Funny Thanksgiving Jokes


Funny jokes can help you make it your day in thanksgiving

The annual ritual of thanksgiving celebration offers an opportunity to rejuvenate the bonds with family members and dear friends. People really look forward to this time of the year to celebrate the occasion with near and dear ones and to relieve the memories.

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Making Thanksgiving a Fun-Filled Experience

There are pent up emotions that are vying for expression and stories to tell and so much more to do. Nevertheless, like the sumptuous thanksgiving dinner that is incomplete without turkey, conversations, stories and chit-chats are incomplete without jokes. In fact jokes help in striking conversations and spice up insipid chats. You can really endear yourself to the pack and enliven the atmosphere at the dinner table or after the dinner if you can crack funny jokes.

There are people who seem to have an endless stock of funny jokes. People really like to gel with such characters. These people are sought after charactersduring gatherings like in thanksgiving celebrations. You must have known similar characters among your relatives or friends. Feeling jealous of such people! You need not be, since you too can crack funny jokes that can really get the ball rolling for an endearing and enlivening chitter-chatter with the members present on the occasion.

If you are vying to catch attention of girls then cracking funny jokes can help you a lot. Even President Obama used to crack funny jokes on Thanksgiving days. A good sense of humor coupled with a nice stock of funny jokes can see you through thanksgiving quite successfully.Thanksgiving

The best ingredients of funny thanksgiving jokes

The best funny jokes during or after thanksgiving dinner parties are those that take their cue from the ingredients of the dinner menu or the various stories about Thanksgiving Day. So turkey, chicken, potato, cranberries and pilgrims are the most common subjects in thanksgiving funny jokes. It goes like saying that a farmer had steamrolled his potato field on Thanksgiving Day. Potato must also be an ingredient of your dinner menu. So while taking a brunch of crispy potato just drop this one liner to the others – why had the farmer steamrolled his potato field? As the attendees look up to you for an answer,you can floor them with your answer – because he wanted to harvest mashed potatoes!


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Turkey jokes are all time favorite

Turkey is a favorite menu not just for dinner, but also for jokes. So when people are busy taking bites from turkey drumsticks floor them with your jokes about turkey. So why did the turkey cross the road? Many people may have a ready answer to this. So as they come up with the answer the gathering bursts out in laughter. The most common and funny answer to this one liner is – because the turkey wanted to prove that it is not a chicken. So what did the mother turkey say to its naughty children? If your father were able to see you now he would have turned over in his gravy!

Stories that end up with funny lines

Funny jokes need not always be one liners. They can be like stories that end up with answers that can make the whole lot of attendees burst out in laughter. Like – a lady was going through the stack of frozen turkeys at the store, but was not able to find a size big enough for her family. She then asked the stock boy don’t the turkeys get any bigger? The answer of the stock boy can make everybody burst out in peals of laughter- no mam they are dead.

  • So who are the people who are the most thankful on thanksgiving? It is the people who did not have to cook!
  • Oh my god, I gave thanks to so many people yesterday, but it was the Wrong Day!

Sarcasm abounds in thanksgiving too

There are some sarcastic jokes about thanksgiving too. Somebody said – I like football. It is a strategic game and a greater means to avoid conversation with the gathering during Thanksgiving.

The pilgrims were amazingly foresighted as they invented footballandthanksgiving on the same day. So enjoy football and thank the pilgrims to avoid gatherings or enjoy thanksgiving and thank the pilgrims to have started the tradition! The choice is yours.

As the celebrations come to an end and the crowd thins out count your blessings one by one as the relatives leave one by one!


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