21 Amazing Baby Shower Game Ideas


Are you looking to organize a really fantastic baby shower for your friend who’s going to be a mother soon? One of the items on the agenda of the occasion should be a series of baby shower games for a dollop of fun and enjoyment. Here are 21 fun games that you can choose from for your baby shower:

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1. Don’t Say Baby

Here’s a great icebreaker game. Begin this game the moment your guests enter the room. While greeting them, give them a diaper pin each to wear on their blouses or shirts. Once they have your attention, tell them that for the rest of the evening, they cannot use the word ‘baby’. Despite this, if a guest does use this word, her pin can be taken away. The winner of this game is the one that gets most of the pins.

2. Play Dough Babies

Make your guests use play dough to make dough babies. The best of them all can be given prizes in different categories, such as the one that’s funniest, anatomically correct or best overall.

3. Guess the Baby

When you send out the invitations for the baby shower, add in a request for each invitee to bring a baby picture of themselves. As each guest enters, give a number to her picture and pin it on a board. Now, after examining all entries, award a prize to the cutest one.

4. Baby’s First Picture

Use a note card and a marker, instruct the guests to hold up a card to their heads and draw what they think their baby will look like. Leave it to the new mama to choose the best one of the evening.


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5. Baby Sketches

Circulate paper plates and markers so that each of your guests has one set of these. Tell them they will be asked to draw a picture of a baby and award a prize to the best sketch.

6. Diaper Raffle

Here’s a fun game that will have everyone in stitches. All guests are asked to bring along a diaper and those that do, automatically have their names entered into a raffle. This makes them eligible for some fantastic prizes. While guests win some amazing prizes, the soon-to-be mom gets a stack of diapers.

7. Baby Shower Scratch Cards

Place scratch cards on each of your guests’ tables. Make up your own game to suit the baby shower theme. Your guests are sure to enjoy this one.

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8. Mommy and Daddy’s Secrets

If you have guests of both genders attending, you can address one game involving everyone. Here’s a game that does just that. In this game, ask men and women present 21 questions which they must answer. Ask either one partner while the other is not in sight. After you ask each question, write down their answers and after you’re done with the quiz, bring both partners in the room and quiz each one singly. Quiz them and whoever gives the wittiest answer stands to win the game.


9. Old Wives Tales

There are always old wives’ tales surrounding the birth of babies that predict the baby’s gender. Make a game out of such stories by making a board and ask questions to the soon-to-be mom. Then, people place bets as to whether the baby will be a boy or a girl.

10. Baby’s Needs in the Bag

Here’s a practical game to keep everyone guessing. Fill up as many commonly used baby items into a diaper bag, such as a rattle, feeding bottle, teething ring, bib, etc. They should be inexpensive so that you can have as many as possible. Pass the diaper bag around and then circulate a pen and paper to each guest. Now, tell them to put their hands into the bag and identify as many items that they touch without looking at them. After giving each one two minutes to feel the items and guess the contents of the bag before passing the bag on to the next person. After everyone has had a go at this game, find out who has the largest number of correct guesses. He gets a prize and the soon to be parents get a bag full of baby’s essentials.

11. Guess The Baby Food

In this game, your guests are required to guess the baby food placed in the numbered jars. Ask your guests to taste what’s in each jar and guess the food. Anyone who guesses right wins a prize.

12. Baby shower game

Ask your guests to write down any one thing that the new mother should do while the baby reaches year 1. They could include anything they want to do or any such thing. Collect everyone’s suggestions written on the note cards and give them to the mother to be at the end of the party. Put together, they make up the new arrival’s first scrapbook.

13. Changing Diapers Blindfolded

Participants of this game are tested on their abilities of changing a baby’s diapers with their eyes closed. To play, divide your guests into pairs and give each team a baby doll and a cloth napkin. Of the two, one member will be blindfolded while the other isn’t. The latter instructs the blindfolded person to make the diaper and change the existing one of the doll. Finally, the best and worst diapers are judged and the best one wins a prize.

14. Guess the Baby Food

Put together about 10 different flavours of baby food jars and number each lid and destroy the labels. Give each participant a spoon and ask him to begin sampling the food. The one that can correctly guess the foods wins a prize.


15. Birthing Babies

On the eve of the baby shower, freeze as many ice cubes as you can. They must have plastic babies in the middle. Next day, when your guests arrive, drop one cube into a glass of water and serve it to them. When the ice melts, the baby gets closer to the due date. Whoever has a baby first, wins the game.

16. The Baby Animal Game

Perhaps, you’ve chosen to have an animal theme for your baby shower. In that case, you need to have pens, pencils and paper before you begin. To prepare for this game, draw line in the middle of the paper. Make a list of animals on one side and another list of what their young are called. Mix up the order and present each guest with a copy. Ask your guests to match each animal mom with her young. The winner is the one who gets the most pairs correct.

17. Drink Up, Baby!

This game is a hit for all kinds of guests–the shy, retiring types or the all-out fun types. Line up some baby bottles with the beverage you like, beer perhaps. Give everyone present a bottle and when you count three, they must drink up the entire bottle and leave it absolutely dry. The first one to down a whole bottle wins the game.

18. Diaper Roll-Ups

Divide all those present into teams. Give each tem a roll of toilet paper. Allot each side five minutes to wrap up one member in a diaper of toilet paper. The team that has the most creatively covered members wins. It’s a very funny game, so you’ll have a lot of fun.

19. Name That Baby Tune

Collect as many baby songs as you can and play each song at the event. Write down all correct guesses and names of those who guess them correctly. The one with the most correct responses wins a prize.

20. Create an Alphabet Baby Book

Print out a series of alphabet colouring sheets and arrange markers or crayons. Ask everyone to grab a couple of letters, color the picture and write out a note to the new mother. After everyone’s done with this, have the book laminated and bound to make it the baby’s first book.


21. Baby Shower Bingo

In the run-up to the baby shower, ask the new mother questions related to her delivery and how she feels. Now, convert her answers into a bingo card. When everyone assembles at the shower, whoever gives a whole line of correct answers wins the bingo.

These are just a few games that will thrill your guests and give everyone a good time before the new mom delivers. It will certainly be memorable if your guests played a few of these wonderful games.

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