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8 Essential Self-Care Tips For Teens And Young Adults


Although the root cause of it is not clear, it seems that Teens and young adults these days are more stressed and anxious as they were ever before. This may be caused due to the influence of either social media or societal pressures, their concerns range from academic pressures or the constant need for perfection and this leads to them feeling overwhelmed to do well in school, community service, sports, arts, family, and religious activities, etc. 

self care tips for teens

So this is where self care steps in and it is becoming more and more important to take care of yourself as essence of self-care is doing something that makes you feel refreshed. Self care doesn’t always mean bubble baths, long showers or binge eating your favourite food. Often the things which you may prefer to practise in the form of self care may not always give relaxation. They could be aimed towards working for reducing a stressful situation from arising in the near future like it could be something as simple as completing your chores beforehand. 

Mentioned below are some self care tips which can be practiced by teens and young adults:-

8 Best Self-Care Tips for Teens


What better way there is to calm your mind than to meditate? Meditation has proven to benefit the brain and it also helps in changing the structure and function of the brain and makes it more improved. Inculcation of this in your daily routine not only promotes relaxation but also reduces anxiety, depression and stress. Teenagers can learn meditation through various online videos or they can seek the help of an expert. The most amazing thing about meditation is it could be done in any place and anytime, just when you feel like doing it. It is an excellent way to relax your mind and it fits in your self care routine as well. 


Staying physically active is not only good for your physical health but also it works wonders for your mental health. You can try various methods of working out like strength training, aerobics, cardio or something like dancing. If you don’t have time for working out simply walking two miles a day can also work wonders for you. Getting outside for work can help you to clear your head and get close to nature. People who workout regularly are prone to less depression and anxiety. So grab your running shoes and sweat it out!


Sleep Well

Sleep contributes a lot towards a person’s emotional and physical state, it also impacts thinking of an individual. Young adults and teenagers mostly need eight to nine hours of sleep to function best. Very often circumstances make it difficult for teens to ensure this when they have a schedule that is filled with academic, social and recreational activities, but it sure has a big payoff.  When you have a regular sleep schedule going to sleep at same time daily sets your body’s biological clock in a way that you automatically remember when to go to sleep and when to awaken. 

Creative Expression: 

Conveying your thoughts and feelings through a creative outlet is a form of selfcare. It could range from journaling, writing poetry, painting to drawing, doing photography, dancing, or playing music. Doing this helps in channelling your emotional state through an artistic form. Some teens may choose to do this through a serious outlook and take lessons. Remember not to slog yourself striving for perfection and when done correctly immersing yourself in creative arts simply can ward off adverse thoughts and feelings.

Practice Positive Self Talk:

Self talk which is positive can give motivating results and in turn help you in becoming a better version of yourself as well as improving your shortcomings. Teenagers mustn’t engage in negative self talk as it can cause harm. You must recognize the things which are good about yourself and feel confident. 

Live In The Moment:

Growing up teens spend an excellent deal of time incubating over missed opportunities and sometimes feel frustrated about things around them. Young adults must learn to savour the present moment in their life rather than focusing on past failures and worrying about future uncertainties. 

Limit Social Media Usage: 

Although Social media has a positive impact and it harbours immense power, it has it’s evils too. Spending too much time on various portals leads teenagers to compare their lives with those of their friends along with other people who are portrayed in social media. This unwanted comparison could lead to stress, worry and cause anxiety as well. So it’s always a better idea to limit the use of social media and use it for just a couple of hours a day. 

Be Kind To Yourself: 

We live in an ever competing world where teenagers always feel themselves under pressure to take on the world, however it is wise to not take too much. Teens must limit their everyday commitments and activities in a way that doesn’t put too much pressure on them, they should choose the ones which are beneficial to them. Being kind to yourself implies giving your body and mind the much needed rest from time to time. 



Everybody’s teenage years are filled with many ups and downs as they go through physical and emotional changes and often, life appears to be complicated. So it becomes vital to spend a dedicated amount of their time on self-care. It can mean different things to different people , Some may find it in an uninterrupted nap in the afternoon, while for others, it might mean enjoying a meal by themselves  or taking a long shower or something as simple as reading their favourite book all day long.