51 Insanely Cool Things You can Do with Baby Food Jars


If you’re a young mother and have a good collection of baby food jars, don’t throw them away. Instead, you can repurpose them with just a little imagination and some colours and crafts that you already have. Here are 51 whacky ideas that you could use to have jars that can be of great value and use to you:

51 Whacky Baby Food Jar Craft Ideas

baby food jar crafts

  1. Votive holders: If you like the idea of mood lighting in your bedroom, why not spray paint your baby food jars and convert them into votive holders?
  2. Grow herbs: Create most enjoyable dinners by adding fresh herbs to them. Grow a range of herbs in your food jars and sit them down on your kitchen windowsill where they can catch the maximum sunlight.
  3. Right for spices: If you’re short on space, organize your spices in them. Place these jars in an empty drawer and spray paint each bottle in different colours so that you can identify them easily.
  4. Take off your nail polish: If you find taking off your nail polish one big bother, use a baby food jar innovatively. By placing a sponge inside a food jar, ensure that it fully absorbs the nail polish remover by pressing your fingers down to soak it in. In the process, your nail polish comes off easily.
  5. Food jars as a gift: If you need to gift your kid’s teacher, fill up a jar with candy or sweets and present it to her.
  6. Glitter jars: Give your kids something to play with for a few hours by adding some glitter to these jars. They also make good gifts.
  7. Make snow globes: Your family and friends will always appreciate receiving colourful and intricate snow globes. It’s only when you begin to make them that you’ll realize how easy they are to make. You can find a tutorial online from Martha Stewart.
  8. Make a bird feeder: Now, go ahead and make your own bird feeder with your food jars. Paint them in bright colours that will attract birds to them.
  9. Hang planters: You can add a touch of colour to your kitchen by growing flowers or herbs in these jars. All you need to do is add soil and seeds and water them every day.
  10. Bake mini cakes: Use these jars to bake small or mini cakes.
  11. Display flowers: Dip these food jars in paint to make a colourful vase for floral display.
  12. Storage plaque: Repurpose food jars to create a chic plaque to serve as wall storage. You can fill it up with bobby pins and hang it over your dressing table.
  13. Christmas trinkets: You can use these jars to make a wonderfully beautiful Christmas tree decoration.
  14. Make candles: If you have some old candles that you want to re-use, melt them and pour them into the food jars so that they are repurposed to be a candle in a bottle.
  15. Organize your child’s craft supplies: Convert your baby food jars into storage units that can hold your child’s art and craft supplies.
  16. Make topiaries: If you’re going to host a baby shower sometime soon, you can use your baby food jars to make topiaries just to add some wonder and nostalgia.
  17. Make salt and pepper cellars: Make a cute couple of salt and pepper shakers instead of using store-bought ones.
  18. Make snowmen for Christmas: If you want to save a lot of money at Christmas time, you can make snowmen by using baby food jars creatively.
  19. Make bud vases: By dipping food jars in paint, you can change their faces entirely. The bud vases you have will certainly look different from the ones at the stores.
  20. Desk organizer: You can organize your coloured pencils, crayons and markers in one place. In fact, you can even color-code some spaces for your markers and crayons so that your kids find it easy to use and keep in order.
  21. How about having your own pincushion? If you’re wondering what to do with the extra buttons that come attached to your and your kids’ clothes, you can store them in repurposed food jars and use top it up with a pincushion.
  22. Create your own photo frames: Why have sedate square or rectangular picture frames when you can have them in an entirely different shape, size and material? All you need to do is to add the photo of your choice and invert it and see the wonderful difference it makes.
  23. Make an eco-friendly Advent calendar: By creating an interesting Advent calendar from your left over food jars, you can have them hold little surprises for your kiddies for each day of the calendar.
  24. Hair-Band holders: Use your baby’s food jars to hold your little girls clips and hair bands so that they stay organized in one place.
  25. Lego figure heads: You can convert your used baby food jars so that they take the form of Lego small figure heads. Just use spray paint, all the creativity you have and a black marker and you’ve got something new and useful.
