11 Signs Your Toddler Should See a Therapist


Is your toddler beginning to show signs of distress? This is every parent’s nightmare! But, how do you know if your child really needs to see a therapist or is just going through a phase that will wear off? Here are 11 signs that indicate that it is time to book an appointment with a therapist for your child.

You are likely to take your toddler to the doctor when you notice health problems. Do you pay adequate attention to the emotional and mental problems of your child? Well, mental stress and depression is quite common in children. Unfortunately, they remain hidden within themselves and parents can hardly read them. Your toddler may be facing a lot of mental hurdles, which can sum up to cause serious mental disturbances when he grows up. Here, we list up eleven symptoms that your toddler may show. You should take him to a therapist to ensure an overall emotional balance.

11 Signs Your Child Should See a Therapist

1. Social isolation

Social isolation is a key problem for a large section of kids these days. They cannot communicate with their friends at school or neighbourhood. Nor can they convey their problem to their teachers or interact in the classroom. It hinders their learning process and academic life.

2. Aggression

If you observe that your kid is becoming increasingly aggressive, you should know that it is time to see a therapist. Violence and aggression in children are negative symptoms. These can have a long-lasting effect later in life. It is wise to root out the troubles at the beginning.

3. Regression in children

Disputes in the family or social circle of children may result in regression. However, if it persists over a month, you should take him to a therapist. Your kid might show clingy signs like bed wetting frequently, crying and become fearful. If he shows up anything apart from the normal tantrums, he needs therapeutic care.

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4. Excessively worried

In normal cases, children may cry over something and become silent once they get it. However, if you notice that he is becoming abnormally silent and worried, you should know that something is wrong with him. Timely counselling may cure the disorder.

Toddler Should See a Therapist

5. Change in sleeping habits

If you notice a change in the sleeping habits of your child, do not delay. He may suffer from lack of sleep or nightmares, or any other abnormality which must not be entertained. Lack of sleep affects his overall physical and mental health, so consult a therapist.

6. Change in food habits

Loss of appetite may one of the reasons why you should take your child to a therapist. They may not be comfortable with the diet you are providing them with. Perhaps, he needs a change in diet chart. Irregularity in food habit and hunger at odd times should be noted, too.

7. Self-harming symptoms

In case you find your child cutting herself, digging the nails or bruising the skin purposely, you should take her to a therapist. These abnormalities should never be encouraged, as they grow on to cause serious cognitive problems in the long run.

8. Talking about negative things

You may notice that your child is venturing into thoughts that are not suitable for his age. For instance, he may be continuously thinking about death and asking related questions. Such behavior should be treated seriously to prevent intellectual abnormalities in your child.


9. Developmental delays

Delay in the learning process of your child should be taken care of. Your child may also show delayed signs of learning to take care of herself, use the toilet or eat with his own hands. Any type of delay should be treated with care.

10. Tantrum while going to school

Schooling should be a pleasant experience for children. However, if you notice that he is terrorized at the thought of going to school, it means that he is not getting the right environment over there. Talk to him about it, and if you fail to draw a satisfactory answer, visit a therapist.

11. Addiction to video games

Addiction to video games should be a grave concern, especially when the child fails to find interest in any other alternative. You can provide all possible suggestions and recreation to him. If nothing works out, the only option left with you is to take him to a therapist. The less addicted he gets, the better it is for his intellect.

If you are new to parenting, you will definitely find these guidelines beneficial. Taking proper care of your child is your primary duty. Do not let pressure, emotional and mental ailments hinder his future. A timely visit to a therapist can gift him better days in the future.