Week 27 of Pregnancy – Pregnancy Week by Week


This is the last week of the second trimester. Right after this, you will enter the third trimester of this journey! At 27 weeks, the foetus is the size of the head of a full grown lettuce. At this stage the baby is nearly 14.5 inches long and weighs nearly 2 pounds. The baby is growing rapidly for sure!

27 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Dry and itchy skin

At 27 weeks pregnant, your skin may be glowing but it also feels dry and itchy frequently. This happens because as the baby grows, your skin stretches out to accommodate it and to enable proper passage of the pregnancy hormones. Moisturise your skin daily after bath, to avoid freckles and cracks.

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Increased hunger pangs

Now that the 27 week foetus is growing even more rapidly, there is likely to be a spurt in your hunger pangs. The baby’s senses are developing more and more with each passing day. Your baby demands nutritious food every now and then, hence be ready to provide for the little one’s demands!



While the baby keeps putting more pressure on your uterine walls, intestines, and tail bone, you may experience excruciating pain and fissures trying to pass stool. The internal organs pertaining to your excretory system might face moderate haemorrhoids. Consult your gynaecologist to help ease the situation.


Changes in breasts

At week 27 of pregnancy, your breasts have become heavier and fuller. The nipples have swollen and the area around the areola has darkened. This signifies that you are preparing for breastfeeding.

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Increased mood swings

The raging hormones cause your brain to go through a series of emotions. This, along with irritated organs and pain in various parts of the body leads to frequent mood swings. Focus on yoga or meditation to calm your nerves.


At 27 weeks pregnant, your uterus is pressing against the bladder so much that holding back pee for too long becomes difficult. During this time, if you sneeze, you let out a certain amount of urine. Wear panty liners and visit the washroom as frequently as your body demands.

27 Weeks Pregnant Belly

At 27 weeks pregnant, a healthy level of weight gain is from 15 to 30 pounds. You are likely to start experiencing more kicks from the baby that’s growing and becoming more alert of the world outside. Your 27 weeks pregnant belly is now like a football, with the navel jutting out of the surface. You are now supposed to be fully into the maternity clothes phase. Applaud that belly!

Pregnancy Ultrasound

If you go for a 27 weeks pregnancy ultrasound, your doctor may ask you to opt for a growth scan to check whether your baby is growing well. You will see that the 27 week foetus is practising breathing techniques and is becoming more active. The baby’s eyelids can now open and it can see lights and shadows around. The baby can also see the inner walls while kicking on them. At this stage, the foetus grows rapidly and gains about 500 grams. That your baby is growing smarter is evident when you see that it can rock itself to sleep when you make any movement!


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Dos and Don’ts During Week 27 of Pregnancy

Dos –

Practise labour exercises: This is not to scare you, but labour can be quite painful and can last for a few days. Now is the right time to start preparing yourself for delivery as you are already halfway into the journey. Do some pelvic rocking to strengthen your pelvic muscles so that they maintain their plasticity and expand well during delivery.

Attend Lamaze classes: The Lamaze method of giving birth helps women turn their attention away from the painful contractions. This method involves a rhythmic pattern of breathing to soothe the mind. At 27 weeks pregnant, you should sign up for Lamaze sessions in which the therapist will teach you different ways of breathing in and out, along with the pelvic muscle movements that are required during delivery.

Plan on getting a helper for the period after delivery: The initial few weeks after delivery is too confusing and stressful, along with being exciting. It is a good idea to hire a professional helper who can guide you through the first few weeks so that your newfound joy can be made to last longer!

Focus on liquid diet: At 27 weeks pregnant, you are naturally nauseated most of the time. You also face bouts of acid reflux. Liquid foods are great for this period because they are easy to digest and are easily processed by your system. A liquid diet also helps the 27 week foetus to absorb the nutrients better.

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Don’ts –

Climb the stairs too often: At 27 weeks pregnant, it is advisable not to climb up and down frequently. The more you walk on uneven platforms, the more the liquid inside the sac moves along with the baby. This rapid movement can cause pre-term labour or breakage of the sac in extreme cases.

Take showers that are too hot: It is good to take showers that are warm but not too hot. High temperatures cause contractions in the uterine muscles. The 27 week foetus might be negatively affected due to these sudden untimely contractions.

Sleep on your back: Don’t sleep on your back as it puts extra pressure on your lower spine. This will lead to lower back pains and uterine cramps. Moreover, sleeping in this position doesn’t give your womb any space to rest. This makes the baby uncomfortable.

Sit with your legs dangling: At 27 weeks pregnant, you are already suffering from leg cramps. Sitting on an elevated seat that leaves your legs dangling leads to more muscle pulls and makes your legs swell up. Keep your feet firmly on the ground when you sit, so that there is no stressed muscle and the blood flows smoothly through them.

At week 27 of pregnancy, you are starting to feel more and more excited about the series of new things lined up for you throughout the upcoming months. This is the phase right before you become more sluggish, which will definitely restrict your movements furthermore. Enjoy this period!

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