Health Benefits of Leeks For Children


Leeks offer a lot of health benefits to your child. Some of the well known health benefits of leeks, for children, include boosting the development of haemoglobin, protects the respiratory tract, improves the digestive health, and helps in the development of the nervous system and aiding the cleansing of the colon. Being rich in minerals like nickel, potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium, manganese, phosphorous and vitamins A, C and K, along with moderate amount of vitamin B complex, leeks can help your child to have a healthy digestive and respiratory health throughout his/her life.

Giving Leek to Your Child:

Health Benefits of Leeks For ChildrenOne of the most fascinating facts about leek is that there are no known allergic reactions associated with the vegetable and moreover there are no strict guidelines which need to be followed while introducing leek to your child. Leek can be offered to your little one in the form of soups, pottages, broths, omelettes and sauces. Sometimes you can also offer them raw in salads, but if your child is an infant or a toddler, then it is advised not to offer raw vegetables. Moreover, to ensure regular consumption of leek by your child, you can also prepare leek juice from the stalk, bulb, and leaves. It is actually the dark green leaf sheaths which are rich in all those essential minerals and there is more than one reason to add leek to your child’s regular diet. The main challenge is to get your child habituated with the sharp flavour of leek and once your little one accepts the vegetable he/she will be enjoy long term health benefits.

Health Benefits of Leek

Leek offers fascinating health and medicinal properties and is likely to benefit your child in a number of ways.

Enriches Blood Protein:

Leek is very high in iron and for that reason it triggers the formation of haemoglobin in your child. This keeps him/her active and energetic and also helps your little one to combat any sort of energy requirement. The vitamin C found in leek also helps in the process as it ensures that your child can actually absorb the amount of iron offered by the leek.


Medicinal Values:

Leek has great anti-inflammatory and anti-septic values which your child can really relish. It promotes better healing of wounds and any sort of illness and swelling. Also at the same time the anti-septic properties of leek will definitely ensure that your child’s body is protected.

Improves Respiratory Health:

Due to the fact that leek contains volatile oils the consumption of leek juice is known to have well known balsamic action on your child’s respiratory tract. It provides marvellous remedy if your child is suffering from common cold and flu. If your child is constantly under the attack of common flu, you can regularly feed him/her with leek soup or leek broth, which will not only help your little one to get some immediate relief but also at the same time, will quicken the healing process.

Boosts Digestive Health:

Leeks are also very high in fibre and for that reason they tend to affect the digestive and intestinal health of your child in a very positive manner. Leek is also known to repopulate the good bacteria, which aids in digestion, in your child’s colon. This kind of property makes leek the ultimate choice to be offered your child specially if he/she has an irregular bowel movement.


Develops Nervous System:

As your child’s nervous system is still in its growth stage, offering him/her with a vegetable like leek, which is rich in magnesium, phosphorus and folate, is indeed a good decision. The combination of these nutrients and minerals is known to trigger a very sound nervous system of your child by improving concentration, memory and the brain’s ability to process information. Folate is also known to prevent any sort of brain defects among babies.

Cleansing the System:

Leek has the marvellous property of purifying the effect of the entire body and helps in keeping the digestive system clean and colon free of any sort of congestion. Cleansing of the system is very critical for your child’s growth as infection and contamination occurs due to the lack of it.

Precautionary Measures

Leek contains a very high amount of oxalate and nickel and if your child is allergic to nickel then it is better to avoid vegetables in the form of leek. Otherwise, under normal circumstances, leek can be introduced to your six month old child although some parents wait till their children grow at least a year old before introducing leek. Leek is full of healthy nutrients and adds an extra oniony flavour to your child’s daily meal, but you should also look for any sign of intolerance (if any) and consult with the paediatrician.