11 Must-Have Vegetables In A Teens Diet


Do you prefer vegetables? If this question is asked to any teenager then the answer will most probably be no, not at all. Why so? Because teenagers prefer taste over health and readymade over something handmade. These are the two big reasons why they don’t really prefer vegetables in their day-to-day life. But vegetables are the most important nutrient which they need. They provide teenagers with optimum benefits, vitamins, and minerals required at this age.

Health is the biggest concern in today’s time. The immune system, the body, and different parts of it are facing issues in many small age people. Ideally, they should not be affected, but the reason is a lack of proper nutrients and minerals in teens’ diets.

Why are vegetables important for teens?

Teenage is the period of growth and puberty. Teenagers go through different changes, internal as well as external. Hence the body requires more proteins, vitamins, calcium, minerals which will help in the better development of the body. And this age is the sign of welcoming too many diseases as the body comes across different speculations. Some teenagers handle it very well as they keep their fulfill their nutritional requirements. Others who neglect their health at this age usually suffer badly later.


Benefits of having vegetables

Fight against diseases

Teenage is the age when one starts developing from inside out. This is also the age when diseases start attacking one from all around. Vegetables prevent one from such internal disease.

Muscle growth

This is the age when one’s growth is determined whether that be height or bone weight. Vegetables help in providing calcium, iron, and protein for their better growth.


Strengthen immune system

A problem in the immune system can lead to too many diseases. Veggies help protect against diseases. They strengthen the system from the inside and fight any virus from entering the body.

High fiber content

Often children of this age face obesity. That will not happen if one eats vegetables in their day-to-day life. Veggies provide fiber, contain minimal fat and calories, and also prevent the issue of constipation.

11 Must-Have Vegetables In A Teens Diet


Often teenagers don’t eat this but it has uncountable benefits. It looks like cauliflower but is green in colour. This vegetable is best for breast, liver and stomach. It contains vitamin k which keeps the bone metabolism regulated and also provides bone calcium.


Peas are easy to cook and can be used with any other vegetable as a side dish. It is rich in protein and vitamins a and c. It helps in blood regulation in the body, and this vegetable help in releasing stress as well.


Many teenagers face eyesight issues at this age because of eye-straining activities such as online studies. Vegetables like carrot is the life saver for such teens as it is rich in vitamin a and helps in having a good and strong eyesight. Along with that carrots can be used as a salad and can be eaten raw, it can be used in a sweet dish, soup, etc.


Hormonal changes in this age leads to change in skin as well. Often at this age teenagers face acne problems, pimples, etc. Tomato is rich in antioxidants which help in fighting skin-related issues like acne, rashes.



Onion contains manganese and vitamin c. Manganese helps in providing protein to a body and also helps in proper digestion and regulating liver function.


Garlic is an antibiotic. Whenever any virus or bacteria affects the body of a teen, the doctor often suggests taking garlic in the soup or tea. It acts like a natural medicine.


Cauliflower is the best source of providing vitamin c to the body. It also contains phosphorus, vitamin k, and vitamin b6. Vitamin b6 helps in reducing mood swings and also helps one fight depression. Thus it is not only helpful for body but also for the brain.


This green vegetable is a source of almost everything which a body might require. Vitamin c, a, calcium, iron. It helps in having strong bones, a healthy blood flow, and is also very good for heart health.

Sweet potato

Sweet potato is a good source of protein. The best part is that it can be eaten as a simple meal and will work for the day.


Radish is a good source of nutrients for your gut health. It acts as a perfect snack as well. it contains all the nutrients and minerals which a healthy body might need.



Beets improve blood flow in the body and is best for teen athletes to have as it boost endurance.


Vegetables are a must for teenagers as they facilitate healthy and happy growth. Veggies are not only good for the body but are also needed for mental fitness. Thus vegetables in a teenager’s diet should be a must.


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