Top 10 Healthy Food Recipes For Teens


Looking around, every person, especially teenagers are facing some kind of disease and thus, healthy food recipes are the need of the hour. They are not getting enough nutrients to stay fit and work uninterruptedly. Today’s busy schedule has made everyone forget their health, and work towards building a luxurious life. But it is our responsibility to stay healthy because, without good health, large wealth cannot be enjoyed.

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Why is healthy food important?

Healthy food, lifestyle, routine, and look all are important for a person’s physical appearance, mental health, and a better personality. Nobody understands the importance of healthy food unless they come across a severe disease and at that time they hardly can do anything about it.

Healthy food keeps you active, enthusiastic and above all, it helps you to keep going.

Better mood

When you eat healthily you stay healthy mentally. It uplifts your mood and makes you feel better.

Good memory

What is the one thing your brain needs to help you acquire all the knowledge and learning? Food, of course! It enhances memory power which then helps you remember everything effectively and efficiently.


Nutrition for bones and teeth

Food serves as a lifeline for teeth and bones to be strong, as healthy foods provide calcium.

Weight loss or sudden weight gain

Not eating properly can result in weight loss and eating too many unhealthy or junk foods results in weight gain. In order to maintain weight one needs to have a proper food diet and keep having it.

Top 10 Healthy Food Recipes For Teens

Poached egg and avocado

If you are an avocado lover then you must have this. It has all the necessary nutrients which will serve your body right and help you restore enough energy for the day. Perfect breakfast and easy one too.


Now, this oatmeal is not the readymade, packed one but actual homemade oatmeal which is easy to cook. The best part about this food is that anyone can cook it with any toppings of their like whether that be strawberry oatmeal or spicy oatmeal. The only meal which can be eaten as anything and above all this is available everywhere.


Another easy and homemade food. A sandwich can be eaten with any stuffing, whether that be chicken sausage, veggie, cheese, mayonnaise anything. It is also very easy to cook and helps you work and be active for almost the day.

Rice noodles

Noodles are something every teenager enjoys having and rice noodles have the benefit of rice and the enjoyment of noodles. With this one can have soup, egg pouch, fish fry, and whatnot. A 5 min healthy recipe for a time.


Fruit custard

Fruits have all that a teenager needs, potassium, calcium, iron, protein, and the list goes on. Even doctors suggest teenagers to eat fruit every day. So having a fruit custard is one of the food recipes that will not only uplift the mood of a person but will also keep the body healthy and on point.

Fried rice with vegetable

When vegetables are served raw, hardly any teenager enjoys it. But when it is served with rice and with it one has a side dish they enjoy it. Moreover, while eating they don’t even realize that they are getting all the nutrients. Vegetables are good for bones, height, mood and it keeps one active for the day.

Fried fish

Fish is not everyone’s favorite dish but it has many benefits. It keeps the eye power in control, and it acts as a good food for the brain. Also, it can be eaten when one is camping somewhere and there is nothing else to have. Fried fish is one of the best food recipes.

Rice and lentils

Rice and lentils are a lifesaver. It contains all the nutrients and minerals a teenager requires to stay healthy and fit. Easy to cook and quick to have as well.

Cheese Tortilla/Chapatti

Teenagers love cheese so why not have cheese in the tortilla/chapatti? It is one of the tasiest food recipes. Easy to cook, yummy to have, and the benefits of flour and cheese both will be instated.

Green veggies

Green vegetables are healthy and they serve as the nutrition for the eyes, stomach, bones, and intestines. Vegetables like spinach, carrots, tomato, and beans can be cooked as a homemade soup and with some spice, it will taste delicious.



Teenage is the beginning of all the changes and hardship. During this time, the only thing which they can handle is their choice of food which must be healthy. The above-mentioned food recipes will help them tackle their day-to-day life activities.