101 Adorable Twin Baby Girl Names with Meanings


There is always excitement while expecting a baby. The excitement will be double when you come to know that you are going to have twins. Everything will be doubled. You might be already having a name on mind but now you need to search for different names to name your twins. To make your search easier, here are 101 twin baby girl names with meanings.

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101 Beautiful Twin Baby Girl Names with Meanings

Baby Girl NameMEANINGTwin Baby Girl NameMEANING
AadhiraMoonAvaA voice, or a call from beyond
AmaniUsed to denote the coming of Spring seasonPavaniA name of Lord Hanuman; sacred, true
AnjanaThe name of Lord Hanuman’s motherAparnaAnother name of Goddess Parvati
AsmitaSelf-respect, or prideSushmitaA woman with a dazzling smile
AhaanaFirst ray of the SunAarushiDawn, rays of the sun, flame, bright
AbigailA father’s joyAdrielflock of God
Victoriaa pair of classic names meaning ‘a song’Rebeccabeautifully ensnaring/soil
AdahadornmentDinahGod will judge
Rheathe mother of the godsSelenethe Greek goddess of the moon
Lillyflowers on a tall, slender stemRoseflower
Sitafrom the earthVaidehifrom the earth
Aashahope; lifeAashitaOne who is full of hope
AmiraA princess, One who commandsSwaraA sweet musical tone, Self-shining
DivyaA person with a divine auraNavya‘Young’, or ‘one who deserves praise.’
HaarikaAn extension of Lord VenkateshaVihaarikaThe one who embodies positivity
JalajaGoddess Lakshmi, it also means ‘lotus’VanajaA daughter of the forest
JayaThe victorious one; a name of Goddess DurgaVijayaOne who is never defeated
KamalaOne who is perfect in every wayVimala‘White’ or ‘pure’
SheilaGreek goddess of the moonTheiaa Greek Titan
JemimahAs beautiful as the dayKeturahfragrance
DianaLuminousElishathe Salvation of God
FreyaLove’ and ‘light’PhoebeLove’ and ‘light’
Abigailthe father’s joyEmilystriving
Meenasemi-precious stone or a birdLeenasoft and delicate
KritiA beautiful work of artKrishi‘Farming’ in Sanskrit
LavanyaThe Graceful OneKarunyaOne who is kind or compassionate to everyone
MeenakshiA person with wonderful eyesKamakshiA name for Goddess Parvati and Goddess Lakshmi
NishaNight’ in SanskritLishaA woman with great nobility
LeelavathiAnother name for Goddess DurgaKalavathiAnother name for Goddess Parvati
Halliedweller at the hall meadowAnniegrace
AnnafavorElsaGod’s promise
Graceeloquence or beauty of form, kindness, mercy, favorHonorintegrity, dignity
Aryanoble goddessCerseigoddess of magic
PavitraThe Pure OneSumitraOne who is friendly towards everyone
Arianna“chaste” and “very holy”Brianna“strong, virtuous and honorable”
RaniQueen’ in SanskritVaniAn eloquent speech
Preeti‘Affection’ or ‘love’SwatiThe Goddess of Learning- Saraswati
Reshma‘Silken’ in SanskritKarishmaA miracle, or a gift from God
Rajeswari‘Princess’, or the ‘Goddess of Kings’KameshwariThe Goddess of desires- another name of Goddess Parvathi
SavitriA form of Goddess LakshmiGayatriA sacred verse, and another word for ‘Goddess.’
Herathe queen of the heavensIristhe messenger of the gods
Camillawarrior maiden in ancient Rome, and the woman who helped Jason and the ArgonautsMedeawarrior maiden in ancient Rome, and the woman who helped Jason and the Argonauts
SheilaGreek goddess of the moonTheiaa Greek Titan
Addisonruler of the elvesAveryruler of the elves
SrimatiAnother name for Goddess LakshmiCharumatiA person with a beautiful mind
UrmilaHumble, EnchantressUjwalaBright and lustrous
Gaiagoddess of the EarthCassandrathe name of the daughter of Troy’s king and queen
Roopali‘Shapely’ or beautifulSonaliMade of Gold; the Golden One
Ellabeautiful fairy womanLilyflower name that symbolises innocence and purity
LottieTiny and FeminineLornaTiny and Feminine
Rhiannona pair of quite unusual names, one from the Welsh horse goddessLoreleione from German folklore
RitiMemory, well-beingAkritiShape, form
SruthiThe ‘taal’ of a song sung with precisionPreetiTo Love, or be affectionate to everyone
Avalike a birdEllalittle cinders
Rajani‘Night’ in SanskritSujaniPleasant, or easy-going
PoornaThe Complete OneSampoorna‘Full’ or ‘complete.
Oliviaolive treeSophiawisdom
Keiralittle dark oneKatrinapure
AlicesweetFreyanoble lady.
NayanaA person with beautiful eyesSunayanaA person with beautiful eyes
Rachelfemale sheepRiafrom the River’s mouth
MayaillusionMelodymusic; song
NikhilaA complete personNikhitaRiver Ganga; also translates to ‘flowing’
NaomipleasantnessNicolethe victory of the people
Halliedweller at the hall meadowAnniegrace
NeelaA person who is enchanting like the moonLeelaA worthy creation of God himself
Tanyaambitious, goal-orientedTinalittle one
Hugoheart, mind, spiritHazelthe light brown color and the nut
ErinpeaceEllenbright, shining light
JonahDoveClaireBright and Famous
Nisha‘Night’ in SanskritLishaA woman with great nobility
Miamine, dear, darlingMayaillusion
MateoGod’s giftZanettaGod’s gift
Primulavery firstKatosecond twin
ArcherBowmanMollyStar of the sea
NilambariBlue like the skyKadambari‘Goddess’ in Sanskrit
DorothyGift from GodTheodoreGod’s Gift
JuliapraiseJadegreen gemstone
Makaylawho is like GodMakenziecomely, good looking
Haileymown hayKaileyslender
PadmaThe colour of a lotusSadmaA stroke of fortune


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