Must Know Signs of Bad Parenting and Its Effect on Children


A series of actions that prove to be more harmful than they are beneficial to your child, is what we refer to as ‘bad parenting’.  Although, most poor parenting is unintentional but it does have a negative impact on the child. while some parents may not be aware of the consequences, others may not care about the same and it is the child who suffers and continues to suffer in the later life as well.

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bad parenting

In this article:

Are there any Signs of Bad Parenting?
What is the Impact of Bad Parenting on Children?
How to be a Good Parent?

Effect of Bad Parenting that Every Parent Should Know

Are there any Signs of Bad Parenting?

Listed below are a few signs that must be avoided by all parents in order to have a healthy relationship with their child:

Scolding your Child

It’s okay to make mistakes and as a child, he/she may often do that unintentionally. But it does not mean that you have to scold him to make them realize what they did. Things can get even worse if your child has confessed to making a mistake and you end up blaming them for the same.

Withholding Affection

You should make your child feel emotionally connected to you. If you do not give your child hugs or kisses or tell them that you love them, they will never feel that emotional bond.

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No Rules

The child must grow with discipline so they cope up with situations outside the home environment. They need a structure to grow up as healthy individuals.


Stop comparing your child with some of their friends or some of your friends’ children. This is for sure a sign of bad parenting.

Criticizing Tone

Even if you disagree with some of your child’s decision. Mind your tone as that can otherwise leave a negative mark on your child.

Not Proud of their Achievements

No matter how hard your child has worked for something, you never praise him for his achievements.

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Lack of Encouragement

Your child does not always need an advice, for instance how to sit or how to eat. Sometimes, all your child needs is encouragement.

No Choice

The other person cannot always do what you ask them to do. Give your child an opportunity to make his/her own choice.


You being overprotective will make your child fearful. He/she will be afraid of trying out anything new.

Being a Poor Example

Children pick up most of the habits and behaviour from their parents. Its upon you to set a good example for them.

Too much Pampering

Of course, your child is special to you but at the end of the day, he is just another child for the rest of the world. Too much pampering will make him feel like he is entitled to all the things that will in turn make him unpopular and disliked by others.

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Lack of Trust

It is important for you to trust your child. just because you think whatever he does is wrong, does not mean that he cannot make good choices.

Not Giving your Time

Don’t be too busy that you don’t even have time to talk to your child. this will make them feel neglected.

Lack of Support

Your child needs you the most during his/her tough times. When you are not there by his/her side in those times, it can make them feel anxious.

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Disciplining him/her in Front of Other

Yelling or scolding your child in front of others can negatively affect your child’s self esteem and confidence.

What is the Impact of Bad Parenting on Children?

Bad parenting can affect the child in the following ways. These are as listed below:


Parents who have a negative approach will have children with higher risk of depression, as per the studies. Low levels of emotional and physical support, unhealthy expression of negative emotions and physical punishment are some of the bad parenting actions that can lead to depression.

Antisocial Behaviours

Some of the children do not consider how their own actions can affect others and this is what we call, antisocial behaviour. This will consequently lead to mental health problems, crime, poor health and substance abuse. Parents who display actions like domestic violence, parental drug abuse and maternal depression end up contributing to this condition.


Kindergarteners with explosive anger issues usually have a poor relationship with their mothers, as per the studies. Rough handling aid or expressing negative emotions during infancy can cause the child to have high levels of anger.

Lack of Empathy

Your child is likely to behave indifferently with others outside if he/she has been treated the same at home.

Difficulty with Relationships

Children who are not helped by their parents right from the beginning on to express their emotions are most likely unable to maintain friendships.

Poor Resilience

Your child will learn most of the things from you. Thus, they will deal with any emotional, mental and physical trauma from seeing how you deal with any hardships in your life.

How to be a Good Parent?

  • Try to build that emotional connection with your child. it is you who has to and should teach some of the most important lessons of life.
  • Do not enforce your child to do something that you want them to. if you feel they are going wrong somewhere, make an effort to explain your reasons to them. If they have any questions, encourage them to ask the same.
  • Allow your child to make his/her own choices and provide them with different options he/she might have.
  • Listen to your child. encourage him/her to talk to you about day to day life. Even if something they talk about seems mundane to you, understand that it may be something really important for them.
  • Practice healthy habits because it is you who your child will look upon. He/she will pick up habits and behaviour from people around them. Set a good example.


Not many people understand that poor parenting leaves an impact on your child throughout his/her life. You must ensure that as a parent, you are there by your child’s side and prove to be a good parent for the betterment of your child.


Hope this article was of help for all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!