11 Best Sex Positions To Get Pregnant


If trying to conceive and want to do all that can be done to expedite the process. Some people believe that a couple can get pregnant sooner if trying specific sex positions. 

Why Do Sex Positions Matter?

Although there is no scientific evidence to prove that some sexual positions are more effective than others for getting pregnant, there are many age-old beliefs that quote this. The male sperm is ejaculated and deposited close to the female cervix. So, a couple wanting to conceive should avoid positions that don’t allow exposure of the cervix to the male sperm. 

best sex position to get pregnant

Is it essential/important to have an orgasm to conceive?

An orgasm is a feeling of intense pleasure for a couple. Some describe it as a tingling sensation while others describe it as an explosive feeling. For men, orgasm leads to the ejaculation of sperm whereas for women it involves lubricated vaginal walls and a swollen clitoris along with the release of built-up tension. Most women wonder whether an orgasm makes it easier for them to get pregnant. The answer is no. Orgasm helps a woman feel relaxed and enjoy sex, though gentle contractions in the uterus may help the sperm move towards the fallopian tubes, these contractions happen even with the absence of an orgasm. So, it isn’t a must to have an orgasm to conceive. 

11 Best Sex Positions To Get Pregnant 

Missionary position 

It is one of the most common and popular sex positions for getting pregnant. It can be said that most babies in the world are born in this position. That is because the sperm is deposited closer to the cervix in the upper vagina facilitating easy access to the uterine and cervical canal. The woman is on the back while the man is on top. 

Glowing triangle position

This sex position is similar to the missionary position but is a little different. Although the woman lies on the back with the man on top, the man is on all focus. The woman’s pelvis is raised and her legs are wrapped around the partner. The glowing triangle position allows deeper penetration and also increases the chances of conception. 


Doggy style

This increases the chances of pregnancy as it involves deep penetration. It requires both partners to be the focus. The man penetrates the woman from behind. This position opens up the cervix and makes it easy for fertilization. 

Magic mountain position

This position is a variant of doggy style. In this, the man bends over the woman such that the woman’s back is against the chest. For better balance and support, the woman can use cushions or pillows under the upper body. This position allows faster and deeper movement of sperm and is effective for achieving an orgasm. 

Anvil position

This position is a variant of the classic missionary pose. In this position, the woman has to raise the legs above her head. It has good chances of conceiving because of deep penetration. The raised legs help in stimulating the woman’s G-Spot as well. 

Plough position

This gives a better chance of conceiving and also adds zing to the sex life. The woman is positioned like a wheelbarrow with the legs in the air. Gravity pulls the sperm deeper into the cervix. 

Spooning position

This is a romantic and effective position in which a woman lies to the side and the man spoons from behind. It allows the woman’s cervix to be angled at 90 degrees and provides better accessibility to the sperm. 

Butterfly position

Infuse some excitement and adventure between the sheets by making love in the position. In this position, the woman lies on a table and the partner raises her hips while penetrating. It is one of the best and most effective positions that allows the sperm to stay in the woman’s vagina for longer. 


Union of the wolf

In this sex position, the woman stands with her back to the partner. The partner penetrates from behind while holding their waist. The woman leans forward so that the sperm have better access to the cervix. 

Sphinx position

This position requires the woman to lie on the tummy with one leg to the side and the other straight. The man straddles from behind with the weight on his forearms. This is an excellent position for conception because it allows deep penetration. 

Peg position

In this position, the woman is on top while the man lies on the back. This position helps the woman orgasm and also conceives. It’s suitable for women having heavier male partners.  

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  • Consuming alcohol affects ovulation, the menstrual cycle, and hormones making conceiving difficult. 
  • Consuming too much tea or coffee affects reproductive health and fiddles with conception. 
  • Refrain from smoking as it interferes with the quality of the eggs and sperm and increases the chances of genetically defective embryos. 
  • Keep the body and mind healthy to improve the chances.
  • Being either underweight or overweight on the BMI scale can affect fertility. 

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Getting pregnant is one of the biggest joys every couple looks forward to. Although there’s no guarantee, try different sex positions to increase the chances of conception. Get a complete health check-up before starting a family.