21 Reasons to Call the Doctor During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a very confusing time. You feel like something is wrong all the time. Your worries are understandable. But these are the signs are important to know. For instance if you are facing bleeding, fever, pains, chills, headache, fainting, dizziness, painful urination, moderate amount of pelvic pain, painful vomiting, heavy or moderate amount vaginal discharge, swelling of hands, feet and face, constant headache, and lack of fetal movement.

If you are facing with any of the above mentioned symptoms then it is important that you contact your physician.

Reasons to Call the Doctor During Pregnancy

Bleeding & Spotting

Bleeding during pregnancy is not a good sign. It means that your uterus is not in a proper shape. If you notice spotting or bleeding then you should call the doctor. The fetus needs the blood inside in your womb for nutrition and oxygen.


Mild or high fever during pregnancy is also not a good sign. It means that infection is there within you. It will cause harm to you. It will also cause harm to your baby. That is why it is important to call the doctors during such occasions.


There can be occasional pains. However, if the pain becomes consistent then in that case you should consult your doctor. Severe pains during pregnancy mean that something is not right. Contact your doctor, today if you are facing any kind of sharp or blunt pains.


Sometimes chills are also indicators that something is not right. It can be an indicator of an infection or fever. That is why you need to take proper precautions and care whilst dealing with such situations. Chills are definitely an indicator that you should call a doctor.



Constant headaches are also another problem. It indicates fever or infection within you. It also indicates dehydration. That is the reason why it is considered as an indicator. If you are having headaches on a certain time of the day, then also it needs attention. You might also need to be hydrated properly as otherwise your fetus’s life will be in threat.call Doctor during Pregnancy


You can feel a bit tipsy, now and then. However, too much of fainting can actually mean that your blood pressure is low. Also it might mean that the hemoglobin level might be a bit on the lower side. That will make your fetus starve from nutrition and oxygen.


Fatigues are natural during pregnancy. But if you feel always worn out, then there is some problem. Fatigue during pregnancy is a worrying sign. In such cases it is important that you consult with your doctor.


 If not fainting, then dizziness is certainly another factor to look out for. Constant dizziness is alarming. They essentially indicate the same thing. Either your hemoglobin level is low. That means that your fetus is starving from proper nutrition and oxygen. Or it might also be that your blood pressure is on the lower side. That might put pressure on your heart to pump out more to your fetus. In either case you need to summon a doctor to get it checked.

Painful Urination

Painful urination is a sign of bladder infection. Bladder infection can lead to other sorts of intestinal damages. This can be dangerous for both you and your baby. If the infection spreads then it can put your child’s life in danger. So, if you face this kind of discomfort, during your pregnancy, it is important that you check with the doctor.

Changing Urine Color

If you feel like that your urine is becoming cloudy and not clearly transparent then it is a serious matter of concern. Contact your doctor or go for a urine test. You should not allow the infection to settle in or it will turn for the worse.


Pelvic Pain

While pelvic pains are normal, constant pelvic pain is not something very normal, during pregnancy. This kind of pelvic pain can indicate that there is something severely wrong with your pregnancy. Drink a lot of water. However, even if it does not stop, then do not hesitate to call the doctor.

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Icky feeling in the first trimester of your pregnancy is normal. However, if the vomiting continues for a prolonged period, it is definitely a sign of concern. Moreover, if the puke is painful then you definitely need to check with the doctor.

Heavy Vaginal Discharge

Heavy to moderate vaginal discharge is not a welcoming sign during pregnancy. If your vagina continues discharging thick sediments after pregnancy please have a talk with your doctor. Also if there is rush of thin liquid pouring, then also it is important that you consult with your doctor.

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Swelling of Limbs

Swelling of limbs is common during pregnancy. However, excessive swelling of limbs can only mean that your blood pressure has risen beyond normal. This can be a direct threat to the health of your heart, as it already has to pump a lot of blood to your uterus.


Swelling of Face

Similar effects can also be observed in the face. If you feel that your face has swelled quite excessively in the last few days of pregnancy then you must surely pay the doctor a visit. Your timely deduction of the symptoms is critical in this matter.

Lack of Fetal movement

If your fetus stops moving, all of a sudden, then it is a matter of concern. Lack of fetal movement can only mean that your fetus is not getting proper energy or there can be something seriously wrong. Book an appointment sooner you feel such problem.

Pulling Sensation in the Abdominal Area

You might feel pulling sensations in the abdominal area. However, if it sustains for a longer time period it is vital that you get it checked. It can indicate bladder or uterus infection. Both are harmful to you and your child.

Loss of Appetite

Losing appetite is natural. However, if it continues then it is something serious? Without proper diet both you and your baby will suffer a lot. That is a reason why you need to check with a doctor if you lose your appetite during pregnancy.

Lack of Sleep

Restlessness, uneasiness and lack of sleep are all indications of a pregnancy going wrong. Your sleep can be patchy, but nonetheless, if you cannot sleep, in peace, the entire functioning of your body gets hampered. Call your doctor and get the things sorted out.


During your pregnancy you cannot skip drinking water. Any lack of water can cause severe dehydration to you and your fetus. Dehydration will trigger certain amount of dryness and also severe headaches. Check with your doctor.


Blurry Vision

Apart from swelling of face, high blood pressure can also cause blurry vision to you. So, if you are facing any trouble seeing things, then it is important that you check out with the doctor. It can take worse turn. And can damage your sight for good.

Itchy feet and Palm

If the soles of your feet and the palms of your hands are extremely itchy it can also a concern. It can be a complicated liver disease. It might increase the amount of bile secretion in your body.

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It is always better to be safe than sorry. Know these symptoms and keep in touch with your doctor. Apart from these signs, if you feel uneasy and uncomfortable with anything then do not hesitate to get it checked.