11 Foods to Avoid in Third Trimester


So, you have set into your third trimester? And, have begun to pick names for your tiny tot. As tempted as you may be, avoid over eating and binge eating in the third trimester. Continue to eat healthy for a normal and hassle free delivery. Listed below are 11 foods you are better off avoiding during your third trimester.

During pregnancy, you are eating for two. Therefore, food forms a major part of pregnant woman’s life. However, some foods need to be kept off for the amount of bacteria contained in them. These bacteria could harm the mother and the baby as well. Moreover, when it comes to food-borne illnesses and infections, pregnant women are more susceptible to these because of altered immunity levels.

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List of Foods to Avoid in Third Trimester

Here is a list of surprising 11 foods that need to be avoided during third trimester of pregnancy.

1. Unpasteurized Milk and by Products

Although milk is important during pregnancy, make it a point to keep away from unpasteurized milk. It is also recommended to avoid eating products prepared using unpasteurized milk. This is because they might carry disease causing microbes which can be harmful for fetus development. As a precaution, make sure to boil unpasteurized milk before use.

2. Raw or Undercooked Chicken and Meat

If you are a non-vegetarian, make it a point to eat all types of meat – goat, lamb, chicken, and beef – cooked at 73 degrees Celsius. This would help to kill the parasites that can lead to food poisoning in pregnant women.


3. Processed and Junk Food

Pregnant women are advised to stay away from all types of junk and processed foods, especially those prepared using refined flours. These include food items like Bread, Pasta, Pizza, and Cookies. Also, try to avoid packaged or ready made food items like Ketchup’s, pasta sauce, and pickles for they contain chemicals and preservatives added for enhanced shelf life.

4. Chinese Food

Chinese food is loaded with mono sodium glutamate – MSG– which can be harmful for the development of fetus. Besides, it can also be a cause for birth defects. Adding further, soya sauce contains high amount of salt and can, therefore, lead to high blood pressure.

Foods to Avoid in Third Trimester

5. Avoid Street Food

During pregnancy, many women crave for spicy, tangy food, like tikki, samosas, kathi rolls, chownein – the list is endless. Although these food items appear highly tempting, it is advised to say a strict NO to all these food items for the poor hygiene standards. Besides, these spicy foods can give you heartburn and indigestion. However, in case of strong cravings, you can prepare these at home with proper hygiene standards.

6. High Salt Foods

High salt foods can cause water retention in the body. And, water retention during the last trimester can be rather annoying and cause swollen feet and ankles. Avoid sprinkling any extra salt over the salads. Also, avoid pickles as high level of salt is used for preservation.

7. Raw or Undercooked Eggs

Avoid consumption of raw or undercooked eggs to keep away the Salmonella virus. Food items like mousse, mayonnaise, homemade desserts, and home-made sauces involve the use of raw eggs for preparation. So, a big NO to these as well!


8. Pineapple

It is recommended to avoid pineapple during pregnancy as it can cause uterine contractions thus leading to premature delivery. This is because of the Bromelain contained in it which can soften the cervix thus causing labor before time leading to a premature delivery which can be painful for both the mother and the baby.

9. Fenugreek Seeds

During pregnancy, high doses of fenugreek seeds can induce contractions because of the high heat tendency because of phytoestrogens – used generally to start menstruation and treat hormonal disorders as well. Moreover, it is also given after delivery to improve milk production for breast feeding.

10. Aloe Vera

It is advised to avoid consumption of Aloe Vera during pregnancy as it might cause uterine contractions. Besides, it can also drop the sugar levels of the blood. Sometimes, it also causes diarrhea and vomiting thus causing loss of essential minerals and electrolytes from the body. You can however apply aloe vera topically on your skin without the worry of side effects.

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11. Raw Papaya

This is something to avoid completely. Raw papaya contains Latex – which can start uterine contractions thus leading to miscarriage during pregnancy. Besides, the amount of pepsin and Papain can also cause fetal developmental issues. Therefore, it is advised by doctors to avoid raw papaya completely throughout the pregnancy.

The third trimester can be tricky and overwhelming. All that extra weight can be hard to deal with. But, remember you are just around the corner of an all-new phase filled with fun, joy, laughter and several other endearing emotions. Eat healthy and Stay healthy for yourself and for your baby.


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