Sperm-Friendly Lubricants to Get Pregnant Fast: Are they Effective?


If you and your partner are planning on starting a family, the first and foremost thing to keep in mind is the fact that when it comes to conceiving, sex is not the only way. There are several factors to be kept in mind for making sure that the sperm reaches the egg and fertilizes it in order to form an embryo and foetus. Apart from that, make sure that the decision that you are taking is in a sane state of mind as you would definitely not want family problems later! However, coming back to getting pregnant, keep a track of your monthly periods and ask your doctor about the most suitable time of the month during which you can try conceiving.

Get Pregnant Fast: Sperm-Friendly Lubricants You Can Use

Get Pregnant Fast: Sperm-Friendly Lubricants You Can Use

One of the important things to keep in mind is that you should stop using contraceptives while having sex in order to get pregnant. Although this might come as a surprise, another equally important factor to consider is that you need to stop reaching out for that bottle of lubricant every time. As much as it is understandable that lubricants make sex even more sensual, you must be aware of the brands that you buy during the period of your planned conception. There are numerous over-the-counter lubricants that actually reduce the speed and the pace of the sperms that swim towards the egg. This is because the sperms cannot make their way quickly through the thick consistency of the lubricants. Now, you might know why you have not been able to conceive in the past few attempts, even though there is nothing wrong with your medical reports!

There are, however, several sperm-friendly lubricants available in the markets which can actually help the swimming rate and motility of the sperms so that they can reach the uterus and fertilize the egg into a future foetus. These products come with a lower concentration of particles that stop the sperms from swimming through in the right direction. Talk to the doctor and choose those specific lubricants that are medically recommended and commercially available and can help both your partner as well as you. While buying, read the labels carefully. Some of them might come with the tags ‘pH balance’ and ‘osmolality’. The tags mean that these lubricants will provide you with the perfectly balanced pH level required to conceive. Other commercial lubricants which are not recommended by the doctors are the ones that distort the pH balance, while there is no potential harm done to you. The only drawback is that they reduce the chances of conception.

According to medical research, doctors have come up with a list of certain lubricants that boost the chances of getting pregnant. The most popular ans trusted brands among the people trying to conceive are as follows:

  • Sliquid Oceanics Natural Lube
  • Astroglide TTC
  • Yes Baby Sperm-Friendly Lubricant
  • Sasmar Conceive Plus
  • Pre-Seed Fertility-Friendly Lubricant
  • Cannola Oil
  • Baby Oil

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The last two are not lubricants but doctors say that if you run out of lubes, you can easily depend on these oils that are organic and skin-friendly as well as sperm-friendly.

There is another school of medical researchers who have come up with the thesis that these products do not essentially lead to pregnancy. People who are not using these sperm-friendly lubricants but are using other regular lubricants have also conceived at the right time.

Some doctors have also said that instead of using commercial lubricants which might have a chance of reducing the sperms’ swimming speed, one can also rely on their natural bodily lubricators. The most common element is the cervical mucus that women produce regularly. Hence, if you are facing vaginal dryness, please visit a gynaecologist to see if the mucus can be restored with the proper usage of medication or a mild fertility treatment which can be pill-based unless serious. Most women tend to wash off those natural secretions that they see. In lieu of this, they actually wash out all the lubricants that can help them enjoy better sex and thereby conceive.

As you now know that the debate surrounding sperm-friendly or fertility- friendly commercial lubricants have two answers, the best thing to possibly do is to give it a try in the beginning and then visit the doctor if you are unable to conceive. However, most doctors do agree on the usage of sperm-friendly lubricants. However, when you visit the gynaecologist, you will be tested and then advised on the next steps solely based on your own situation rather than the market trends. So it is not wise to jump to conclusions, feel tensed, and diagnose yourself in the search of possible causes for your delayed conception.

The less you worry, the more you will be able to think clearly. Hence, you will end up taking better decisions after consulting the doctor! Unless the doctor says anything in particular and if your medical reports seem fine, there is nothing in the world to be scared of!

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