11 Top Wrestling Games for Kids


WWE Champions, Fire Pro Wrestling Returns, Wrestling Spirit 3, Booking Revolution, Wrestling Revolution 3D, WWE 2K17 PC, TEW 2013, WWE 2K18, WWE Immortals, WWF No Mercy and WWE 2K14 are some of the best wrestling games for kids.

Wrestling is a form of sports entertainment where an individual combats with the opponent striving to win the match by either trying to throw the opponent down by their own strength or cause the opponent to lose the balance.

Wrestling is one of the oldest combat sports and also is one of the oldest sports to be introduced in Olympics.

Kids these days spend a lot of time playing online PC games. Their choice of games to play range on a wide variety which even includes wrestling games.  Here’s a list of top eleven wrestling games that kids can enjoy.

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11 Best Wrestling Games for Kids

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WWE Champions

This is a unique game where you are in the medieval period alongside great warriors and wizards and mystical creatures. And instead of your regular warriors, you have the WWE superstars. This gives you all the unique WWE Champions.

You will have to collects coins through your journey and then spend it to upgrade or buy new characters. This game also offers in-app purchases thus making this process all the more easier.

Fire Pro Wrestling Returns

When WWE games had only recently reached the 100-wrestler roster number, Fire Pro Wrestling Returns features more than 300 wrestlers from promotions around the world. To top that off, you can create another 500 wrestlers. Then you can sit back and see how they’ll do in your own matches. The depth of the game might be a little too much for some, but for the hardcore wrestling fans this is what they would want.

Wrestling Spirit 3

Wrestling Spirit 3, created by Adam Ryland developed a game that lets you create a wrestler and guide him throughout his career. You will have to negotiate contracts, win championships, deal with injuries, and also navigate your wrestler through backstage politics. This game is quite an underrated gem of the wrestling game world. It not helps you to play wrestling on your PC but also is a fun management game.

Booking Revolution

Booking Revolution is a game that takes you behind the scenes and you can see for yourself what goes on behind in the making of the great wrestling promotion. In this game, you are the complete controller of the creative wing of the given wrestling promotion, i.e., you will make matches, change the stunts of your wrestlers, and so on.

You can also upgrade to ‘pro’ to gain special privileges such as you can create your very own personalized promotion, hire talented new wrestlers, etc. Booking Revolution also allows you to customize all your 350 wrestlers through 9 different promotions.


Wrestling Revolution 3D

It is quite similar to ‘Booking Revolution’, but it takes what works on there and amplifies it. It’s the biggest mobile simulator, but it’s even bigger on your desktop. This game includes over 300 wrestlers, 9 different promotions, various match types, various camera angles, and so much more, thus making it one of the most extensive non-WWE games available.

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It’s one year behind, but it still remains as one of the best wrestling games around. ‘WWE 2K17’ includes all the stars of the WWE, while also including the legends you grew up watching. With a new promo engine, amazing soundtrack, and classic WCW wrestlers and arenas, you can relive some of your favourite moments in history or make your own.

TEW 2013

It is another one of Adam Ryland’s creations; ‘Total Extreme Wrestling’ is the ultimate wrestling simulation game. It proves to be incredibly accurate and quite in depth to run and control a wrestling promotion. There are also enough customizable features for you to recreate all the different companies you see on the television and to run them on your own.

WWE 2K18

WWE 2K18 is all the more intensified version of WWE 2K17. This game is by far the most realistic and features the largest roster in any WWE game in history. It is the most popular wrestling game on the market. You can also enjoy the massive creation suite and the popular MyCareer mode, where you can take your wrestler from the early days of NXT to the main event of WrestleMania.

WWE Immortals

WWE Immortals takes the superstars of the WWE into a Fantasy World, their tricks, and makes them Fantasy Heroes. The companies describe it as “a free-to-play mobile game that will feature epic Superstar battles in a fantastically re-imagined WWE world”.


As you progress further in the game, you earn Immortal Credits which allows you to buy and/or upgrade characters. This game also includes online competitive battling, where you can challenge with the other Immortals players for prizes of Immortal Credits, special Gear cards, and so much more.

WWF No Mercy

This game released in the year 2000 by AKI Corporation is still at the top of wrestling games. It is a perfectly paced and accessible game with depth that fans are still mastering. There are several modes available for gamers looking to include current WWE and NXT superstars on the roster. But even without those modes, No Mercy remains the most playable wrestling game, with its amazing and unique features.

WWE 2K14

WWE 2K14 had almost achieved perfection. The story mode featured more than 40 of the greatest Wrestle Mania matches of all time. It included a huge number of wrestlers for the ultimate WWE roster. Gameplay was smoother than ever and a Streak mode which would let you to either conquer or defend the Undertaker’s legendary Wrestle Mania streak, and there you have the best wrestling game in years.

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