Best Toddler Slides and Climbers for Kids


Toddlers love staying active and exploring anything from the back of the sofa to the top of the laundry pile. If you’ve got an adventurous toddler in your house, it may be time to build a dedicated climbing environment for them to test their motor skills and burn off excess energy. Play is a very vital part of child development, with jungle gyms, toddler slides and climbing toys being among the best environments for children to exert their strength and dexterity safely. With a whole host of climbing children’s stuff out there to choose from, we’ve selected the 5 best pieces of equipment to keep your toddler both happy and safe in their climbing at home.

toddler slides and climbers

Things to Consider when Buying Toddler Slides and Climbers

Aside from cost, one of the most important considerations when choosing a climbing kids toy is about size; both the size of the toy in comparison to your child and the size of the toy in comparison to your room. Both need to be the perfect fit. Toys that are too heavy or tall can be dangerous for younger children, whilst those that are too light and cumbersome will also be dangerous when more than one toddler uses them. What’s more, be sure to pay attention to the optimum placement of the toy; most climbing ones are placed outside, but you can get indoor slide playsets for toddlers that are just as robust for a price that fits your budget.

Next is your aesthetic preference. Although you’ll want something non-intrusive that can preferably be stored away if indoors, it’s also best to choose something your child will actually enjoy. Try to choose something your child will like, be it in colour or style. With that said, here are our top picks.

Top Toddler Climbing Toys for Girls and Boys

An Enchanting Forest Playground from Lookstep2

LookStep2’s “Naturally Playful Woodland Climber” is a fantastic option for fantasy-inspired toddlers. It simply looks stunning. With an interesting blend of castle and woodland aesthetics, the climbing wall, spinning wheels, ladders, crawl spaces and slide will keep your toddlers busy. Whilst not being too small to put off older toddlers, this set will see several years of constant use. Made of durable plastic, the climber is sturdy with easy assembly without the need for any specialised tools or equipment. As one of the most intricately designed playsets out there, this climber and slide can handle several kids at once, making it a perfect tool for socialising games.



Outdoor Climber Set with Slide and Periscope

LookStep2’s “Naturally Playful Woodland Climber” is a perfect addition for your garden. Built as a treehouse-like lookout point, children will love climbing underneath the set and exploring the viewing point area above, with both doubling up as great places to read or play games. Complete with a slide and ladder, this is perfect for imaginative young ones looking to become their own little lords or ladies of the manor. With a periscope which fully turns and twists, it is a perfect place for toddler’s to burn energy whilst playing outside using an outdoor climbing toy, stimulating motor skills and learning about optics. With easy access between ladder and slide, kids will love climbing up, sliding down and climbing up all over again.


A Crawling Haven with the ECR4Kids Caterpillar Structure

If you have a toddler that just loves crawling around on the floor, this “Caterpillar Climbing Play Structure” is perfect. Built with a number of peek-a-boo holes, children can climb in and over this safe and secure playset. What’s more, its colourful design and cartoonish characterisation are super attractive, with brightly designed feet being perfect for colour-related counting games. This set can be dismantled very easily and built either inside or outside for fun all year round, no matter the weather. Kids aged between 2 to 4 can develop their motor skills whilst they crawl, climb and interact with this playset’s long colourful tunnel, making it ideal for motor development (as well as burning off energy).


Play King of the Mountain with this Summit Climber

This is one of the best outdoor play structures for toddlers who love to climb. Resembling a mountain summit, this “Skyward Summit Brights” climber from Step2 is a safe and sturdy outdoor wall climber for up to 4 children to use at once. It is constructed from plastic and features a number of fantastic climbing tools, including grips and cargo nets. At the top of the climber, children can plant their very own summit flag, making it ideal for goal-based competitions and games. Even without this added summit platform, the climber is a robust design, offering a challenging enough climb so as not to become repetitive or boring for kids. Outdoor playsets for toddlers like this are an ideal way to encourage motor development whilst keeping them occupied, with the tent-like underneath being an ideal safe space for games and book reading. This set is so attractive that you’ll wish it could handle the weight of an adult!



Compact Outdoor Gym for Smaller Budgets

Cheap outdoor playsets for toddlers can often be cumbersome. Luckily, this starter climber from Little Tike is a perfect, colourful option which is strong, sturdy and, most importantly, safe. Complete with portholes for climbing and crawling through, the “Skyward Summit Brights” set is easy to assemble and is practical in its neatly packed size. The addition of a slide means that your little ones will never want to leave this attractive mini-castle. What’s more, although this set is optimised as a toddler play gym for outdoor use, it can easily be assembled inside when the weather turns cold or wet. The only downside (which is also an upside) is its small size. Although ideal for very little ones between the ages of 1 and 2, 4 year-olds will find it too tiny. This is ideal for those with more limited space outside, being unobtrusive and compact.