7 Reason Why Pink Himalayan Salt is Better Than Regular Salt


Himalayan salt is a type of salt. It is naturally pink in color. The salt is mined from the foothills of the Himalaya. It offers plenty of benefits for the users. Himalayan salts are natural detoxifiers. It will help your child get rid of all the toxic elements of the body. Secondly, Himalayan salt helps to keep the body hydrated. It will help your child’s body to retain water. Himalayan salt also helps in fighting cold and congestion in your child’s chest. If your child is suffering from any previous skin condition then also Himalayan salt can come to be very handy.

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So, in many ways Himalayan salts can benefit your child and it is definitely better than regular salts.

7 Reason Why Pink Himalayan Salt Better Than Regular Salt

Multiple Usages of Himalayan Salts

Like regular salts, you can add Himalayan salt in your child’s diet. Just that, before adding it to the diet, you need to break the chunks into fine granules. Then sprinkle the granules on your child’s diet.

But the best part is that Himalayan Salts also have non-dietary usage. You can use it as a bath salt for your child. This will improve the skin condition. Moreover, Himalayan salt can also be used as lamps.

This improves the condition of air in the room. This will help your child to get rid of all the respiratory problems. Also at the same time, flushing your child’s nose with the warm salt water, will help him/her to get rid of the mucus and cough.


So, Himalayan salt can be used as a dietary supplement and a non-dietary component at the same time. The benefits offered by this kind of natural salt, is immense.

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Pink Himalayan Salt

Natural Detoxifier

Himalayan salt is known to flush out all the bodily toxins. It helps in maintaining the desired ph balance. It restores the desired mineral balance in your child’s body. This is very essential in the growing stages.

It has the capacity to promote healthy blood flow and hence any form of diseases in your child. Be in liver or kidney or any kind of cancer probability, consumption of Himalayan salt will surely make sure that your child is free from any danger.

Also taken orally, Himalayan salt helps the body to flush out the toxins and other harmful metals from the cells which in turn relieves the child from the accumulated toxins in the body.


Even if the child is not consuming the salt, the toxins are being extracted from his/her system by means the pores of her skin.

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Keeps Body Hydrated

Long summers tend to steal the essential fluid from your child’s body. In the growing stage, your child is the most active. He/she will experience a lot of hormonal changes. That is why it is important that he/she keeps the body hydrated all the time.

Himalayan salt has the capacity of trapping the inter-cellular water. This will stop your child from getting dehydrated, easily. This is critical for your child’s overall growth and activity. Dehydration causes constipation. It also hinders growth and development of tissue.

Himalayan salts have the ability to offer your child an opportunity to indulge in lots of activities, without having to worry about the lack of internal water.

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Good for the Skin

Himalayan salt used as a bath salt works wonder for your child’s skin. It helps your child to get rid of all sorts of skin allergies. It is also helps in curing eczema for your child. Providing nutritious alternative to improve the skin health is very essential in your child’s early growth stage.

Since your child is exposed to too many pollutants, the risk of a coarse skin always persists. Bathing with Himalayan salt bars will help your child’s tender skins to fetch all the necessary minerals to combat the external damages and sustain the natural glow.

You can also use a perfect detox bath with Himalayan salt. If you think that rubbing the salt bar on your child’s skin is a bit risky, then try and dissolve some salt in warm water. Then make your child bathe in that water. It will cleanse the skin and also make him/her feel relaxed. However, make sure that your child doesn’t stay in the water for more than 15 minutes.

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Fights off Allergies

If your child is a victim of seasonal allergies, inhaling the vapor of slightly salted water with neti pot will help a lot. Himalayan salt is a great cure for common cold and flu. Moreover, some children face more blockages in their nasal passage.

Inhaling Himalayan salt vapor cleans off the passage and offers the child a clean nose. This induces better breathing and peaceful sleep at night.


Boosts Metabolism

A study conducted by Garg & Williams (2011) show that Himalayan salt has a better sodium balance when compared to regular salt. That is why it does not create a hindrance to the overall digestive potential of your child.

This salt is basically an inorganic salt. It aids in digestion as it helps in replacing magnesium from the body and increases the water content in the intestines. That is why Himalayan salt is much preferred over regular salt.

Contains Essential Minerals

Salt is a very important component of your child’s diet. Right kind of salt will help in the restoration of thyroid balance and adrenalin functions. Regular salts are not as rich in minerals like the Himalayan salts.

Research shows that this kind of salt contains 84 essential minerals to sustain well-being and growth of your child. This wide variety of minerals is not available in regular salts.


Various researches show that Himalayan salt is better than regular salt for your child. However, the hormonal composition of every human being is different. That is why it is important that you consult with our pediatrician before introducing the salt to your child. Over exposure or consumption of Himalayan salt can cause muscle cramps and other adversities for your child. That is why it is important that you take consent before adding the salt in your child’s diet.