100 Royal Baby Names


Picking a name for your child is a very tough task. Friends and relatives offer suggestions of their own on how to name your child. Most people choose names which has a meaning and significance. A name that has a meaning is always the best option. Parents always treat their children as little prince and princesses. So, why not choose a royal name for your future kings and queens. If you are going through such idea, here is a list of 100 Royal baby names to choose for your child.

50 Royal Baby Girl Names

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Name Meaning Origin
Diana Heavenly, divine Latin
Maud Strong in War German
Patricia Noble Latin
Mathilde Might, strength German
Alexandra Defending men Greek
Eugenie Nobility, well born Greek
Margaret Pearl Latin
Sibylla Prophetess, oracle Greek
Beartrice Ameaning bringer of joy Latin
Marie Sea or sorrow Hebrew
Frederica Peaceful ruler German
Helena Shining light Greek
Alice Nobility German
Victoria Victory Latin
Charlotte Free man, petite French
Louisa Feminine form of Louis Latin
Elizabeth Oath of God Greek
Augusta Majestic, grand Latin
Mary Wished for child, rebellion Hebrew
Caroline Free man French
Amelia Industrious, striving Latin
Anne Favour, grace, prayer Hebrew
Sophia Wisdom, wise Greek
Fiona White, fair Scottish
Gabriella God is my strength
Isabella God’s promise Spanish
Aricia Princess of royal blood Greek
Cimberleigh From the royal meadow English
Cyzarine Royalty Russian
Dariele Feminine of Darius Latin-America
Iolani Royal hawk American
Kendal Royal valley English
Kimberley Of the royal fortress English
Loraina Derived from Lorraine French
Marquesa Royalty Italian
Reaghann Royal Irish
Resana Royal grace Latin-America
Riona Royal Irish
Avanthika Infinite, humble, modest Indian
Brihati Powerful, heaven and earth Indian
Eira Snow Indian
Gatrika Song Indian
Giti World, universe Indian
Haima Snow, made of gold Indian
Hrutvi Season, love Indian
Kinal Extremes in fortune Indian
Ritheka Small river, stream Indian
Rutva Speech Indian
Snigda Affectionate, tender Indian
Sowmika Angel, princess Indian

Royal Baby Names

50 Royal Baby Boy Names

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Name Origin Origin
Harry House protector English
Andrew Manly, masculine Greek
Charles Army, warrior German
Richard Strong in rule German
Michael Who is like God Hebrew
Philip Friend of horses Greek
Alastair Defender of mankind, protector Greek
Christian Latin
John Jehovah has been gracious Hebrew
Victor Conqueror Latin
Hubert Bright heart German
Leopold Lion, brave German
Arthur Noble, courageous English
Albert Noble, bright German
Alfred Sage, wise, elvin English
Augustus Majestic Latin
Ernest Serious, determined German
Frederick Peaceful ruler German
Henry Ruler of household German
Edward Rich guard English
William Resolute protector German
George Farmer, earthworker Greek
Arioch Royal Hebrew
Basilius Like a king English
Casper Royal German
Kenrik Royal ruler English
Louis Warrior French
Napier Incharge of royal linens English
Paden Royal Scottish
Vasilios With royal blood Greek
Thron Throne seat of royalty American
Vasily Royal, kingly Russian
Royce Royal English
riordan Royal poet Irish
Kenneth Royal obligation English
Amiran Royal Indian
Kiyaan Kings, royal Indian
Nikul Royal prince Indian
Anish Close friend Indian
Fatin Clever, smart Indian
David Beloved Hebrew
Indulf Wolf Gaelic
Nicholas Victory of the people Greek
Xavier The new house Greek
Zeid To prosper Arabic
Ahil Prince Indian
Khian King of terror Indian
Deven King of gods Indian
Amarendra Immortal Indian
Ambareesh King of the sky


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