased when it travels inside the body of the woman. It promotes fertilization and increases the chances of pregnancy.

Researchers have found through sampling, sperm was present in the precum of 41% of the 27 men who were researched upon. This is considerably low, however, it does not completely eliminate the chances of pregnancy. It may simply lower the possibilities to a certain extent, so, it is wise to get a protection.

 In case you are trying the pull-out method, you need to ensure that the vagina does not get in direct contact with precum. It is a common belief that a person will not get pregnant as long as the fluid remains outside the body. However, precum has the ability to travel inside the vagina with a single trickle of cum and get the woman pregnant. Therefore, it is advisable not to ejaculate outside the vagina, or even close to it. A single drop of ejaculate has enough number of sperms to get the woman pregnant. You must be using a condom to ensure not fluid comes out during intercourse. This will keep off unwanted pregnancies.

Can you get STDs through precum?

Well, people believe that precum is not capable of transferring sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) to another person. However, this concept has been proved to be wrong. Small amounts of risks are always associated with precum. Therefore, unprotected sex is always capable of transferring diseases to you.

It is for this reason that doctors recommend using condoms when you are having sex, or even trying to pull-out. It keeps away the chances of getting pregnant or transmitting STDs. The fact is, one does not have control over precum. Therefore, it is advisable not to take the risk.