11 Ways an Unmedicated Birth Affects Your Body


If you have opted to go in for an unmedicated birth, it is time you know the affects of doing so. While Unmedicated birth can certainly be very painful, it has several benefits to both you and your baby. The pain you go through, will be worth every bit of it! Read on to know the benefits of unmedicated birth!

11 Ways an Unmedicated Birth Affects Your Body

For mothers, giving birth to a child is a wonderful experience. However, the pain factor comes as a part and parcel with it. A number of women opt for unmedicated births. Others go for drugs to ease up the pain. Most of the women now prefer mediated child births for its immense benefits. However, unmedicated childbirth too, has certain effects on your body. Read on to know eleven ways an unmedicated birth affects your body.

1. Faster labour

The lesser the labour pain lasts, the quicker you get the comfort. When you go for anunmedicated birth, the labour progresses quickly. It means that the process will be over in a shorter time, indicating lesser suffering. The effect of gravity also plays a key role here, as the person can choose a comfortable position as required.

2. Benefits in breastfeeding

When the babies are born through unmedicated birth, it influences their breast-feeding habits. They are more active and awake than babies born through medicated arrangements. They will be more willing to feed on their mother’s milk than other infants.

3. Pushing phase

A lot of power is required during the pushing minutes. Well, unmedicated birth can boost up the pushing powers. In the medicated process, you need much more time to identify the muscles and exert the pressure. It happens faster when you choose the other path.

4. Energetic feeling

The burst of hormonal flow that follows the delivery process in unmedicated cases is really a boost to the new mother. In medicated cases, she feels tired and worn out after delivering the child. However, in unmedicated birth, an energetic feeling takes her to a new high, primarily due to the hormonal flow.


Unmedicated Birth Affects Your Body

5. Lesser tearing

During unmedicated birth, the woman is entitled to make the necessary movements. It reduces the amount of tearing in the skin. As the child comes out of the canal, the process is eased up and people experience lesser pain in the process.

6. Freedom to walk

In medicated cases, the women are made to sit constantly, with their backs titled. It prevents the effect of gravity to stimulate the delivery. In unmedicated birth, she has the freedom to walk around the room, which makes it easy to deliver the child faster. Even after the delivery, she can move around easily.

7. Breast feeding

A new mother needs a few hours for the milk to come up. At times, it may even take up to one week. As you know, the flow of natural hormones is increased during unmedicated birth, it stimulates the production of milk. It will take just a few hours for it to come in.

8. Pelvic floor issues

Usually, women suffer certain damage in the pelvic floor muscles during childbirth. These are the muscles that help them exert the pressure. During unmedicated birth, the muscles of the bladder can come under pressure. The natural hormones, released in this phase, eased up the pressure to a certain extent.

9. Blood flow

Mothers find epidurals beneficial to deal with the pain. However, it causes low pressure in blood. Evidently, the oxygen-carrying capacity in blood has a dip and it can affect the baby. However, when you opt for unmedicated birth, the constant supply of oxygen in blood is maintained.


10. Functioning of the baby’s liver

The baby gets food from the mother before delivery. When it is separated from the mother in the medicated process, its liver has to be released of all the residue. It gets into the bloodstream of the baby. This does not happen during unmedicated birth. It can get accustomed to its own functioning.

11. Development of brain

The natural hormones released during unmedicated birth stimulate the brain-developmental process of the child. This cannot take place when it takes place under a medicated condition. It influences the intelligence and other intellectual aspects in the long run.

With these, we close up the list of amazing benefits that come to the baby. The mother, too, enjoys a lot more comfort and freedom. Unmedicated birth is common in any parts of the world, although people are increasingly switching over to the medicated process to deal with the pain. Both the processes have their unique benefits. However, the final choice depends on the capacity and ability of the would-be mother.