11 Best Thanksgiving Prayers


Normally all of us look forward to Thanksgiving Day as it would mean 4 days of prolonged holiday. What would mean if we emphasized thanksgiving every day of the year, a personification of gratitude? What would be the situation if the thanksgiving prayer thanked God for each precious moment provided by him during the last year.

Thanksgiving is that time of a year where your near and dear ones take stock of the blessings during the course of the year. For most of us it brings an experience of hope and joy during the Thanksgiving vacation as we reflect on what is important for us during the year. What would be the situation if we spend some time in prayers or thanks? If your heart is filled with gratitude there is no scope of complaint as well.

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Best Thanksgiving Prayers

Prayer is an occasion which ignites our mind and bodies. It can be graced for a special occasion, but families bow down their heads on Thanksgiving Day to the Lord. This is before the course of a meal. Normally the host may ask a guest to do the honours. Let us analyse now some of the 11 best thanksgiving prayers.

1} Prayer 1- Thanksgiving prayer on a daily basis

In this prayer you thank God for the amazing power which HE provides to our life. Forgiveness is requested from God if we are not able to thank them enough. Help is sought from God to set our heart and eyes on HIM in a refreshed manner

2} Prayer 2- Thanksgiving prayer for a thankful heart

In this prayer a request is made to The Almighty to give thanks for experiences in our life. The enemy should be defeated through the power of praise. Your outlook along with attitude should be in line with the modern circumstances. Think of a difficult circumstance in your life and thank The Lord for it.


thanksgiving prayers

3} Prayer 3- A short prayer illustrating thanks

The Lord is known to let me down at certain junctures and it possible I might find it difficult to be thankful. Let me open my eyes to figure out the gifts YOU have provided me in my life. My thanks are always reserved for allowing me to come on this Earth and live and die together.

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4} Prayer 4- A prayer that is going to teach kids art of thankfulness

The sacrifice along with message of Lord Jesus is the essence of my life. The gracious gift HE has bestowed on me provides me with an opportunity of thankful living that works on my children. At a certain point of time they are going to develop a relation with Jesus.

5} Prayer 5- Thanks giving for a prayer day

In this prayer, we thank The Almighty for the food and think about all the hungry people. We do think about our good health and also have an eye on the sick people. All these circumstances should force us on servicing the needy.

6} Prayer 6- Thanksgiving prayer of gratitude

Here you thank God for the numerous times HE has said ‘no’ as you have gone on to become more dependent on HIM. If you have an unanswered prayer, you still thank HIM that he is the best for you, even if your view points are not on the same track.


7} Prayer 7- song of thanksgiving

Here you thank each and every hand you hold, who assembles round the table. From near and far when we proceed home and are grateful to the wonderful homes we possess. Let the light filter in through the window illustrating a welcome to this feast. All our family members need to be part of this gift of love and kindness.

8} Prayer 8- Illustration of thanksgiving blessing

You thank Jesus for making an entry into our life. Even when we were not aware, rescue was needed. Thanking HIM for all the losses we have suffered in life as a friendly reminder has been send out to HIM that HE is our greatest source of inspiration.

You do thank HIM for all the tears which have been shed as it makes our heart soft. The greatest gift that God can provide all of us is an art of forgiveness.

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9} Prayer 9- Traditional blessing

We thank The Father in heaven for all blessings HE has provided on us. We thank HIM for our company on this occasion and for the food we eat.  And do thank HIM for all the blessings along with the freedom and strength that HE incorporates in us.

10} Prayer 10- Holiday poem

We bow down our heads and pray to The Lord. For all the things that you have bestowed upon us a special thanks to Lord Jesus. In fact they work out to be blessings which you shower on us. So at this juncture we promise you that we will praise you as a form of our response. This is our promise that we are going to upheld for the rest of our life.


11} Prayer 11- Blessing prayer

You thank The God for all the amazing gifts HE has showered upon us. HE does help us to achieve a delicate balance in life at the same time. God does help us to enjoy the beauty of the various seasons along with the wonderful food HE provides us.

Thanksgiving prayers are going to so meaningful if you focus on things which God has provided you. HE rarely pays heed to our thanks. Do thank HIM for the food on the table, along with his blessings of the last year. Do thank HIM for the manner in which HE may have not performed as per your liking. Thank HIM for saying a no and in a manner whether HE has worked unknowingly in your favour. Shower HIM with all the thanks for all the unresolved issues and for one which you are on the lookout for answers.

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Do thank HIM for all the events in your life and it will spread to the others around the table as well.