11 Amazing Health Benefits Of Honey


Honey comes from the bees. The bee happens to collect nectar from flowers and create sacs of honey. It is a thick liquid of golden brown color, sweet in nature, and thus, the best rescue for your sweet tooth. It is as sweet as sugar and more than that it is much more beneficial for your health. Even being a side element of any food, it gives a different texture to the food and also derives the taste of it.


11 benefits of honey

Full of nutrients

It is high in plant compounds which provides nutrients to the body and helps in keeping it active for the day.


It has the qualities of antioxidants which fight viruses that cause cancer, heart related issues and also it promotes vision power.

Helps in lowering blood pressure

Blood pressure is a persistent problem for all ages, so being cautious about it beforehand tends to be beneficial. Honey keeps the blood pressure under control because of its antioxidant compound.

Improves cholesterol

A person with cholesterol should avoid sugar as much as possible. They can have honey instead of sugar. It has a similar taste and sweetness and also keeps the heart young and healthy.


Good for heart

Having it with a glass of milk or lemon drink with a spoon of it helps your heart stay healthy.

Natural medicine for bruises and burns

Before the introduction of pharmaceutical medicines, plants such as tulsi, neem and also honey were used in treatments. It acts as an antiseptic and cures the pain of bruises and burns.

Helps with dry cough

Having a drop of honey with tulsi every morning helps one with cough and cold as well. It is an active ingredient in some cough syrup medicines as well.

Good for skin

While growing, our skin changes and happens to face lots of issues. Honey is natural skin facial cream which prevents one from acne, pimple, and other skin related diseases.

Improves digestion

Having honey everyday with lemon juice or with warm water helps the stomach stay fit. Those with the issue of constipation get relief as well.

Antibacterial in nature

There are some harmful bacteria that cause trouble to the body and invite deadly diseases. Because of the antibacterial nature of honey, having it daily can prevent one from any such disease in their day-to-day life.


Keeps oral health healthy

Those who sing professionally are always suggested to take it as a medicine so that they never face any issue related to their throat. It keeps their voice as sweet as honey.

Is honey good for children?

No, it should not be given to children under the age of 3. The internal organs of a child aren’t strong enough to bear the bacteria or acid which honey contains. It may cause food poisoning in the child. But for the age group of 5 and above, honey is just an easy substance for the meal, they can eat it with pancakes or with other source food as well. By the age of 5, the internal organ of a child grows to its full form and can fight any bacteria or can digest strong acid-like compounds as well.

Is it good for pregnant women?

The mother’s intake directly or indirectly affects the baby inside. So it is always suggested to not take substances that may cause problems for the growing baby. Honey contains amino acid and some bacteria which helps in fighting diseases but when a women is pregnant it is important to avoid it as it may harm the child’s health. The toxins not only can harm the infant but also can create problems while delivery.

Dietary restrictions 

Too much of anything is not good for the health. Everything should be taken at a limit to avoid negative consequences. Same goes with honey as well. Even though it is beneficial, it has its side effects when taken too much.

  • Too much intake can increase weight
  • Do not consume it if you have any allergies from pollen, bee
  • Too much honey upsets the stomach and creates immense pain
  • Blood pressure needs to be balanced and not too high or too low. Taking honey way too much may lower the blood pressure even below the normal level which is not good as well
  • It is a stickier substitute of sugar and thus can affect your dental health

Honey is a good substitute for sugar but should be consumed within a limit.



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