Skin Tags During Pregnancy


Skin tags are one of the annoying problems that appear along with pregnancy. Most women are likely to experience these skin growths while they are with child. Essentially, skin tags are harmless growths. But they are not aesthetic to say the least.  These dark lumps on your skin are likely to make you worry.  These are mainly caused by hormones and genes.  Skin tags are very natural during pregnancy. There are many ways also to get rid of these skin growths effectively.  Normally theses skin tags fall off after delivery.  Keep reading to know all about skin tags during pregnancy.

What are skin tags?

Skin tags are tiny loose growths of skin occurring in areas where skin rubs skin or against the clothing.  They can appear on the skin or hang from the body. They usually measure in millimeters. The most obvious places for skin tags are the face and sides of the neck; underarms, groins, upper and lower eyelids and the area between or beneath the breasts. These are the areas of the body where skin folds closely rub on skin. Skin tags also mostly occur in places that are hot and moist.

Skin tags mostly appear during pregnancy. But if you had skin tags before pregnancy, these may multiply during pregnancy. These skin growths multiply in size and number from the advance stage of pregnancy.  Though they look ugly, skin tags are not really harmful.

skin tags

Skin tags are darker than the skin tone because it is actually skin squished together. They look like warts and are benign in nature. Unlike warts, skin tags are not contagious. Skin tags cause pain only if they get inflamed or twisted. Sometimes they can bleed or become too ugly to look at. Often skin tags are only noticeable after delivery because of hormonal changes due to breastfeeding.


  • Hormones are the major cause of skin tags during pregnancy. Hormonal fluctuation can stimulate the growth of cells in the superficial layer of your skin. This may cause tiny growths on your skin.
  • Weight gain during pregnancy is another likely cause for skin tags. During this time, the belly enlarges a lot and skin friction increases. The friction of skin against skin causes loose skin growths on the abdomen. Other areas like groins, breasts and underarms are also likely to have skin tags.
  • Genes are also responsible for skin tags according to many.
  • Pregnancy accelerates cell formation on the top layer of the skin. This may be another reason behind the common occurrence of skin tags in most pregnant women.
  • Diabetes and obesity are other potential causes of skin tags.


  • The most effective way to treat or remove the skin tags is a quick surgery by your dermatologist. The process includes cutting the dangling skin, freezing it with liquid nitrogen etc. This is a painless process.  It is best to wait till your delivery to get your skin tags surgically removed.
  • Another common treatment is wart remover topical creams that disintegrate the hanging stalk of skin and the lump falls off.
  • Tea tree oil is a natural remedy of skin tags. It has anti-fungal properties and very safe to use. Regular application can make your skin tags disappear in no time at all.
  • Banana peel is also effective to treat skin tags. The peel dries the skin tags and removes them. Tie a banana peel on the lumps of skin and cover it with a bandage. Doing this every night will work wonder.
  • The acidity of apple cider vinegar is very useful to make the skin tags fall of within a couple of weeks. Soaking a cotton swab on apple cider vinegar and placing it over the skin tags for half an hour will give fantastic results.
  • Garlic is another useful treatment for skin tags during pregnancy. The garlic shrinks the loose lumps of skin. It is a safe and effective cure for skin tags. Fresh crushed garlic has to be applied on the skin tags and then covered with a bandage for whole night.
  • Vitamin E is effective for curing skin tags as it keeps the skin healthy. Massaging the oil on the lumps will make them vanish within a couple of days.


  • Do not try to remove the skin tags on your own without doctor’s guidance. Some tie strings around the lump of skin to stall its growth. But is can cause infections instead. It is better to get it removed by a medical practitioner.
  • Do not apply chemical or plant based wart removal creams. The chemicals can penetrate your skin and cause further complications. Pregnancy is a time when your skin is the most sensitive. Applying anything on your skin might have repercussions. Get the approval of your doctor before using any cream to treat skin tags.
  • Avoid disturbing or picking on large skin tags. They are most likely to bleed if you disrupt them. Scratching them will also result in bleeding.


Skin tags are harmless but ugly looking. They are very common during pregnancy because of hormones, especially if you are type-2 diabetic or older than 50. Weight gain also causes skin tags. They occur in awkward places like the face, neck, breasts, armpits and groin area. You may notice the skin tags growing in number and size during the second and third trimester.  Skin tags make your pregnancy glow disappear. But one of the upsides to this is skin tags mostly disappear on their own after delivery. Time is the best cure for skin tags. If you wait till your delivery, those loose lumps of skin will fall off on their own. There are minor surgeries for removing skin tags. Burning, freezing or just cutting them off are different ways to remove these skin tags. It is best to get this done by a dermatologist.  If you see any redness or soreness in the skin tags, it might have turned cancerous. Immediately consult your doctor for medical attention.