11 Best Pregnancy Books for New Moms


Ina May’s Guide to childbirth, The baby book, The happiest baby on the block, Nurture, The wonder weeks, The first forty days, Hypnobirthing hub, what to expect when you’re expecting, Greta with child, The birth partner and Belly laughs are some of the best pregnancy books for new moms.

Women go through a lot of change in their whole life span. And one of the most vital change is being a mother. It’s totally a new and different set of life or we may say a new life and that too welcoming a new generation itself. So, its totally a new life with new set of mind. In this period many women go through a lot of complications, mood swings and different physical appearance. The first time of everything is full of curiosity, tension, happiness, worry and so on. Some are very good and soft in handling this type of situation whereas some takes a lot of stress while going through this phase. Women should cherish every moment of being pregnant its an emotion itself. The whole lifestyle feels to change and that too in the very first time it brings pleasure and joy to one’s life and family.

Now, during this period they are not allowed to work that much because they should take rest and more than that they should be very careful with the baby as well. As the first time of being pregnant is itself a whole different experience and more than that starting of a new phase. So during this period one has the eagerness to know everything related to pregnancy as well as parenting. New parents are really very much cautious and very protective and also possessive about their child. Once you get to know that you are pregnant it’s normal to panic and feel little nervous. Its also easy to become overwhelmed with questions like what supplies will I be needing?  What should I name the little one? What will happen after this? How should I say this to my husband and so on.

But maybe the best type of question should be what type of books should I read. Its obvious that now a days there are very few who reads book because when everything is possible by one click why sitting and reading a book. But trust me there is nothing as good as reading a book. The best part about books is that it not only gives information regarding the whole scenario but also brings imagination and the actual feeling of being a mother. The next nine months is all new territory. Altogether a different experience .. Cherish every moment during this period and make a lot of memory at the same time. And try to read everything possible to answer your own question about the change which is up to.

Pregnancy Books: Best Pregnancy Books for New Moms

best pregnancy books for moms

The books one should read during this phase are as follows:


Ina May’s Guide to childbirth

This book is written by Ina May Gaskin. This book is all about the complication a women faces during pregnancy. The former president of Midwives alliance of North America walk you through her gentle approach to natural childbirth.

The baby book

Everything one needs to know about parenting and also the baby from birth to age two. This book is written by William sears, Martha sears, Robert sears and James sears. One of the nieces parenting book.

The happiest baby on the block

This books deals with the new way to calm crying and helping the baby to sleep longer. This book is written by Harvey karp. This is the best parenting book so far as this includes all the information regarding patience. This will be helpful for those who will be having a colicky baby.


A beautiful book written by Erica chidi cohen. This book deals with thoughtful and flexible approach to pregnancy and motherhood. It is not just one way or the highway, which is really appreciated. She makes a woman feel confident about this journey and the choice one will make during this period.

The wonder weeks

This book is written by frans X. plooij, hetty van de rijt, xaviera plas-plooij. This book deals with what a baby goes through and all of the little not so okay sort of a movement which baby’s does sometimes. Ths book really helps one to deal with that sort of a situation.

The first forty days

This book is written by Heng Ou. This book is all about nourishment of the mother back to health after delivery. We all think about the baby but we often forget about the nourishment a others needs after delivery. So this book actually deals with recipes and tips for moms to replenish and recharge during those first few weeks after delivery.


Hypnobirthing hub

This book is written by Kathryn clark. This is not a book but a website and audio download which is really helpful for women who faces different issues during this period. The audios help them calm down through meditation and also a really lovely woman walking you through normal thoughts, feelings and anxieties. The main goal of this website is to help you deal with all these situations and also helping you meditate and breathe through contractions and birth and keep you calm leading up to the big day.

“what to expect when you’re expecting”

It’s a must read book written by Heidi murkoff. Pregnancy can be intimidating with your body changing so rapidly, but this book breaks down pretty much everything you need to know about what’s to come. It will definitely give you peace of mind.

Great with child

This book is written by beth ann fennelly. This book has a unique collection of letters between a new mom and her friend who is pregnant for the first time. Very poetic and real, it offers insight into the daily life of motherhood while also elevating the beauty and wonder of raising a small child.

The birth partner

This book is written by penny simkin. The birth partner is an excellent read for both husband and wife. Complete with illustration, charts and lots of helpful information, this book will help you prepare for labor and learn more about the anatomy of your body.

Belly laughs

This book is written by Jenny McCarthy. This is an older book but it definitely still applies to what women go through throughout pregnancy. The book puts a comical twist on everything that one undergo during pregnancy. The book will make you feel cheerful and also it will seem like you are reading a letter from your best friend who went through this once.

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