101 Adorable Twin Baby Girl Names with Meanings


There is always excitement while expecting a baby. The excitement will be double when you come to know that you are going to have twins. Everything will be doubled. You might be already having a name on mind but now you need to search for different names to name your twins. To make your search easier, here are 101 twin baby girl names with meanings.

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101 Beautiful Twin Baby Girl Names with Meanings

Baby Girl Name MEANING Twin Baby Girl Name MEANING
Aadhira Moon Ava A voice, or a call from beyond
Amani Used to denote the coming of Spring season Pavani A name of Lord Hanuman; sacred, true
Anjana The name of Lord Hanuman’s mother Aparna Another name of Goddess Parvati
Asmita Self-respect, or pride Sushmita A woman with a dazzling smile
Ahaana First ray of the Sun Aarushi Dawn, rays of the sun, flame, bright
Abigail A father’s joy Adriel flock of God
Victoria a pair of classic names meaning ‘a song’ Rebecca beautifully ensnaring/soil
Adah adornment Dinah God will judge
Rhea the mother of the gods Selene the Greek goddess of the moon
Eve life Zoe life
Sarah princess Almirah princess
Lilly flowers on a tall, slender stem Rose flower
Heaven paradise Nevaeh Genius
Sita from the earth Vaidehi from the earth
Aasha hope; life Aashita One who is full of hope
Amira A princess, One who commands Swara A sweet musical tone, Self-shining
Divya A person with a divine aura Navya ‘Young’, or ‘one who deserves praise.’
Haarika An extension of Lord Venkatesha Vihaarika The one who embodies positivity
Jalaja Goddess Lakshmi, it also means ‘lotus’ Vanaja A daughter of the forest
Jaya The victorious one; a name of Goddess Durga Vijaya One who is never defeated
Kamala One who is perfect in every way Vimala ‘White’ or ‘pure’
Grace Blessing Esther secret/hidden
Olive beauty/dignity Lillian purity/beauty
Sheila Greek goddess of the moon Theia a Greek Titan
Jemimah As beautiful as the day Keturah fragrance
Diana Luminous Elisha the Salvation of God
Freya Love’ and ‘light’ Phoebe Love’ and ‘light’
Abigail the father’s joy Emily striving
Farrah beauty Muskaan smile
Meena semi-precious stone or a bird Leena soft and delicate
Kriti A beautiful work of art Krishi ‘Farming’ in Sanskrit
Lavanya The Graceful One Karunya One who is kind or compassionate to everyone
Meenakshi A person with wonderful eyes Kamakshi A name for Goddess Parvati and Goddess Lakshmi
Nisha Night’ in Sanskrit Lisha A woman with great nobility
Eva Living Ava Living
Olive beauty/dignity Lillian purity/beauty
Leelavathi Another name for Goddess Durga Kalavathi Another name for Goddess Parvati
Hallie dweller at the hall meadow Annie grace
Marcella warlike Matilda battle-mighty
Anna favor Elsa God’s promise
Grace eloquence or beauty of form, kindness, mercy, favor Honor integrity, dignity
Arya noble goddess Cersei goddess of magic
Pavitra The Pure One Sumitra One who is friendly towards everyone
Arianna “chaste” and “very holy” Brianna “strong, virtuous and honorable”
Rani Queen’ in Sanskrit Vani An eloquent speech
Preeti ‘Affection’ or ‘love’ Swati The Goddess of Learning- Saraswati
Reshma ‘Silken’ in Sanskrit Karishma A miracle, or a gift from God
Rajeswari ‘Princess’, or the ‘Goddess of Kings’ Kameshwari The Goddess of desires- another name of Goddess Parvathi
Savitri A form of Goddess Lakshmi Gayatri A sacred verse, and another word for ‘Goddess.’
Hera the queen of the heavens Iris the messenger of the gods
Camilla warrior maiden in ancient Rome, and the woman who helped Jason and the Argonauts Medea warrior maiden in ancient Rome, and the woman who helped Jason and the Argonauts
Sheila Greek goddess of the moon Theia a Greek Titan
Addison ruler of the elves Avery ruler of the elves
Kendall Kylie
Srimati Another name for Goddess Lakshmi Charumati A person with a beautiful mind
Urmila Humble, Enchantress Ujwala Bright and lustrous
Gaia goddess of the Earth Cassandra the name of the daughter of Troy’s king and queen
Abbie Emma
Roopali ‘Shapely’ or beautiful Sonali Made of Gold; the Golden One
Alyssa Annalise
Ella beautiful fairy woman Lily flower name that symbolises innocence and purity
Malika Khadija
Lottie Tiny and Feminine Lorna Tiny and Feminine
Rhiannon a pair of quite unusual names, one from the Welsh horse goddess Lorelei one from German folklore
Riti Memory, well-being Akriti Shape, form
Sruthi The ‘taal’ of a song sung with precision Preeti To Love, or be affectionate to everyone
Ava like a bird Ella little cinders
Rajani ‘Night’ in Sanskrit Sujani Pleasant, or easy-going
Poorna The Complete One Sampoorna ‘Full’ or ‘complete.
Olivia olive tree Sophia wisdom
Honey sweet Holly
Keira little dark one Katrina pure
Alice sweet Freya noble lady.
Nayana A person with beautiful eyes Sunayana A person with beautiful eyes
Rachel female sheep Ria from the River’s mouth
Maya illusion Melody music; song
Sisko sister Veli brother
Nikhila A complete person Nikhita River Ganga; also translates to ‘flowing’
Naomi pleasantness Nicole the victory of the people
Hallie dweller at the hall meadow Annie grace
Bonnie Beautiful Beau Handsome
Max Greatest Emme Universal
Neela A person who is enchanting like the moon Leela A worthy creation of God himself
Tanya ambitious, goal-oriented Tina little one
Hugo heart, mind, spirit Hazel the light brown color and the nut
Erin peace Ellen bright, shining light
Jonah Dove Claire Bright and Famous
Nisha ‘Night’ in Sanskrit Lisha A woman with great nobility
Mia mine, dear, darling Maya illusion
Cara beloved Mia mine
Mateo God’s gift Zanetta God’s gift
Primula very first Kato second twin
Aidan fire Nadia Hope
Archer Bowman Molly Star of the sea
Nilambari Blue like the sky Kadambari ‘Goddess’ in Sanskrit
Dorothy Gift from God Theodore God’s Gift
Julia praise Jade green gemstone
Eden delight Eve living
Makayla who is like God Makenzie comely, good looking
Hailey mown hay Kailey slender
Padma The colour of a lotus Sadma A stroke of fortune


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