11 Tips for Baby’s First Christmas


Christmas is round the corner, festivity is in the air. People all around the world are busy planning and preparing for their Christmas celebrations. It is all the more exciting for new parents, as it is going to be first Christmas for their “bundle of joy”.

To make your Christmas more fun and memorable we have brought together few tips. Check them out and get ready for an exciting and cherishable and stress free Christmas with the new member of your family.

11 Tips for Baby’s First Christmas

1) An annual family Christmas photo shoot 

In this age of selfies we are clicking pictures all the time anyways. But what we are suggesting is,do a proper, formal photo shoot with your family and make it a tradition to be followed over the years. Paste the pictures in a beautiful album and keep it safe. Follow this ritual every year and trap the beautiful moments of your life in it. Decades later ,when your kiddo has all grown up and gone away to explore and contribute to the world, you can take out the album and reminisce the good old days.

family Christmas photo shoot

Nothing can beat the nostalgic feeling of remembering the happy times of our lives. So why not start with your baby’s first Christmas.

2) A personalised, special christmas ornament for your baby

During the christmas season we come across a variety of ornaments in the market ; glittery balls, photo ornaments, body suits and what not. Choose your baby’s first ornament wisely as you are going to keep it for a lifetime. Try to give some personal touch to it by printing your baby’s name and photo or doing some DIY craft on it. Once done pack it back safely, to be used in the next christmas.


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3) Making a DIY stocking using your baby’s old sock

A cute,tiny,furry, soft sock is more than enough to melt our hearts. You can make your own stocking using your little ones’s old sock. Just stuff the sock and do some craft work on the outer side. Hang this along your staircase and see for yourself , how beautiful it looks. Do this every year with your child’s sock and see how your kiddo has grown over the years. As your little one grows she too can help you in doing this.

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4) Donating toys and dresses

Instilling good values in our kids is a very important part of bringing up. Why not use christmas as an opportunity to start this. Donating toys and clothes among the less fortunate will not only help in contributing towards the world , but also make our children learn an important life lesson- “gratitude”. As a toddler she might not understand, but as you follow the rituals over the years it will get deep seated in her mind and help her become a good human being.

Donating toys and dresses

5) Inviting folks over to your place

Before your baby was born, you would have visited friends and relatives for Christmas party, but this time , just for a change invite people to your home. This could reduce the stress on yourself and your little one. Taking the baby out in the cold for long distance travels could be very taxing for both of you. So instead, call the folks to your place so that the baby can both enjoy and be comfortable in her cozy home.


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6) Using baby proof decors

It is understandable that you would like to deck up your home with lots of colourful things, to show off to your friends and relatives when they visit. If your baby is yet to crawl you can carry on as usual,but of you have an active baby you need to use baby friendly things to keep her safe. A Christmas tree must be kept far away from her reach , as she can injure herself while poking and prodding into it.

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Keep your home as baby proof as possible to have a stress less christmas.

7) A simple , beautiful yet memorable baby dress

Dolling up our little one- This is one activity that is enjoyed by all mammas around the world, no matter what. With an array of dresses available in the market and online, take your time to select a simple , comfortable yet beautiful dress for your cutie pie.

You can also dress her up like santa-claus , reindeer or an elf. Snap friendly costumes are available in the market, which make our job more easier. Click a picture of your little one and secure in your Christmas album.


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8) Securing the gifts for future

Your baby is sure to get lots of gifts from your near and dear ones. Your tiny tot is too small to enjoy the gifts , so you can politely ask for a gift free Christmas from your folks. But if your request is ignored keep the gifts secured for future use.

christmas gifts for future9) A stroll around your locality

The streets and markets near your place would be lit up during Christmas. Take your toddler for a little stroll or a drive around the streets.The kiddo would love to ogle at the light show that is on display.

around your locality

10) Finally the christmas dinner

Plan well in advance for the menu. Include baby friendly food in the menu.Ask for help from your dear ones to craft a perfect dinner. You can also ask the guests to bring in their foods like appetizers to lessen your stress.


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11) Take it easy and keep it simple

Don’t worry if your Christmas doesn’t go as planned. It is absolutely understandable the difficulties a new parent goes through. With sleepless nights, reckless shedule,messy home it is completely fine if things don’t come together as anticipated. Enjoy the moment and be happy, that is what is the essence of all these celebrations.

Executive Summary

A baby’s first year is full of milestones and first Christmas is no exception. Your baby might not remember any of the things they did on their first holiday season, but still it will be a magical time for you and your family.

From first annual christmas photoshoot, first baby ornament, doing DIY crafts to decorate your home, inviting folks over to your place,Christmas dinner with your family to a stroll around your area will all hold a special place in your heart.

Your baby’s first Christmas might mark a new beginning to many traditions that you might follow over the years. So have an awesome Christmas new parents.