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11 Benefits of Taking Chlorella Supplements During Pregnancy


Chlorella has super health benefits and no wonder it is a super food. Since the early days of the planet they have been existent, and in terms of shape are same over the years. The true potential of it is about to be encountered in the coming days. Once the product took the form of powder it became more popular among the masses.

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Let us now analyse the 11 benefits of taking chlorella supplements during pregnancy

Benefits of  Chlorella Supplements During Pregnancy

1} Nutrition levels are high

 The nutritional level associated with chlorella, has confirmed the tag of being a super food. The growth conditions have an impact on the level of nutrition; it backs its punch in terms of nutritional content. Close to 50 to 60 % of chlorella is protein and it would mean that all the essential amino acids are part of it. They are incorporated with various types of antioxidants.

2} Binds the heavy metals, aiding to detox

There is some buzz associated with chlorella for producing detox. Research does indicate that it is helpful in removal of harmful compounds along with heavy metals from the body. Though it is pretty rare for people to have dangerous levels of heavy metals in their system, but people can be exposed to it when they are part of dangerous jobs like mining. Coupled with the fact it goes on to lower harmful chemicals that are part of our food.

3} Enhances the functionality of the immune system

 The immune system wards off the infections by protecting your health. With chlorella, the response to the immune system in plants along with animals is enhanced, but the evidence to this point is limited. In a particular study adults who consumed chlorella showed increase in immune activities. Furthermore the results have fairly being mixed with some studies indicating mixed or no effect at all. More large scale studies are the need of the hour.


4} Improves cholesterol

Several studies do point to the fact that consumption of chlorella lowers cholesterol levels.  Studies indicate that when you consume 5 to 10 grams of chlorella on a daily basis it lowers down the cholesterol levels. It helps to improve the lipid levels of blood because

  • Fiber- is regarded to be a cholesterol lowering agent
  • Niacin- A or B vitamin lowers down the level of cholesterol

Benefits of Chlorella

5} Waves its magic as an antioxidant

Chlorella is embedded with numerous antioxidants that are regarded as antioxidants. The list includes lycopene, lutein, vitamin C etc. in fact these antioxidants tend to keep several chronic diseases at bay. In lab along with animal studies, chlorella has a strong voice in the manner genes tend to age. Though most of the research in this regard has been promising, but all of them tend to be at an initial stage.

6} Keeps the blood pressure levels under control

The supplements of chlorella promote kidney or heart health that is necessary for keeping the blood pressure levels under tab. In a study conducted people who had mild level of blood pressure went on to consume for 3 months consumed 4 grams of chlorella. The net result was the blood pressure reduced at an alarming pace. Another school of thought prevails that consumption of chlorella supplements leads to less amount of stiffness in the arteries that is a factor which effects blood pressure.

7} Improvement in the blood sugar levels

Some studies do indicate to the fact that consumption of chlorella reduces the blood sugar levels. If you go on to consume chlorella for 3 months at a stretch, it is going to lower down the fasting sugar levels in healthy individuals and people who are at a high risk of life style related illness. Though there is not enough research to prove that chlorella helps in the management of blood sugar levels.

8} Has a control over respiratory diseases

If you intend to manage pulmonary disease or asthma, then it would mean that a control over inflammation has to be kept. Chlorella is embedded with certain components that help to control inflammation and this would include many of the antioxidants associated with it. More studies are the need of the hour to confirm the real impact on respiratory diseases, but one thing for sure chlorella can find inflammation.


9} Improvements in aerobic endurance

A certain study has gone on to check the effect of chlorella on aerobic endurance and the result has turned out to be positive. A group of young people were handed over six grams of chlorella for a period of a month. At the end of the month there was an enhanced ability for an individual to saturate their lungs with sufficient supply of oxygen. But the scientific evidence on whether it can improve aerobic endurance is fairly limited.

10} Is an effective digestive aid

Consumption of chlorella tends to eradicate digestive problems like bloating or any form of stomach cramps. Chlorella is known to contain a host of digestive enzymes and a superior probiotic action. This would mean a timely supply of nutrients for beneficial bacteria incorporated in your intestines. People tend to report problems with indigestion on consumption of chlorella but it is likely to subsidize within a week.

11} Is a preventive barrier against cancer

Chlorella is a preventive force against cancer in numerous ways. It tends to flush out the toxins along with heavy metals from the body. Since the function of the T cells is altered it ensures that the body is capable of locating and repairing the damaged cells. In hindsight this may divide and form tumours. The supplementation of chlorella is used in conjuncture with other forms of cancer treatment, the side effects are reduced. This line of treatment tends to reduce the line in the guts.

To conclude, Chlorella has been considered to be safe as per FDA standards. But be aware of the fact that certain dietary supplements may go on to interact with the medications. Very few side effects are associated with it and it does not pose any major risk.

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