  26. A rattle for your kids: Kids love the sound of rattles, so why not just make a noisy one but something that’s equally colourful too? Fill the baby food jars with a little dyed rice and you’re good to go.
  27. Play-Doh holders: Kids love playing with pliable Play-Doh as much as they like to enjoy themselves with several colours. They’d love to play with small lots of Doh in myriad colours which you can place in food jars where they will remain fresh.
  28. Paint containers: If you’re into creating arts and crafts, all the containers for paint that you need could never be enough for you. Once you create these paint containers, you can pour out just enough paint when you need it.
  29. Fabric tea lights: If you don’t want any Votives at home, that’s fine. But you can dress these baby food jars with some elegant fabric and convert them into unique and easy to maintain Candleholders.
  30. Paintbrush, rinse: Fill these jars with water and place them on your art table so that you can dip your paint brushes in them as you paint.
  31. Store seeds: If you need a container to store seeds and to germinate them, do it in these jars.
  32. Store labels and glitter for scrap books: If you’re into scrapbooking, you can use these jars to store all the paint and labels you would need to embellish your scrapbooks.
  33. Receptacle for bath salts: Paint your baby food jars in bright colours and fill them up with bath salts.
  34. Cupcakes in a jar: Make cupcakes in a jar and gift them to your friends and family.
  35. Store finger paint: You can store finger paint that you have made in these receptacles.
  36. Romantic oil lamps: Give your bedroom a soft glow from the baby food jars that you convert into oil lamps. To make these lamps, you don’t need anything more than a wick, oil and a jar.
  37. Hang glass chandeliers in your backyard: Give a country look to your backyard, particularly when you hold barbecue nights. Repurposing these food jars into chandeliers are easy to do and add light and color to your open space.
  38. Build your own terrariums: Set a plant in natural environs in a food jar.
  39. Store hardware items: Everything needs a home to live in and so it is with bolts, screws, nuts, washers, etc. If you want them all in one place, screw on the lids using a wood piece and mount the wood as you would a shelf. You’ll create a neat storage space for all your hardware.
  40. Fill them up with potpourri: Choose the potpourri that you like. Cover the mouth of the jar with fabric through which the scent of the potpourri can waft into the environment.
  41. Fill it up with salad dressing: If you want to carry a small portion of salad dressing with you, perhaps on a picnic, these jars are just the right size.
  42. Convert the jars into unique paperweights: Fill with different layers of sand and other interesting layers such as glitter and glue the lid into place. Decorate the lid and give away as gifts or use at home.
  43. Carry pet food when out on a drive: If you’re going to be out with your pet for a while, carry some pet food in a jar which you can feed him from time to time.
  44. Make mini dessert parfaits: If you’re soon to host a get-together, why not do something unusual? Perhaps, setting parfaits in baby food jars would be a good idea. Not only are these jars a good size for a serving of dessert, but visually too they are very pleasing.
  45. Store bathroom essentials: Use these jars to store things like Q-tips, cotton balls and other things in baby food jars. Place these jars on a tray and set them on a counter where they are accessible when needed.
  46. Pickle jars: Use them to store a few varieties of pickles.
  47. Display flowers in them: Stick a flower into a baby food jar and you’ve got a new vase.
  48. Paint monster faces on them: Just for the fun of it, paint the sides of these jars with monster faces.
  49. Set hot cocoa in a jar: It’s easy to set cocoa in these jars if you take online instructions. There, you’ve got the perfect gift for those around you.
  50. Make mini musical instruments for your kids: Ask your kid to choose all kinds of things that make a noise. Put these jingling, tingling items in the jars and listen to all the fascinating and different sounds that emanate from the jars.
  51. Make play food for your kids: When your kids play house-house, you can store rice, dry beans and pasta to these jars and stick them with glue so that lids close firmly.


With so many interesting and unique ideas that you can use to repurpose your food jars, you can never be short of useful containers for different purposes.