11 Tips for Relieving Foot Pain During Pregnancy


No room for kidding! You are pregnant and this is a momentous occasion which does bring in bundles of joy. It is not your expanding waistline, the 3 trimesters of pregnancy has profound impact on your body. The module of pregnancy could be pretty challenging, as many ups and downs are expected on route of the 9 joyful months.

Heel or foot pain is significant in pregnant women. There is nothing to worry, expect that it does pose a significant level of discomfort. Sometimes it may be difficult to cope up with the pain.  Varied reasons could be attributed to foot pain, but primarily weight gain is the main cause.

Major problems pertaining to food

A couple of problems widely emerge during the phase of pregnancy

  • Over – protonation-are referred to as flat feet. Here the arch tends to flatten out, due to excess pressure being put on by weight gain. It could also go on to put pressure on the back muscles
  • Edema- swelling of feet is the essence of this problem. It is witnessed in the advanced stages of pregnancy where the uterus goes into an expansion mode in to accommodate the developing baby. Swelling could also arise due to water accumulation in your body and edema restricts your movement.

Let us hereby analyse the tips to relieve foot pain during pregnancy.

Tips for Relieving Foot Pain During Pregnancy

1} Swelling

Your body rakes in extra fluids and this has to go out! Laws of gravity points that it rolls down to your feet. When an opportunity presents itself put your feet up. You could also put on compression weights in the morning.

Relieving Foot Pain


2} Tired feet

Blood levels increase in the circulation system and carrying the little one in your womb does take a toll on the feet. To sooth and rekindle tired legs, try a peppermint cream. It is embedded with antioxidants that make your leg stronger.

3} Travelling with a sense of passion

While travelling movement is the key. Be ittoeing wiggles or wandering along an aisle!On all counts be hydrated.

4} A cramp at night

Women are known to face cramps at night. This could be attributed to low levels of magnesium. Increase the intake of water during pregnancy and consume foods like dried fruits, beans (rich source of magnesium). Some quick stretches before going to bed may keep the stomach cramps at bay.

5} An ideal pair of shoes

You are not going to buy a pair of shoes just for pregnancy going to be done and dusted.  Numerous pregnancy centric options are available, which are going to look great on you. Any shoe shopping needs to be done at the far end of the day as the feet would have swollen completely and it is at the largest size.

6} Avail the services of a professional

If the pain is not showing any sign to subsidize soon, then visit an orthopaedist. The pain can stretch to weeks or months after pregnancy. It all boils down to your body.

7} Slowing down

You may face a sudden spurt in your energy levels, but if you feel pain, warning bells are ringing. It is high time your restrict exercises and the don’t do activities during pregnancy


8} A nice pair of socks

You should spot a pair of socks where your circulation is not restricted in any manner.

9} Stretch

The best way to remove pain and tightness is stretching plantar fascia. A towel is to be placed on a pad and this has to be placed under the toes and then pulled back.

10} Icing

Application of ice on the inflamed area can reduce the pain.  An ice pack in a towel wrapped on the feet would work wonders. Your feet should be allowed to rest for 20 minutes.

11} Support

In your heel a shoe could be inserted. If the arch is not supported, then it is of no use. Most of the drug stores would undertake this and even if it is a flat sandal look for proper arch support.

Numerous problems crop up in pregnancy. Some are common; others do not deserve that much attention. One of them incidentally is foot pain. Since a pregnant woman is known to gain weight in a natural manner, gravity levels are altered. This tends to put extra pressure on the feet along with the knees.

It is of fundamental importance that women are aware of the various foot problems so that can endure the 9 months in a comfortable manner




Pregnancy and Your Feet